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Updated August 18, 2011 - 10:26 PM EDT
Obama Calls for Regime Change in Syria
  Syria Holds Hundreds of Prisoners in Soccer Stadium
  Report: FBI Investigates Threats to Syrians in US

17 Die as Coordinated Attacks Hit Gaza, S. Israel

  Palestinians May 'Soften' Statehood Bid at UN
  Israel Prepares for Mass Protests After Palestinian UN Vote

US Hires Blackwater for Afghan Drug War

  22 Killed as Afghan Bus Rolls Over IED
Panetta Vows 'Long-Term' Iraq Relationship
  Kurdish Rebels Claim Eight Troops Killed as Turkey Bombs N. Iraq
  10 Iraqis Killed, 35 Wounded; US Officials Admit June Airstrikes
Rebels Close to Taking Zawiya, Cut Fuel to Tripoli

Why Pakistan Demands a Veto on Drone Strikes

  Panetta: Drone Attacks Protect America
Yemeni Opposition Forms 'National Council'
Lessons of Two Wars: We Will Lose in Iraq and Afghanistan  by Stephen M. Walt
Post-Clausewitzean Bebop in the New American Century  by Jeff Huber
Drake Case Highlights Overclassification Problem  by J. William Leonard
Sweet Victory, Without the War, in Syria?  by Joseph Wakim
Did Tenet Hide Key Info on 9/11?  by Ray McGovern
Libya: Echoes of Afghanistan  by Abdel Bari Atwan

More Viewpoints

US Moral Standing Deteriorates Since 9/11

Upsurge of US Army Suicides

Iraq's Aziz Asks for Speedy Execution: Lawyer

Rep. Peter King Investigating Links Between Anwar Al-Awlaki, 9/11 Hijackers
Army Says Improperly Tested $2.5 Billion Body Armor Is Safe

Locals Fear Violence Is Up in Afghan Handover Town

Turks Kidnapped 50 Days Ago in Afghanistan Are Freed

US Considers Helping to Pay for $12 Billion Pakistani Dam Project

Pakistan Amends Tribal Laws Said to Fuel Militancy

12 Killed, Including Former MP, in Karachi


Israel PM Snubs Clinton Over Turkey Apology

Hamas Disperses Anti-Assad Protest in Gaza

Gaza's Hamas Rulers Ban Students With Scholarships to Study in the US From Leaving Gaza

Ivory Coast to Disarm 10,000 Fighters by Year-End

Rape Another Risk for Somali Refugees

US General Sees Nigeria Terror Link

US Group: Evidence Points to 3 Sudan Mass Graves

Ugandan Police Break Up Opposition Vigil


Man Wanted in 1989 Salvadoran War Crime Found in Washington State

Peru's New Govt Re-Evaluating Anti-Drug Efforts, Suspends Coca Eradication
Middle East

Resistance Transforms Homs, a Once Mute Syrian City

US Puts Curbs on Syrian Diplomats

US Sends Two More Predator Drones to Libya

Hezbollah Suspects to Be Tried Over Rafik Hariri

Bahraini Shi'ites' Anti-Royal Graffiti Speaks of Unhealed Rift With Sunnis


Egypt's Revived Anti-Graft Law May Net Mubarak

Young Egyptian Pro-Democracy Activists Sentenced to 6-Month Prison Terms

US and Egypt Scrap Major Military Drill: Sources

Egypt Uprising Art Brightens Cairo, Tempts Buyers

In Egypt, a New Kind of TV Chef


Russia Says Seven Militants Killed in Chechnya

Ukraine: Yushchenko Testifies Against Old Orange Ally Tymoshenko

Germany Extends Anti-Terrorism Measures


North Korea Threatens to Bolster Its Nuclear Arsenal

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