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Updated September 7, 2011 - 11:25 PM EDT
Obama to Leave 3,000 Troops in Iraq Past Deadline
  State Dept Warned in 2002 Vatican Would Oppose Attack on Iraq
  Does Oil Play a Role in Kurd Request for US Troop Extension?
Libya Rebel Camps Set Stage for 2nd Civil War
  Rebels: Gadhafi Last Tracked in Southern Libya
Gates: Israel an 'Ungrateful Ally'

Turkey Suspends Military Ties With Israel

Double Bombing Kills 24 in Pakistan's Quetta

  Pakistan Journalists Caught Between Army and the Taliban

11 Killed in Delhi Bombing

US Envoy: Syria Can't Reform
NATO Ends Detainee Moves to Afghans Over Torture
NYPD Spying on Muslims May Violate Constitution
Yemen Ruling Party Confirms Talks With UN
Kosovo: Allowing Serbs to Secede 'Inhuman'

How Scared of Terrorism Should You Be?  by Ronald Bailey
Dick Cheney Misremembers the Iraq War  by Steve Chapman
Claims About Complicity in Torture Refuse to Go Away  The Independent (UK)
Al-Qaeda Lost the Battle Long Ago  by John Feffer
Is NYPD Keeping Too Close an Eye?  The Denver Post
Five Books on US Militarism  by Stephen Glain

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House Panel Calls for Historical Record of bin Laden Raid

After 9/11, Global Solidarity Short-Lived

On First Day at CIA, Petraeus Goes It Alone

Notoriously Corrupt Indian Governor Says Assange 'Insane' for Leaking Cables Critical of Her

US Civilian Engineer Found Dead in Kabul

Afghanistan Army Tries to Attract Southern Pashtuns

Afghan Army Fights to Prove Its Religious Credentials

Afghans Launch Campaign Against Self-Immolation


Pakistan Bars Doctor Who Helped CIA From Leaving

9/11 Anniversary: US and Pakistan 'Frozen' in Mistrust, Military Chiefs Warn

In Pakistan, Suicide Bombings Are Part of Rhythm of Life


Israel Troops Kill Gaza Gunman in Incursion

Palestinians: We Won't Surrender to US Pressure to Drop UN Bid

Israel Arrests East Jerusalem Palestinian Lawmaker

Israel Suspends Demolition of Palestinian Homes

Egypt Rallies Support for Palestinians at UN

United States
Documents Show Pentagon's Communications Shop Girding for Battle Over Military Spending
In Dearborn, a Muslim Community Endures

Shoe Removal Requirement at Airports to Be Phased Out

American Nabbed for Smuggling Grenade Parts to Mexico

Colombian President Shakes Up Military Command


UN Court Jails Serbia's Ex-Army Chief Perisic for 27 Years

Russia Opening Gas Pipeline to Western Europe


Near Bani Walid, a Gadhafi Loyalist Town, Waiting for an End

NATO Strategy for Gadhafi Holdouts: First Leaflets, Then Bombs

Intel Committee's Mike Rogers: Send US Weapons Teams to Libya

British Envoy Offers Olive Branch to Libyan Torture Victim

The Other Special Relationship: Documents Reveal Cozy Ties Between Britain and Gadhafi

Gadhafi Used Torture Squads in Bid to Preserve Rule


Damascus Delays Arab League Chief's Visit

Death of Popular Sunni Cleric Stirs Unrest in Aleppo


Iran Claims Arrest of Five Men Linked to al-Qaeda

Iran Launches Massive Air Drill, Warns of Possible Attack

South Asia

2-Day Strike Shuts Down Indian-Held Kashmir

India and Bangladesh Bury Border Dispute


Cable: Nigeria Released Known Terror Suspects

Boko Haram Bomb Factory Discovered in Nigeria

Activist Dies in Democratic Republic of Congo Unrest

UAE Aid Teams Battle Famine in Somalia

Aid Groups: 20,000 Flee Sudan Fighting to Ethiopia

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Israelis Sick and Tired – but of What?

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The Left's Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out

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