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Updated August 17, 2011 - 11:29 PM EDT
Panetta, Clinton Condemn Potential Spending Cuts

Rebels Close to Taking Zawiya, Cutting Fuel to Tripoli


Clinton Touts Libya War as 'Smart Power'

Panetta: Drone Attacks Protect America
US Military: $360M Ends Up With Taliban, Criminals

Afghanistan's Bloody August Claims Another 10 Lives

Two Killed as Israeli Warplanes Bomb Gaza Strip
  Abbas Ready to Accept US Statehood Veto
US General: Iran Directly Supports Iraq Militias
  Iraqi Violence Tapers: 20 Killed, 36 Wounded
Kuwaiti Gitmo Detainee Fears Indefinite Detention
As Bibi Hypes Iran 'Threat,' Russia Holds Nuclear Talks
23 Yemeni Tribesmen Killed as Saleh Vows Return
Violence Continues at Syrian Port of Latakia
Gadhafi's Support Soars Amid NATO Bombing  by Scott Taylor
Iraq Withdrawal? Don't Take It to the Bank  by Medea Benjamin & Charles Davis
The Debate the Republican Party Needs to Have  by Gary Johnson
Assassination as Foreign Policy  by William Pfaff
Ron Paul's Right About War  by Bruce Ramsey
Is Afghanistan Worth One More US Soldier?  by James Reston Jr.

More Viewpoints

The Pentagon's

by Christopher Hellman & Tom Engelhardt

Obama: 'Lone Wolf' Terror Attack Biggest Concern

Probe to Examine Two Years' Worth of DARPA Contracts

How the War Is Spun: Mass Killings Mean 'Progress,' Military Says

China Denies Pakistan Gave It Helicopter Access

Drones Descend on Washington

Israel Arrests Al-Jazeera Reporter

CIA Told Kennedy in 1960 That Cuba Invasion Plan Was 'Unachievable'


US Official Says Iraq Can Defend Itself

Arab Drama Stirs Sectarian Debate in Iraq

Why Are There No Living Medal of Honor Recipients for the Iraq War?

Ex-US Soldier Loses Appeal Over Rape and Killing of Iraqis

Iraqi Violence Tapers: 20 Killed, 36 Wounded


US Firm Slammed Over Afghan Police Training

US Declares Haqqani Network Commander a Terrorist

Escape-Proof Prison in Afghanistan? Inshallah


Doctors, Children Flee Hospital in Mogadishu Fighting

UN Warns of Rising Death Rates Among Somali Children as Disease Takes a Toll

UN Says Aid to Somalia Won't Decrease Due to Fraud


Zimbabwe General's Death May Prompt Power Struggle

Eritrean Leader Afewerki in 'Peace Trip' to Uganda

6 Die as Gunmen Storm North Nigeria Police Station

United States

Could 20-Year Military Retirement Be a Casualty of the Budget Fight?

Five North Carolina Terrorism Suspects Plead Not Guilty

Middle East

Iran Denies Role in Iraq-Kuwait Port Row

Iran's Hard-Liners Seek Payback in Next Election

Sniper's Bullet Ends Lifelong Friendship in Libya

PLO Official Accuses Syria of Crimes Against Humanity

UN Cites Reports of Syrian Forces Shooting Defectors

Bahrain Panel Denies Reports It Found No Crimes Against Humanity

Morocco Says Early Elections Set for Nov 25


Abbas Seeks Lebanon Support for UN Recognition Bid

Hamas: Israel Retreated From Its 'Extreme Position' on Shalit Deal


Family of Missing China Rights Lawyer Seeks News on Whereabouts

China Launches 2-Month Xinjiang 'Terror' Crackdown

Philippines Seeks to Strengthen Anti-Terror Law by Easing Abuse Prevention

US 'Unlikely' to Sell F-16 Fighter Jets to Taiwan

Americas/Drug War

Analysis: Mexico's Splintering Drug Gangs Pose New Security Risk

Mexican Soldiers Kill 8 Suspected Cartel Gunmen

First Americans in Cuba Under Easier US Travel Rules

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