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Updated August 21, 2011 - 11:26 PM EDT
Libyans Cheer Rebels' Arrival Into Tripoli
  Battle for Tripoli: Is the End Near?
  Libyan Rebels Say They've Captured Two of Gadhafi's Sons in Tripoli
  NATO Says Gadhafi's Rule 'Crumbling' in Libya
Hamas: Gaza Militants Agree to Cease-Fire
  Egypt Says Israeli Response to Deaths Insufficient
  Egypt Beefs Up Forces Along Border
  Man Killed, Baby Hurt as Rockets Pound South
Assad Continues Attacks on Civilians
  President Assad Speaks on Syrian TV
  Syria Raises Tension With Turkey in New Border Move
Iran: US 'Hikers' Sentenced to 8 Years as Spies
South Sudan Attacks 'Leave 500 Dead'
Pentagon Personnel Chief Probed for 'Tyrannical' Leadership
Reports: Iranian and Turkish Land Ops Expected Into Iraq
'Mostly Harmless' Gestures Can Pave the Way for War  by Daniel Larison
A Prime Aim of the Growing Surveillance State  by Glenn Greenwald
Obama Bans War Criminals, but Not Our Own  by Nat Hentoff
America's Lost Ally  by George F. Will
Libyan Deaths, Media Silence  FAIR
The Message From Afghanistan Is Clear: the War Must End Now  by Lindsey German

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Rick Perry Says 'Thoughtful Discussion' Needed on Withdrawing From Iraq, Afghanistan
In Iraq, Youngest US Troops Bore the Heaviest Toll
Iranian Artillery Resumes Bombing Border Areas in Kurdistan Region
5 Decapitated Bodies Found in Popular Acapulco Spots; 9 Bodies Found in Other Mexican State
Gadhafi's Capital Rocked by Gunfire, Blasts and Rumor
Battle Outside Tripoli, Fighting Spills to Tunisia
Gadhafi Troops Fight Back After Rebel Push
Britain and US Head for Clash on Fate of Lockerbie Bomber
Scotland Defends Decision to Free Lockerbie Bomber
Gadhafi's Days Numbered, Opposition Must Prepare: US
Jalloud Defection Increases Pressure on Gadhafi
Battles Reported in Tripoli After Libyan Rebels Seize Zawiyah
US Senators Call for Extradition of Lockerbie Bomber
Tunisia Recognizes Libyan Rebels
Oil Minister Does Not Return to Libya: Tunisia Source
Tunisia Bolsters Security Near Doux
Tunisia: Women's Rights Hang in the Balance
Sudan to Allow UN Mission to South Kordofan
Obama Nominates Ambassador for South Sudan
Zimbabweans Mourn General, Top Power Broker
Syrian Troops Shoot at Protesters, Kill 2
Tanks Rumble Into Syria's Homs, as Death Toll Rises
Britain Downplays Likelihood of Ban on Syrian Oil Imports, Says Sanctions Should Target Regime
Syria Condemns US and European Calls for Assad to Step Down, Say They Are Part of Conspiracy
Pressures in Syria Affect Alawites in Lebanon
Israel Fears Further Escalation in South
Arab League to Hold Emergency Meeting Over IDF Strikes on Gaza
West Bank Settlers Suspected of Attacking Palestinian Child
Social Demonstrators in Tel Aviv Clash Over Escalation in South
IDF Inquiry: Decision to Keep Road Open Wrong
Turkey Strikes Kurd Rebels in Iraq for Third Night
Iraqi Politicians Condemn Turkish Bombing of Iraqi Kurds
Five Iraqis Killed, Four Wounded as Al-Qaeda in Iraq Vows to Increase Attacks
Middle East
Mubarak 'Does Not Have Cancer', Paper Says
Lebanon: Hariri Slams Officials Over Time Magazine Interview
Cuba Objects to Continued Inclusion on US List of Terror-Sponsoring Nations
Colombia's Operation Stairway and the Secret Agent Who Carried It Out
Death Toll Rises to 51 in Khyber Suicide Attack
Calls for Military Action in Karachi as Violence Continues
2 Pak Soldiers, Five Militants Die in Gunfight
Two More Baloch Missing Persons Found Dead
Pakistan in the Grip of Chaos: Imran
India Says 12 Militants Killed in Kashmir Border Clash
Kabul: A City of Blast Walls and Razor Wire
Myanmar's Suu Kyi 'Happy' After Meeting President
North Korean Leader in Russia, Will Meet With Medvedev
US Military
Tiny Pocketbots Prepped for Combat
Some Hobbled Stealth Fighters Cleared to Fly
Americans Still Dying
Slain Michigan Soldier Had Joined Army for Economic Reasons
Fallen NC Soldier Was to Be Married Upon Return From Afghanistan
Cornelius (OR) Navy Hospitalman Shot While Tending Wounded Marine
Soldier From Yonkers (NY) Killed in Afghanistan Just Before Return Home
Baltimore (MD) Soldier With Passion for Martial Arts Killed by Afghan IED
Hawaii Friends, Family Recall 'Fearless Young Man'
Navy SEAL From Ukiah (CA) Killed When Helicopter Downed in Afghanistan
Mourners Remember Colorado National Guard Helicopter Pilot Killed in Afghanistan
Career Army Soldier (TX), Father of Seven, Killed on Sixth Deployment
Navy SEAL From Chisago (MN) Known as 'Quiet Leader'
Funeral Held in Warner Robins (GA) for Army Combat Medic Killed in Afghanistan
Girlfriend Remembers Jacksonville (FL) Soldier Killed by Afghan IED
Chatsworth (CA) Soldier Is Survived by Wife and Three Daughters
Navy SEAL From Arkansas Leaves Behind Two Sons and a 'Daughter-On-the-Way'
Funeral Held for Navy Cryptologist (PA) Killed Helicopter Shoot-Down
Community Remembers Stillwater (OK) Soldier, 'One of Those Good Kids'
Navy SEAL From Minneapolis (MN) Is Mourned After Helicopter Shot Down
Manchester (NJ) Mourns Loss of Local Marine Killed in Afghanistan
Fort Worth (TX) Navy SEAL Leaves Behind Three Children
Bakersfield (CA) Marine, Father of Three, Killed on Patrol in Afghanistan
Tacoma (WA) Army Sergeant Among Victims of Attack on Helicopter
Edmond (OK) Guardsman Killed by Roadside Bomb
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