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Updated September 17, 2011 - 11:18 PM EDT
Libya's Death Toll a Dramatic Overstatement?
  Libya's Rebels Given Full UN Membership
  US Searches for Libyan Arms, Warns of Terror Risk
  RAF Carries Out Biggest Raid Yet on Gadhafi Forces
9 Civilians Slain in US Drone Strike on Somalia
Obama Escalates Yemen Drone Strikes
Syrian Forces Kill 47 in Anti-Assad Protests
  Turkish PM: Syrian Regime Will Fall
  Syria's Protesters, Long Mostly Peaceful, Starting to Resort to Violence
Massive US Embassy in Iraq to Expand Further
  Chemical Weapons Sicken Iraqis 23 Years After Massacre
Israel to Retroactively OK Settlements on Palestinian Land
  Where Does Gaza Fit In to Palestinian Statehood
  Former Israeli Military Chief Mentions the Nukes
Top Official: US to Hit al-Qaeda Beyond Battlefields
Liberian Gunmen Kill 15 in Ivory Coast Villages
Pakistan Gas Deal Could Run Afoul of US Iran Sanctions
Western Diplomat: Saleh Will Hand Over Rule to Deputy
Facing Outcry, FBI Shelves Anti-Muslim Seminar
We Can't Shrug Off These Claims of Torture in Libya  by Clare Algar
Congress Sees Middle East Through AIPAC-Colored Glasses  by Medea Benjamin & Allison McCracken
Troops in Iraq: Whom Do We Think We Are Fooling?  by Stephen M. Walt
Tapping the Israeli Embassy  by Philip Giraldi
Why They Hate Us  by Laurence M. Vance
Why Pentagon Bloat Will Kill Real Deficit Cutting  by Winslow T. Wheeler

