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Updated September 30, 2011 - 11:14 PM EDT

CIA Assassinates Two US Citizens in Yemen

Tripoli Residents Want Rebel Troops Out
  US 'Concerned' Over Militant Activities in Libya
Pakistan: US Strikes Unacceptable
  Obama Administration in Perplexing War of Words With Pakistan
  Aid Workers Flee Pakistan Over Fears of Post-CIA Backlash
Syria Activists Slam Calls for Foreign Intervention
  Syria Accuses US of Inciting 'Armed Groups'
  US 'Strongly Condemns' Throwing Tomatoes at Envoy in Syria
EU, Eight UNSC Members Back Statehood
  Palestinian Authority: Israeli Restrictions Cost $4.35 Billion Per Year
Congress Urged to Reject Bahrain Arms Sale
  Bahrain Military Court Jails Doctors, Nurses for Treating Protesters
2nd Bloody Day in Iraq: 22 Killed, 61 Wounded
As Violence Soars, NATO Reiterates Afghanistan 'Improving'
Rights Groups to Clinton: Don't Fund Uzbek Military
The FBI Again Thwarts Its Own Terror Plot  by Glenn Greenwald
How the State Dept Came After Me  by Peter Van Buren
Palestine Is Already a Sovereign State and Is Seeking Membership of the UN, Not Statehood  by Joe Lauria
Middle East Empire: The Prequel  by Leon Hadar
Sex and the Single Drone  by Tom Engelhardt
The Value of Talk  by Paul R. Pillar

More Viewpoints

US Mulls Canadian Border Fence
US Now Controls More Than Half of World Arms Sales
Dozens Arrested in Drug Raid at Boeing Plant That Makes Military Helicopters
Why More Young American Jews Sympathize With Palestinians
Activists in Arab World Vie to Define Islamic State
Nobel Peace Prize May Recognize Arab Spring
Libyan Interim Leader Jibril Says It May Take Months to Form a Government
Libyan Rebel Forces Recapture Sirte Airport
Civilians Flee Sirte Battle, Fighting Hampers Aid: UN
New Envoys for Swiss, Libyans to Ease Rocky Ties
Watchdog: Libya Chemical Weapons as Expected
McCain Hails Libya as Inspiration
4 US Senators Travel to Post-Gadhafi Libya
Former Libyan PM Starts Hunger Strike in Tunisia
Morocco Cafe Bombing: Eight Deny Marrakesh Attack
Nigeria: Boko Haram Leader, Five Others Arrested
Pakistani Minister: 'US Nurtured Haqqani Network'
Pakistani Politicians Reject Mullen's Charges
US Slaps Sanctions on Haqqani Commander, but Not Group
Pakistan Closes Afghan Border Route After Bombing
Pakistan Never Backed Haqqani Network: Spy Chief
Pakistan Leaders Call for Peace in Afghanistan
Afghanistan's Leaders Sour on Pakistan and Peace Talks
3 NATO Troops Killed in Roadside Bombing in Afghanistan
Afghan Bombing Kills Female Police Officer, Two Civilians
Afghanistan Has 'World-Class' Mineral Resources, US Says
Obama, Uzbek Leader Discuss Afghan Supply Route
Official: China Expels South Korean Journalists
Tensions Persist in Kosovo, NATO Maintains Presence
Ex-Spymaster to Help Judge Russian Suspect's Case
Birmingham Terror Arrests: Seventh Man Faces Charges
Anti-Roma Protests Overshadow Bulgarian Presidential Poll
Ukraine's Yulia Tymoshenko Denounces 'Lynching' Trial
Fidel Castro Mocks Obama for Cuba Comments
Hugo Chavez Denies Media Reports of Health Emergency
'War on Terror'
Massachusetts Case Ignites 'Home Grown' Attack Fears
US: Cyber Attacks on Utilities, Industries Rise
Bloody Iraq: 1 US Soldier, 13 Iraqis Killed; 90 Iraqis Wounded
US Troops No Longer Needed in Northern Iraq: General
Optimism of Intellectuals Ebbs in Iraq
Press Freedoms Observatory Condemns Detention of Iraqi TV Channel's Reporter
Unami Chief in Iraq Describes Human Rights in Iraq as 'Fragile'
Syria Accuses US of Inciting Violence Against Army
7 Soldiers Killed in Rebel Town
Embassy: US Envoy to Syria 'Safe and Sound' After Tomato Attack
US: Attack on Envoy in Syria Part of Ongoing Intimidation Campaign
Palestinians: No Talks Without Settlement Freeze
Pressure Mounts on Israel Over Settler Homes
Report: Palestinian Olive Trees in West Bank Uprooted in Suspected 'Price Tag' Attack
US Warns Chinese Banks About Ties to Iran
Iran: New Missiles Being Mass-Produced
Iran Looks East to Bypass Western Sanctions
Iran's Hosting of Taliban Reflects Desire for Greater Role
Lawyer: Appeals Court May Acquit Iranian Pastor
Iranian Envoy Handed Protest at German Chancellor's Office
Swiss Envoy Never Saw Iran's Evidence on Hikers
Egypt Warns US on Attaching Conditions to Military Aid
Egypt Parties Threaten Poll Boycott, Protest Planned
Egyptian Police Raid Al Jazeera Unit Again
Egyptian Presidential Hopefuls Criticize Slow Pace of Change
Court Sentences Protester to Death for Police Killing
Amnesty Condemns Bahrain for Jailing Health Workers
Saleh Says He Won't Step Down Until Rivals Are Out
Tribesmen Said to Bring Down Military Plane in Yemen
Gunfire Hits South Yemen Protest Camp, Capital Quiet
Middle East
Poor Turnout in Last All-Male Saudi Polls
Turk PM Wants New Constitution by First Half 2012
Jordan Allows Entry to Hamas Chief to Visit Ailing Mother
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