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Updated August 6, 2011 - 11:10 PM EDT
US Helicopter Shot Down in Afghanistan, 38 Dead
  Navy Seals That Killed bin Laden Die in Copter Crash
  NATO Air Strike Kills 8 Afghan Civilians
  Afghan Police Kill Four During Anti-NATO Protest
  Six Months After Pullback, US Goes Back in to Contest Pech Valley
Libya War and Political Process 'A Real Mess'
  Libya Denies Reports NATO Killed Gadhafi Son in Air Strike
  Libya's Embattled Rebels Beg for Ammunition
Syria Continues Siege on Hama
  NATO Is Planning Military Campaign Against Syria: Russian Envoy
  Turkey Stops Arms Shipment to Syria
US Military Raid Kills Young Iraqi Boy, Policeman
Yemeni Troops, Tribesmen Clash in Capital
Somali Troops Kill 10 in Mogadishu Food Riot
NATO Keeps Border Posts Under Serbia-Kosovo Deal
Will the Pentagon Suffer in the Debt Deal?  by Robert Dreyfuss
Leave Iraq to the Iraqis  by Doug Bandow
Was the Bombing of Hiroshima Necessary? Three Myths Debunked  by Oliver Lee
The Great Hiroshima Cover-Up  by Greg Mitchell
The Hiroshima Myth  by John V. Denson
Afghanistan's Innocent Victims  by Mary Meehan

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Despite New Denials by Rumsfeld, Evidence Shows US Military Used Torture
Domain Seizures Do Not Violate Free Speech, US Court Rules
TSA Confiscates Pregnant Woman's Insulin, Ice Packs
Russian President Says US Had Role in Georgian Conflict
Sanctions Trap Billions of Iran Petrodollars in Korea
Tripoli by End of Ramadan, Libyan Rebels Assert
Libyan Rebels: NATO Bombs Camel Weapons Caravan
Zlitan: Gadhafi Forces Say They Control Key Libyan Town
Sen. Kerry: Gadhafi Will 'Never' Again Rule Libya
Mohammed Busidra: Libya's Post-Gadhafi Kingmaker
Libyan Residents Flee to Western Border to Escape Violence
Navy Says Drone Lost in Libya Likely Shot Down
Canadian Commander of Libyan Campaign Insists He's Not Fighting a 'Stalemate'
Media Group Urges UN Probe of Strike on Libya TV
Seeking Leverage, Libya Foes in Propaganda War
Libyan Rebels Embrace US and Its Flag
Italy Demands NATO Probe of Alleged Failure to Aid Stricken Boat
US: 29,000 Somali Kids Have Died in Last 90 Days
UN Says Peacekeeper Killed, Another Seriously Wounded in Darfur Attack
Disenchantment Grips Tunisian Town of Arab Spring Martyr
Khartoum Blocks South Sudan Oil Shipment
India Group 'Could Be Linked' to Mumbai Blasts
India's Oldest Rebel Group Holds Peace Talks
800 Killed in Pakistan's Karachi This Year: Rights Body
Philippines President Meets With Muslim Rebel Leader
China Puts Pressure on Japan, Sends Navy Fleet to North Korea
Seoul Warns of Latest North Korean Threat: an Army of Online Gaming Hackers
Norway Killer's Online Idol Steps Out of Shadows
Assange 'Hunted' by Women: UK Landlord
Human Rights Group Leader in Belarus Faces 7 Years in Jail for Aiding Dissidents
Ukraine Judge Detains 'Disruptive' Yulia Tymoshenko
'War on Terror'
French Official: Al-Qaeda Branch Won't Attack Europe
Justice Dept: Detainee on Trial Shouldn't Be Allowed to Ask Questions
Concern Over Racial Profiling Against Hispanic Passengers at Newark Airport Continues in Wake of Report
US Military
Army to Trim War Tours to 9 Months
Military Hazardous Waste Sickens Land and People
'Jesus Loves Nukes': US Air Force Taught the Christian Just War Theory
Could Federal Budget-Cutters Target the Blue Angels?
Student Veterans Have High Suicide Risk, New Study Finds
Ceremony Marks End of Joint Forces Command
Jury Rules in Favor of Blackwater in Lawsuit That Alleged Fraud, Overbilling
Cuba Upholds Jailed American's 15-Year Sentence
Under the Mushroom Cloud
A Day That Shook the World: Atomic Bomb Dropped on Hiroshima
In Pictures: Hiroshima After the Bomb Dropped
New A-Bomb Exhibits to Highlight Hiroshima Peace Ceremony
Renowned Storyteller Left Last Heartfelt Message Before Passing Away
Hiroshima Mayor: Efforts Should Be Made to Share A-Bomb Experiences
Hibakusha: A-Bomb Survivor Expresses Peace Message Through 3,000 Paintings of Dome
Hiroshima A-Bomb Archive Site With 3-D Satellite Map Proving Popular
Activist Says at Least Five People Killed in Damascus Suburb
Six Government Soldiers Killed in Syria: Official
Syria Broadcasts Scenes of Destruction in Hama
New Protests After Crackdown in Hama
Living in Fear, Hama Residents Forced to Bury Bodies in Parks
As Syria Seethes, Protesters Chant 'God Is With Us'
Egypt's Army Drives Activists From Tahrir Square
Thanks for Nothing, Vodafone: Egyptians Vent Anger on Twitter
Second Night of Israeli Strikes on Gaza After Rocket Fire
Settlers a Familiar Source of Conflict in Israel's Summer of Discontent
Erekat: Israel Expansion in East Jerusalem 'Entrenches Occupation'
EU 'Profoundly Disappointed' by New Israeli Settlement Plan
In Israel, Raft of New Laws Shows Rise of the Right
Gaza Smugglers Thriving After Mubarak
Jerusalem Post's Apology to Norway
In Bahrain, Doctors Without Borders Stops Work After Raid
Jurist: Bahrain Inquiry Serious, Political Split Grave
US Admits Iraq Might Need Some Help
Majority of US Military Equipment Moved Out of Iraq
Shi'ite Shrine Expansion Pushes Out Sunni Neighbors
Blind Date to Blindfold: The Kidnap Business in Iraq
Baghdad's Shorjah Market Is Ramadan Center, 700 Years On
German Diplomat to Head UN Mission in Iraq
7 Islamic State of Iraq Members Arrested in Mosul
Friday: 5 Iraqis Killed, 17 Wounded
Middle East
Yemeni Defense Ministry Denies Clashes With Opposition Militants in Sana'a
Blast Hits Iranian Pipeline, Oil Output Not Affected
Weekend Reviews
Good War, Bad War
When the Peacekeepers Are Part of the Problem
Truth Is the First Casualty of War Movies
Book Plots J Street's Coordinates on Map of US-Israel Politics
The Devil's Double – an Astonishing Performance

Justin Raimondo
Why Is America Committing Suicide?

Philip Giraldi
Rick Perry Abuses His Office for Israel

Ivan Eland
Let's Hope for Continued Fiscal Gridlock

Kelley B. Vlahos
Truth Emerges About IED Carnage

Nebojsa Malic
Law and Disorder

Charles V. Peña
Gates' NATO Gripes Ignore Biggest Failing

David R. Henderson
The Left's Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out

Ran HaCohen
Things You Can Say, Things You Cannot

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