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EU, Kosovo Take Border Crossings in Volatile North
Pakistani Taliban Vow to Attack Weddings and Funerals of Their Enemies
Serbs Given Go-Ahead by US Court to Sue Defense Contractors Over Genocide
US Says Algiers Embassy Alerted to al-Qaeda Threat
2 Lawmakers Seek to Delay End of Military Gay Ban
Libyan Fighters Target Remaining Gadhafi Supporters
Libyan Fighters Make Concerted Push on Two Gadhafi Bastions
US Should Help Secure Libyan WMD, House Intel Chief Says
Anti-Gadhafi Forces Encounter Stiff Resistance During Offensives
Venezuela, Other Latin American Nations Oppose Rebel Council in Libya's UN Member Seat
Regaining Confiscated Property Next Fight for Many in Libya
Libyan Employees 'Saved Oil, Gas Sector,' Oil Minister Says
Obama to Meet Libyan Council Leader Jalil at UN Next Week
Aref Nayed, Man of God and Technology, Tries to Steady Libya
Nigeria: 4 Could Face Death Over UN HQ Bombing
Nigeria Ex-President Met Slain Sect Leader Family
South Africa
South Africa Reopens 1999 Arms Deal Investigation
South Africa's Zuma Dodging Bullets in Arms Deal Probe
Sudan Bars SPLM-North and Other 'Southern Parties'
Niger 'Destroys Al-Qaeda Convoy'
Eritrea Urged to Free Dissident Aster Fissehatsion
Togo Delivers Sentences Over 2009 Coup Plot
Ugandans Jailed for Kampala World Cup Bombing
British Tourist Kidnapped in Kenya 'Held by Al-Shabab'
NATO: 10 Per Cent of Afghan Insurgents Have Joined Reintegration Program
British Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
After Militant Siege, Questions Hang Over Kabul Security
Photo Essay: 10 Years After War's Start, Fight Goes on for Marines at Southern Afghan Base
Hamid Karzai: In the Shadow of Terror, a Meeting With the World's Loneliest President
Death Toll in Dir Suicide Bombing Rises to 40
Pakistan Army Doubts Afghanistan Ready for Pullout
Pakistan PM: US Turn to 'Do More' in War
Gen. Kayani: Pakistan Terror Moves to Be Based on Sovereignty
South Korea Holds North Defector 'in Poison-Needle Plot'
South Korea Trying to Scuttle North's Tour Program
Koreas Sound Out Orchestral Maneuvers, but Are Strings Attached?
Obama Excludes New F-16s in Taiwan Arms Package
US to Announce F-16 Upgrade for Taiwan: Lobby Group
Ma's Party Seizes on US Official's Taiwan Comments
Kinmen Seeks to Evolve as China and Taiwan Improve Ties
Bombings in Southern Thailand Kill 3, Wound Dozens
Two Muslims Shot Dead at Prayers in Thai South Mosque
Thai Agency Seeks New Probe Into Death of Reuters Cameraman Possibly Shot by Troops
More Unmarked Graves Investigated in Indian Kashmir
Myanmar Authorities Unblock Some Banned Websites
Abbas: Palestinians to Seek Full UN Membership
Hillary Clinton: New York Not Road to Palestine
Obama's Palestine Problem Looms Over United Nations Meeting
Israel Asks Egyptian Envoy to Explain Peace Treaty Remarks
Romania to Abstain on Palestinians
Israelis, Palestinians Smile for the Camera
Syrian Defector 'Confesses' on State TV
For Syria's Minorities, Assad Is Security
Effort to Create Another Syria Opposition Council Announced
Sadrists Protest, Turkey Hints, and Violence Continues for Iraqis
Hilla Toll Reaches 8 Injuries
Iraqi Girl Recounts Bus Massacre
State Media: 3 Chechens Gunned Down in Istanbul
Obama to Discuss Israel With Turkey's Erdogan
Turkey on Collision Course With Greece, Cyprus
Egypt's Military Rulers Assert Wider Powers in Wake of Attack on Israeli Embassy
Hundreds in Cairo Protest Against Emergency Law
Anti-Saleh Protests Rock Yemen's Streets
After Generations of Making Do, Yemenis Take Their New Hardships in Stride
Middle East
Turkey May Work With Iran Against Kurdish Rebels
Oman Plane in Iran, Awaiting US Citizens' Release
Clashes Erupt in Bahrain After Protester Funeral
Kremlin 'Puppet Master' Faces Errant Oligarch
Billionaire's Exit Shows Kremlin Grip on Russia
Paris Ban on Muslim Street Prayers Comes Into Effect
Ex-IRA Guerrilla McGuinness to Run for Irish President
Finnish Police Arrest 2 on Terror Suspicions
Spanish Basque Activist Arnaldo Otegi Jailed
Latest Battlefield in Mexico's Drug War: Social Media
Gunmen Force Mexico Mayor to Cancel 'El Grito' Festivities
Human Rights Court Rules Opposition Politician Should Be Able to Seek Office in Venezuela
US Military
Researchers Skeptical DoD Can Use Social Media to Predict Future Conflict
Ultrasecret Satellite Spy Shop NRO Turns 50
Study Looks at Psychological Effects Suffered by Combat Medics
Weekend Reviews
Neoconservatism Taken Down
A Dud From 'Darth'
'How I Helped Lose the Battle for the Hearts and Minds of the Iraqi People'
Truthers, Birthers, and Other Ordinary Kooks
The Muslim World Brings Forth a Counter-Jihad
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The Federal Bureau of Idiocy

Nebojsa Malic
Showdown at Goat Gate

Ran HaCohen
Was Elliott Abrams Hitler's Senior Advisor?

Philip Giraldi
Clueless Republicans Demand More Militarism

Ivan Eland
Government Always Seems to Focus on the Wrong Things

Kelley B. Vlahos
Surge Finally Getting a Second Look?

Charles V. Peņa
Doomsday Defense Cuts?

David R. Henderson
The Left's Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out

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