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Updated September 16, 2011 - 11:06 PM EDT
9 Civilians Slain in US Drone Strike on Somalia
Syrian Forces Kill 47 in Anti-Assad Protests
Troops Growing Disillusioned With Afghan War
  Kabul Attacks Underscore Doubts About Karzai Govt
  As Wars Drag On, US Interest Wanes
  US Contractor Funds Still Going to Taliban, Pentagon Admits
Rebels Poised to Invade Gadhafi Town of Sirte
  Libya's New Islamist Leaders Seek to Oust Gadhafi Defectors
  US Official: Program Aimed at Libyan Scientists
  Libya's Leaders Preparing to Confront Niger Over Saadi Gadhafi
31 Killed at Funeral of Pak Anti-Taliban Leader
  Pakistan Foreign Ministry Slams US Condemnation
  US Claims Key al-Qaeda Leader in Pakistan Killed
Palestinians Will Seek UN Membership Sept. 23
As Iraq Pullback Nears, US Still at War in South
NATO Troops 'Ready to Act' in Kosovo
Renewed Fighting in Yemeni Capital: 3 Killed
Court: No Miranda Rights for 'Underwear Bomber'
Belarus Accused of Helping Iran Buy 'Dual Use' Goods
Yes, al-Qaeda Attacked Us Because of Our Aggressive Foreign Policy  by John Glaser
The Priceless Price of the Post-9/11 Decade  by Anthony Gregory
Should Faking a Name on Facebook Be a Felony?  by Orrin Kerr
America's Sham War on Terrorism  by James Bovard
Yes to Palestine  by Reza Aslan
Has Anything Changed Since the 9/11 Attacks?  by Jack Kenny

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MI6 Ex-Chief Says Ministers Approved Gadhafi Links
White House Weighs Limits of Terror Fight
9/11 Panelist: Hijackers Could Get State IDs Today
Major Jewish Groups Won't Rally Against Statehood Bid at UN
The Soldier Who Killed Herself After Refusing to Take Part in Torture
UK, France to Libya: Help Coming; Avoid Revenge
Hundreds of Africans Held in Libya on Mercenary Charges
Senior NATO Leaders Head to Libya for Talks
Libyan Chemical Materials a Proliferation Threat, US Commander Says
Libya Won't Be Blueprint for Future Wars: General
Libyan Oil Refinery Attack 'Isolated Incident': NOC
Cameron and Sarkozy Mobbed in Benghazi
UN Resolution Would Create UN Mission in Libya
Libya Prepares for Turkish PM's Visit
Niger Seeks Help in Policing Border With Libya
Police: Sect Kills 3, Wounds 2 in North Nigeria
UN Honors Guards, Others Killed in Nigeria Bombing
African Islamist Groups Seen as US Threat: General
WikiLeaks Cable: Ethiopia Reporter Argaw Ashine 'Flees'
Niger Attacks al-Qaeda-Linked Cell, Killing 3
Togo Leader Gnassingbe's Brother Jailed for Coup Plot
Young Afghan Fighters Eager to Rejoin Taliban
'We're Pinned Down:' 4 US Marines Die in Afghan Ambush
Corrupt Afghan Trucking for US Military Probed by Congress
What Do Kabul Attacks Signal in the Fight for Afghanistan's Future?
6 or 7 Rockets Hit US Embassy During Kabul Attack
Afghanistan Holds Significant Rare Earth Deposits
Russia, North and South Korea to Build Gas Pipeline
Japan Grants North Korea Defectors Temporary Refuge
A Look at Life in North Korea's Remote Northeast
US Puts Indian Mujahideen on Terrorist List

Kashmir Teenagers Arrested Over Delhi Bomb Email

The Suicide-Bomb Capital of the World
Anti-Militant Protests in Pakistan's Neelum Valley
Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Buddhist Monks Destroy Muslim Shrine

Americans and Cubans Still Mired in Distrust
Cuba Accuses Bill Richardson of Slander
Mexico Drug Gangs Menace Web Critics With Murder
US Adds Belize, El Salvador to Drugs List
Colombian Court Sentences Former Spy Chief for Paramilitary Ties
Venezuela Govt in Contact With Carlos the Jackal
Deal Near on More US Military Access in Australia
Clinton Mum on Averting UN Showdown Over Palestine
Lawmakers to Europeans: Oppose Palestinian State
Thousands Protest Against 'Murderous' Israel in Turkey and Jordan
Netanyahu: Israel Will Agree to Upgrade of Palestinian Status, Not Statehood
Israel Okays PA's Acquisition of Anti-Riot Gear Ahead of UN Vote
UN Showdown Over Palestinian Statehood Tests Limits of US Influence
Palestinian UN Bid Puts Obama on Defensive
Settler Attacks Raise West Bank Tension Ahead of UN Meet
Britain Changes Law That Enabled War Crime Charges Against Israelis
NYC Ads Call to End US Military Aid to Israel
In Syrian Town, Uprising Turns Into Grim Standoff
Angry Activists Say Turkey Handed Deserted Officer to Syria
Top Syrian Army Defector Caught; Denies Orders to Shoot
Syrian Soldiers Shoot at Lebanese Army Patrol Near Border
Syrian Activist Ghiyath Matar's Death Spurs Grief, Debate
Iraq Joins Talks on Iran Bail for Jailed Americans
Long Iranian Weekend Awaits American Hikers
Iran's 'Damaged' President Heads for UN Spotlight
US Wants Details on Iran Nuclear Claims Very Soon
Columbia University Warned Over Students' Dinner With Ahmadinejad
Bahrain Boils Under the Lid of Repression
Bahrain Man Dies After Inhaling Tear Gas
'Need for Oil, One of Strategic Necessities of US Presence in Iraq'
US Embassy Denies 'Secret Agreement' Existence for Its Troops Extension in Iraq
Iraqis Call Government Office Building Home
Civilian Killed in West Baghdad Blast
Shi'ite Massacre Arrests Fuel Sectarian Fears
Saudi Arabia Sends War Tanks to Yemen
Yemen Uprising Struggles to Gain Traction
Terrorism Experts: Al-Qaeda Tightens Grip in Sinai Peninsula
Egypt PM Says Peace Deal With Israel Not Sacred
Steel Tycoon With Links to a Mubarak Is Sentenced
Turkey Says Can Send Warships to East Med Any Time
Turkey Agrees to Host US Radar Site
'War on Terror'
FBI: Fake Bomb Suspect Paid Cash for Flight
Trial Delayed for Mass. Man Accused in Terror Plot
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