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Updated September 29, 2011 - 11:21 PM EDT
UN: Afghan Violence Up 39 Percent Over 2010
Mullen Purposely Exaggerated Pak-Haqqani Ties

Thousands Flee as Sirte Offensive Continues

Truce Between Iran and Iraqi Kurd Rebels Holds
  14 Killed in Wednesday Iraq Violence
  MEK Allows Adherents in Iraq to Seek Refugee Status

Physicist Netted in New Manufactured 'Terror' Plot

CIA Docs: US Way Overstated Soviet Capabilities
State Dept. Employee Details WikiLeaks Grilling
Netanyahu Defends Settlement Expansion
Egyptians Threaten to Boycott Junta's Election
Syria Troops Shell Defectors, Killing Eight
America's Foreign Policy Fiasco  by Patrick Seale
Return of the Islamists  by Clemens Höges and Thilo Thielke
The Iraq War and the Powerlessness of the American Voter  by Jonathan Tjarks
As the Drone Flies  by Ralph Nader
100 Days of Solidarity With Iraq  by Medea Benjamin
Vladimir Putin Isn't Superhuman  by Mark Adomanis

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As Scorn for Vote Grows, Protests Surge Around Globe

Pentagon Announces Trial of Alleged Cole Mastermind on New Guantánamo Website

French UN Envoy Warns of 'Strong' Risk of Strike on Iran

4 Oklahoma-Based Soldiers Charged in Home Invasion

CIA Provides List of 'Gruesome' Osama bin Laden Death Photos


Five Foreign Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan

Officer: 8 Afghan Policemen Killed at Checkpoint

Taliban Stalks Outskirts of Calm Afghan City

US Blacklists Two From Pakistan-Based Militant Group

Osama bin Laden's Bodyguard Freed by Pakistan

Pakistan's Double-Game: Treachery or Strategy?

Why Pakistan Supports the Haqqani Network: Fear for Its Own Security

Israel Raises Alarm Over Sinai-Gaza Cooperation

US Presses Egypt to Mend Ties With Israel

UN Council Buys Time on Palestine Membership Bid

Tony Blair's Job in Jeopardy as Palestinians Accuse Him of Bias

Reports: Russian Ballistic Missile Fails in Test

Peacekeepers Deploy in Tense Kosovo

Kosovo-Serbia Talks Off After Renewed Clashes


South Korean Military Hit by 2,770 Hacking Attempts

8 Killed in Fighting in Indian-Held Kashmir


Libya Mass Grave Still in Doubt

Libya's NTC Thinks Gadhafi Hiding Near Algeria

Rebels: Gadhafi Protected by Desert Dwellers

Destroyed School Raises Questions for Libyans

Fallout in the Sahara: Did the War in Libya Play Into the Hands of Al-Qaeda?
Middle East
Uniformed Gunmen Attack Sahwa Member's Family, Killing 5

Analysis: Iraqi Shi'ites Fear Fallout of Syria Turbulence

White House, Experts Dismiss Iran Naval Threat to US Coast

Syrian Tanks Pound Anti-Assad Fighters for 2nd Day

Yemen Warplane Shot Down by Tribesmen

Bahrain Feels Heavy Weight of Sectarian Tension

Egypt Convicts Mubarak's Information Minister

US Issues Caution on Possible Saudi Abduction Plot


South Sudanese Find Their Way Home Slow Going

Arrests Made Against Nigeria Sect

France Won't Extradite Rwandan Ex-First Lady

Mexican President Orders Federal Police, Troops to State Where 35 Bodies Dumped on Street

Cuba Must Reform Before US Eases Stance: Obama

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The Left's Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out

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