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Updated August 19, 2011 - 11:27 PM EDT
21 Die as Tit-for-Tat Attacks Embroil Gaza, Israel
  Netanyahu: Gaza Strikes 'Only the Beginning' of Retaliation
US Calls for Syria's Assad to Step Down
  Syrian Forces Kill 30 Despite Assad Pledge
  Reports: Syrian Troops Shoot Refugees on Sight
  Iraq's 'Soft Line' on Syria Snubs Obama Policy in Nod to Iran
Suicide Bomber Kills 50 in Pakistan Mosque
  US Drone Strike Kills 4 in South Waziristan
  52 Killed in Fresh Karachi Political Violence
UK Warplanes Sink Boat Carrying Libya Troops
  Deaths Mount in Western Libya as Govt Urges Cease-Fire
  US Officials: Gadhafi May Flee Libya in Next Few Days
  Libyan Rebel Leader Predicts 'Bloodbath' as Troops Near Tripoli
Afghan Killings Signal Enduring Insurgency
  Bombers Attack British HQ in Kabul, Trigger Firefight That Kills 10
Turkish Jets Hit Kurdish Rebels Again in Northern Iraq
US-Egypt Military Cooperation Still Strong, Despite Missteps
Kagan: Stop Preemptive Superpower Suicide  by Ben Dunant
Was George W. Bush a 'Sleeper' Working for Iran?  by Gwynne Dyer
Andrew Jackson's Actions Model Anti-Speech, Perpetual War Legislation  by Gale Courey Toensing
NATO's New Problem: Post-Gadhafi Libya?  by Ted Galen Carpenter
Neoconservatism Interrupted  by Neal B. Freeman
The Toll of Our Revenge  by Missy Beattie

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Peru Suspends US-Funded Coca Eradication Program
Yemeni Official Narrowly Escapes Assassination Attempt
Man Admits Giving $7,000 to Failed Times Sq. Bomber
Army Defends Body Armor After Report
US Border Town Corrupted by Drugs Trade
Norway Killer Phoned Police 26 Minutes Before Arrest
Witnesses Claim Cover-Up in UN Chief's Death
Netanyahu: Terror Attacks Violate Israel's Sovereignty, We Will Respond Accordingly
Israelis Blame 'Terrorist' Border Attacks on Gaza Militants, Poor Security
Israel Had Prior Warnings of Potential Terror Attacks From Sinai
Iron Dome Intercepts 2 Rockets Fired at Israel
Can September Place Israel on the International Criminal Court Dock?
Palestinians Talk of Protest, Little Sign of Action
US 'Wanted International Support'
Syrian Envoy Says US Waging 'Diplomatic War'
How the US Message on Assad Shifted
World Leaders Call for Assad to Step Down
UN Catalogues Syria Atrocities, Has 50 Suspects
UN Blasts Syrian Leaders on Human Rights
Text of Obama's Call on Assad to Leave Power
Egyptian Governor Denies Gunfire From Sinai
Egypt Military Council Drops Charges Against Two Activists
Egypt: Military Intensifies Clampdown on Free Expression
Iraqi Kurdistan Votes to Deploy Peshmerga Troops Into Diyala Province
State of Law Bloc Withdraws From Parliament's Session
Civilian Killed in Armed Attack West of Mosul
Iraq Electricity Minister Resigns Over Power Deals
Middle East
Bahrain Protesters Clash With Security Forces
Hariri Tribunal Calls for Greater Efforts to Arrest Suspects
Chile Recognizes 9,800 More Victims of Pinochet's Rule
Feds Bust Iraqi-Mexican Drug Operation in Calif.
The War at Home
Militant Makes Death Threat Against David Letterman
Army Vet With PTSD Sought the Treatment He Needed by Taking Hostages – but Got Jail Instead
British Supply Line in Libya 'On Brink of Collapse'
Libyan Rebels Capture Oil Refinery Within 30 Miles of Tripoli
Libyan Officials Say Military Remains Strong, as Rebels Advance
Libyan Capital Is Fearful as Rebels Eye Tripoli
Brother of Libya's Information Minister Reported Killed in NATO Strike
Libyan Embassy Re-Opens Under New Flag in DC
Al-Qaeda Claims Responsibility for Algeria Attack
Top Opposition Politician: Algeria 'Not Immune to Arab Spring Revolt'
Somalia: Govt Forces, Al Shabaab Fight in Mogadishu
Gilani Rejects Nawaz's Call for Early Elections
Pakistan Amends Tribal Laws Said to Fuel Militancy
Sketch of US Man's Alleged Captor Shown
Taliban Says Launched Attack on British, UN Offices in Kabul
Neil Armstrong Rallies Afghan Troops
Island's Naval Base Stirs Opposition in South Korea
US to Provide Emergency Flood Aid to North Korea
North Korea Accepts US Proposal to Discuss Resuming Recovery of Soldiers' Remains
Japan Warned It Must Decide on Future of Okinawa US Marine Base
Philippine Guerrilla Forms New Muslim Rebel Group
Myanmar Government Urges Peace Talks With Ethnic Rebels
War Crimes Push Aimed at Ousting Sri Lanka Govt: Official
Vietnam Halts Anti-China Protests
US, Chinese Basketballers Brawl During Biden Visit
Officials: US States' National Guard's Role in Eastern Europe Vital
Russian Forces Kill 12 in Fighting With Caucasus Insurgents
20 Years After Soviet Fall, Some Look Back Longingly
On Trial Ukraine Ex-PM Tymoshenko Requests Doctor
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