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Updated September 15, 2011 - 10:58 PM EDT
NATO Weary of Nation-Building, Wants Out of Libya
  Russia: Al-Qaeda Likely Got Anti-Aircraft Missiles From Libya
Palestinians Will Seek UN Membership Sept. 23
US Blames Haqqani Network for Kabul Attacks
  Kabul Attack Continues Taliban Control of War Narrative
  After Kabul Attack, Twitter War Ensues Between NATO and Taliban
31 Killed at Funeral of Pak Anti-Taliban Leader

US Claims Key al-Qaeda Leader in Pakistan Killed

FBI Teaching Counter-Terror Agents Anti-Muslim Fear
  Napolitano: TSA to Grope Fewer Kids Under New Rules
  Visiting UK, Rep. King Cheers IRA Terror Attacks
  FBI Admits Airplane Detainees 'Did Nothing Wrong'
Car Bombing at Iraqi Restaurant Kills 17

Bloody Day for Iraq as 33 Are Killed

Renewed Fighting in Yemeni Capital: 3 Killed

Yemenis Rally Against 'Collective Punishment'

US Arms Makers Lobby Against Defense Cuts
AFRICOM Requests More Special Op Forces
Syrian Tanks Attack Towns Near Turkish Border
Haitian Protesters Demand UN Troop Withdrawal
Bahrain Forces Fire Tear Gas at Protesters

Jordanian Protesters Demand Closure of US Embassy

Kosovo Serbs Set Roadblocks to Protest Border Closures

Ten Years After 9/11, the Great Power Still Cowers  by Lawrence Martin
Israel Is Paying for Gaza War With Turkey and Egypt Crises  by Gideon Levy
US Response to 9/11 Plunged Pakistan Into Chaos  by Shahid Javed Burki
Who Are These People?  by Robert Parry
The Devil's Advocate Discusses Gadhafi  by H.D.S. Greenway
Where Is the Liberty for All?  by Robyn E. Blumner

More Viewpoints

3 Yrs After 'Handover,' Iraq's Green Zone Still Feels Like Occupied Territory

When Mistaken Identity Leads to Torture

Agent Defends No Miranda in Airline Attack Case

Reporter Claims TSA Agent Would Speed People Through Security For $10

Official: Overseas Troop Reductions 'On the Table'

Middle East

Turkey Joins NATO's Missile Defense Shield

Humanitarian Group: 5 Tunisians at Gitmo Must Be Released

Egypt Parties Want Mubarak Allies Barred From Vote

Syrian Activist's Death Spurs Grief, Debate

Lebanon's Maronite Christian Head Sparks Syria Debate


Alarmed West Dismisses Iran Nuclear 'Charm Offensive'

Iran Denies Decision Made Over Jailed US 'Spy' Hikers

Aircraft on Its Way to Iran for Jailed US Hikers, Says Oman

United States
Chertoff: Rendition Was 'More Efficacious' for CIA

CENTCOM to Eliminate at Least 1,000 Jobs

F-16 Pilot Was Ready to Down Her Father's Plane on 9/11

Some Chinese Named in WikiLeaks Cables Nervous, but So Far Unharmed

China Sentences 4 Uighur Men to Death for July Attacks

US Urges Myanmar to Make 'Genuine' Reforms

US to North Korea: Cease Nuclear Activity

State Department to Skip Taiwan Event for First Time


Britain Seeks Easing of UN Sanctions on Libya

Red Cross: At Least 13 Mass Graves Found in Libya

Islamists Emerge in Force in New Libya

CIA Files Depict Malta as Libyan Terrorist Hub Between 1988-1991

Venezuela Oppose Rebels in Libya's UN Seat


Palestinians Say UN Gamble Is Worth the Risk

Some Pro-Israel Groups Defend US Aid to Palestinians

Hamas Says It Does Not Support 'Tactical' Palestinian UN Bid

Israeli Anxieties Mount Over Palestinian Statehood Bid

Americas/Drug War
Bodies Hanging From Bridge in Mexico Are Warning to Social Media Users
Mexican Police Kill 4 Gunmen in Shootout That Leads to Release of 5 Kidnap Victims

US Agents Find Rocket Launcher Near Mexico Border

Ex-Guatemala President Fights Extradition to US

Cuba Says Jailed American's Release Was Never on the Table

German Village Evacuated After Old Bomb Is Found

3 EU States Insist on Control of National Borders

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