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Updated October 4, 2011 - 11:10 PM EDT
US Going to Stay in Afghanistan 'For a Long Time'
  62% of Americans Want Immediate Troop Cuts in Afghanistan
  Karzai Blames Afghan Taliban, Pakistan for End of Talks
Truck Bomb Kills 70 in Somali Capital
Awlaki Drone Launched From New Base
Libya Rebels: New Govt if Sirte is Conquered

Megrahi Says His Lockerbie Role Exaggerated

Bahraini Princess Accused of Torturing Detainees
Uniformed Gunmen Kill 20 at Iraqi Govt Complex

Attacks Leave 35 Dead Across Iraq

Clinton Vows US Action Against Boko Haram
Experts Urge US Not to Reject Iran Nuclear Deal
Netanyahu 'Furious' as Israeli Mosque Torched
  Israel Builds Settlements and Wants Talks
Secret Memo Explains Why Obama Can Kill Americans  by Conor Friedersdorf
When It Comes to State-Sanctioned Murder, Morality Matters Most  by Charles Davis
The Killings in Yemen and the Rule of Law  by Paul Pillar
Obama Backs Occupation of Palestine  by Sheldon Richman
Israel's Window to Bomb Iran  by Ray McGovern
Is Due Process Dead?  Los Angeles Times

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Lawyers Seek Docs on NYPD Unit That Spied on Muslims

Koch Industries Made Secret Sale to Iran, Report Says

Obama: Very Difficult for al-Qaeda to Attack US

Netanyahu Thanks Panetta for Strengthening Alliance With Israel

Ron Paul: Awlaki Killing an Impeachable Offense


Haqqani Network Denies Killing Afghan Envoy Rabbani

Americans Raid Haqqani Byways of Afghanistan

In the Afghan Villages Where Taliban Still Rule

Kandahar Bomb Targets Afghan Minister Assadullah Khalid

US Using Pakistan as Scapegoat for Afghan Failure: Musharraf

A Leader's Death Exposes Disarray in the Afghan Peace Process

Palestinians Say Israeli Prison Hunger Strike Grows

Panetta Says Washington Opposes Aid Cut to Palestinians

US Congress Cut in Palestinian Aid Won't Affect Statehood Bid, PA Official Says
Palestinian PM: Israel's West Bank Separation Fence Will Fall Like Berlin Wall

Israel Police to Bolster Security Around Mosques Nationwide


International Criminal Court to Probe War Crimes in Ivory Coast

Shell Accused of Fueling Violence in Nigeria by Paying Rival Militant Gangs
Americas/Drug War
Jamaican PM Says Scandal Over Drug Lord Extradited to US Took Toll

Mexico Detains 2 Soldiers for Alleged Kidnapping of Girl

Guatemalans Live in Fear Again as Drug Gangs Move In

Human Heads Dumped Near Mexico City Military Base


Fighting Halts Aid Mission Into Libyan Siege City

Family Tells of Terror From Armed Gadhafi Loyalists in Sirte

Exiled Libyan Jew Says Armed Men Blocked Him From Synagogue Day After He Opened It

Group: Migrants Evacuated From Libyan City to Chad

Middle East

Syrian Troops Retake Town: Dozens Arrested

UN Syria Vote Planned, Unclear if Russia Will Veto

Saudis Worried About Instability in Yemen

Yemeni Official: Al-Qaeda Bomb Maker Not Killed

Six Israeli Planes Violate Lebanese Airspace

Bahrain Lawyer: 14 Sentenced to Life in Slaying

Americans' Lawyer Barred From Leaving Iran

Tunisia's Interim Leader Essebsi Defends Gradualist Path

United States

Minn. Woman Facing Somalia 'Terror' Case Arrested

Foreign Aid Set to Take Hit in US Budget Crisis

Russia Says May Boycott NATO Summit Over Missile Shield Controversy

Russia Girds for Next Putin Presidency as Some Look Past It

Russia's Putin Says Wants to Build Eurasian Union


Bangladesh War Crimes: First Charges Filed

Filipino-American Woman Kidnapped in July Is Freed

Fifth Tibetan Monk in China Burns Self in Protest: Group

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