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Updated September 4, 2011 - 11:25 PM EDT
CIA Used Gadhafi for Torture, Renditions
  Libya's New Civilian Leaders Try to Rein in Islamist Influence
Turkish Navy Will Escort Gaza-Bound Aid Ships
  WikiLeaks: IDF Uses Drones to Assassinate Gaza Militants
Cables: US Supported Atrocities in Philippines
  US in Mini-Quagmire in Philippines War on Terror
Crackdown Continues: Syrian Forces Kill Dozens
  Syrian Soldiers, Civilians Killed in Ambush Near Hama
  France Calls for 'Accelerated' Regime Change in Syria
Nigeria Anti-Terror Laws Threaten Civil Liberties
How the CIA Became 'One Hell of a Killing Machine'
Central Somalia Clashes Claim 30, Many Wounded
'Victory' in Libya: No Model for US Foreign Policy  by Doug Bandow
Why Palestinians Can't Recognize a 'Jewish State'  by Hassan Jabareen
What Happened to Howard Dean, Antiwar Champion?  by Conor Friedersdorf
Gadhafi's Libya as Demon  by Diana Johnstone
Deceit of Shakespearean Proportions  by Robert Scheer
The Road to the Permanent Warfare State  by Gregory Bresiger

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Turkey to Raise Israel's Blockade at ICJ Next Week
Pentagon Is Undisputed US Champ of No-Bid Contracts
Job Seekers Join the Military as Last Resort
As Deployments Increase, So Do Deaths of Military Children
10 Years: 35,000 Worldwide Terrorist Convictions
'War on Terror'
Feds Warn of Small Airplane Terror Threats Just Days Before 9/11 Anniversary
A Man Behind the Hunt for al-Qaeda
Report: Homegrown Terrorists Are Scrubs
US Appeals to Palestinians to Stall UN Vote on Statehood
Failed Mideast Peace Talks Moving Ball to UN Court
Gaza Sit-In Urges Israel to Release Jazeera Journalist
Israelis Hold 'March of a Million' Protest
WikiLeaks: Israel Irked by West Bank Protests
Israeli Cabinet Set to Vote on Approval of Unrecognized Bedouin Villages
UN Chief Urges Turkey and Israel to Mend Relationship for Good of Middle East Peace Process
Russia's Lavrov Condemns EU Oil Sanctions on Syria
Syrian Exiles Tell of Life Under Assad: 'They Shoot Us as if They're Hunting'
Lebanon Jails Ex-General for Leaking Info to Israel
Hariri Will Return to Lebanon When Security Matters Resolved
Iraq's Border Woes Continue as Iran Resumes Shelling and Kuwait Detains Fishermen
Mission for Md. Soldiers Unclear With Iraq Exit in Limbo
Iraqis Want Mercs, Not US Troops, to Stick Around
Iraq War Probe Asks UK Soldiers to Inform on Each Other
Hardliners Threaten Charity, May Force Iraqi Orphanage to Close
Councilman Criticizes American Forces for Roaming Through Kirkuk's Neighborhoods
Officials: Egyptian Military Closing Gaza Tunnels
Media Rights Group Warns Egypt Blogger May Die in Jail
Middle East
Suicide Bomb Blast Kills 5 Soldiers, Injures 7 in South Yemen
Group: More Bahrain Detainees Join Hunger Strike
Weekend Reviews
Engaging – Just Not Radical
The Former Vice-President Cherry-Picks His Past
Torture's Many Tentacles
Explaining Why 'They Hate Us'
Killed by a Mirage
Torture's Dark Beginnings
Libyans Say Gadhafi Bastion May Have Given Up
Libyans Return to Misrata's Devastated Main Street
Gadhafi Sons and Loyalist Convoys 'Have Fled Strongholds'
UK Hits 900 Targets in Libya Action
UN Envoy Arrives to Discuss Libya Future
Cuba Withdraws Ambassador From Libya, Denounces NATO
Libya Conflict: UK Forces Should Be Proud, Says Cameron
Thousands Flee Unrest in Sudan's Blue Nile State
Nigeria Official: 3 Killed in Clash in Restive NE
Pakistani Taliban Claim Holding 30 Abducted Boys
Pakistan Army Concerned Over Poor Law & Order Situation in Karachi
Nawaz Believed 26/11 Attackers Were Pakistani: WikiLeaks
Zardari Aspired to Be PM: WikiLeaks
NATO Raid Kills Former Guantánamo Detainee and al-Qaeda Ally in East Afghanistan
Afghan Parliament Sworn in Amid Outcry
US Sends Aid to Flood-Stricken North Korea
South Korea Activists Protest at Jeju Naval Base
Kashmir Deal Was Almost Struck: WikiLeaks
Propaganda Bureau Takes Control of Two Beijing Newspapers
Russia & Her Neighbors
Post-Soviet Leaders' Summit Soured by Disputes
US Not Cooperating With Russia on Missile Defense
'Homeland Security'
Orlando (FL) Soldier Who Just Became Citizen Dies in Afghanistan

Watauga (TX) Soldier Killed One Month Into Afghan Deployment

West Virginia Sailor, Father of Three, Killed in Helicopter Attack
Kingston (OK) National Guard Soldier Dies in Afghanistan
Kentucky Soldier Killed by IED Mourned by Friends and Family
Family of Idaho Soldier Killed in Action Release Statement
Mom Remembers Sterling (VA) Soldier Killed by Afghan Bomb
Venus (TX) Soldier Killed While Out on Patrol in Afghanistan
Jacksonville (IL) Sergeant Killed in Afghan Attack
West Point Grad From Duxbury (MA) Killed in Afghanistan
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