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Updated September 14, 2011 - 11:29 PM EDT
NATO Bombings Continue as Libyan Civilians Flee
  Disappeared: Thousands of Black Libyans Missing in Rebel Offensives
UN: Gaza Blockade Violates International Law
  Israeli Spy Agency Warns of Settler Terrorist Threat

US Blames Haqqani Network for Kabul Attacks

28 Killed in 3 Iraq Bombings

  Turkey Threatens to Send Troops Into Northern Iraq

Fight for Iraqi Women's Rights Begins All Over Again

New Terror Front in North Africa's Sahel Region?
Kenyan Activist to Sue FBI Over Uganda Detention
Yemeni Warplanes Kill 10 Civilians
Food Anti-Terror Programs Found Wasteful

FBI Admits Airplane Detainees ‘Did Nothing Wrong’

Cluster Bomb Conference Urges Destruction of Stockpiles
Al-Qaeda Was Never an 'Existential Threat'  by Gene Healy
The Military-Industrial Complex's War on Defense Cuts  by Michael Tennant
Drone Warfare: Blowback From the New American Way of War  by Leila Hudson, Colin S. Owens, Matt Flannes
After 9/11: Our State of Exception  by Mark Danner
Edward Gibbon at America's Grave  by Mike Davis
Lift the US Trade Embargo on Cuba  by Robert S. McElvaine

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Iran to Free US Hikers Jailed for Spying

Department of Defense Employs 1 Percent of Americans

Senate Panel Approves Freeze in Defense Spending

Liam Fox 'Proud' of UK Arms and Defense Manufacturers

Barbara Walters Grills Dick Cheney: Was the Iraq War Worth It?


Pentagon Looks to Cut Cost of Training Afghans

4 Dead, 16 Wounded in Pakistan School Bus Attack

Middle East

Syrians Rally Against Russian Support for Assad's 'Killing Machine'

The Rise of Recep Erdogan, From Street Snack Seller to Middle East Muslim Champion

Clinton Lectures Arabs Against 'Backsliding' in Post-Revolt Mideast

Algeria's Bouteflika to End State TV and Radio Control

Lebanese Army Goes on Alert Near the Israeli Border

United States

Armed Services Chairman: Obama Doesn't Sound Pro-War Enough

Woman: I Was Profiled, Strip-Searched on 9/11; FBI Says It Treated Her Well

FBI: 9/11 Terror Threat Still Under Investigation

CIA Reviewing Ties With New York Police Department

Al-Qaeda Releases 9/11 Anniversary Video: Site


Romania, US Sign Missile Defense Agreement; Leaders Meet

Serbia Issues Warning Over Kosovo Border Plan


Libya: NTC's Jalil Vows State Based on 'Moderate Islam'

NATO: 'We Don't Know' if Gadhafi Has Fled Libya

Canada Unlocks Libyan Assets

US Assesses Risks of Reopening Embassy in Libya

US Envoys to Visit Region in Last-Ditch Effort to Avert Palestinian Statehood Bid
Israel's New Tactic: Use Cairo Embassy Attack to Argue Against Palestinian Statehood

Israel 'Demolishes Palestinian Wells'

Turkish PM Erdogan Pushes Palestinian Statehood


Somalia: 'Govt' Arrests Aid Workers in Mogadishu

EU Dismisses Zimbabwe Sanctions Challenge


UN Move on War Crimes Report Angers Sri Lanka

Thai Elephant Steps on Land Mine in Myanmar

Vietnam Political Prisoner Dies After 33 Years in Detention


New Chief US Envoy to Cuba Takes Up Sensitive Post

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