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Updated September 8, 2011 - 11:20 PM EDT
Feds: Specific, Unconfirmed Threat Received
Iraq Drawdown Signals New Client State Status
  Congressional Hawks Push for Even Bigger 2012 Iraq Force
  Six Iraqis Killed, 13 Wounded
Panetta Cites Yemen in Warning of Another 9/11
  US Drone Strikes Kill 10, Wound Dozens in Southern Yemen
Libya's Stockpile of Missiles Vanishing
  Another Libyan Details British 'Rendition' to Gadhafi Torture
US Soldier Killed BBC Reporter in Afghanistan
  Afghan Officials Reject UN Report Exposing Torture
Obama Urged to Promise PA Statehood Veto
At Least 23 Killed Nationwide in Syrian Offensive
US Proxy War in Somalia Prone to Blowback

Double Bombing Kills 24 in Pakistan's Quetta

11 Killed in Delhi Bombing

Afghanistan, a Decade After 9/11  by Malou Innocent
Ten Years After 9/11: Have We Become the Enemy of Freedom?  by John W. Whitehead
Worried About Big Government? Then You Should Worry About War  by Conor Friedersdorf
A Decade Later, Our Government Continues to Make Things Worse  by Jack Hunter
The Watchdog That Didn't Bark  by Jacob Sullum
Libya and Mainstream Pundits  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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As General, Petraeus Faulted Work of CIA He Now Heads

Military Branches Have Entered the Retail Market

US Names Aid Czar for Post-Revolt Arab States

Amb. Joe Wilson on Iraq and 9/11

Saudi Prince: US Missed Chance for Afghan Withdrawal

Under Suspicion at the Mall of America

Middle East

Iran: Syria Should Hold Talks With Protesters

Turkey Says Israel Not Keeping to Defense Deals

Egypt's Top Military Rulers Summoned to Testify at Mubarak Trial

Bahrain Panel: 101 Activists on Hunger Strike

Yemeni Governor Survives Two Ambushes Set by Opposition Militants

Erdogan: We Will Not Let Israel Disrespect Turkey, No Matter the Price

NGO: Settlers Building Twice Rate of Israel

US Scientist Guilty of Trying to Spy for Israel

Shin Bet: Hamas Operating in Turkey, China

Tel Aviv Authorities Begin Dismantling Protest Camps

In Other News

Council of Europe Report Praises Bradley Manning, WikiLeaks

Russia to Fortify Military Ties With Allies to Preempt Revolts

Canadian Security Spending After 9/11 Tops $92B

Amnesty Report: Sri Lanka's Civil War Panel 'Flawed'

Sudan Arrests Al Jazeera Journalist


Libya Conflict: Niger Border 'Cannot Be Closed'

Gadhafi's Chemical Weapons Spark Renewed Worries

UK's Hague: Gadhafi Must Not Be Sheltered


Sahwa 'Awakening' Leader Assassinated in Diyala

Iraq Mercenaries Boss Triggers Rage With Blackwater Video Game


Iran Revolution 'Matter of Time': US Defense Chief

Iran Accused of New Sanctions Violations

United States

Odierno Becomes Army Chief of Staff

Last of 4 in NY FBI Terror Sting Gets 25 Years

Navy Corpsman Linked to Bomb Threat Surrenders

House Armed Services Leaders Announce Effort to Stave Off Defense Cuts

Discrimination Against Arabs Post-9/11 Eases

Court: Some Data on Government Cell Phone Tracking Should Be Public
TSA Agent Threatens Woman With Defamation, Demands $500k for Calling Intrusive Search 'Rape'
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Israelis Sick and Tired – but of What?

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