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Updated October 7, 2011 - 11:28 PM EDT
Nothing Gained in Ten Years of Afghan War
  German General Says NATO Mission in Afghanistan Has 'Failed'
  A Decade In, Afghans Start Considering Taliban Return
Romney Calls for Century of US Dominance
  Romney Picks Scary Hawk as Foreign Policy Adviser
Misrata Rebels Still Burning, Looting Villages
  Panetta: No Clear Conditions to End Libya War
  Rebel Claims of Libya 'Mass Graves' Come Up Empty, Again
Debate on Haqqani: Military or Political Solution?
  Doctor Who Helped CIA Get bin Laden Faces Treason Charges
Yemen Official: No Evidence Al-Awlaki Was Killed
  American Webmaster's Family Slams US Govt for Assassination
UN Raises Syria Death Toll Estimate to 2,900
  Woman Says She's Runaway, Wasn't Killed in Syrian Custody
Protesters Gather at Freedom Plaza, March on DC
Panetta: US Troops in Iraq Must Have Immunity
Attack on Israeli Troops Reflects Growing Settler Problem
Execution by Secret White House Committee  by Glenn Greenwald
Vanity, Machismo and Greed Have Blinded US to the Folly of Afghanistan  by Simon Jenkins
The 'Getting' of Assange and the Smearing of a Revolution  by John Pilger
The End of Pax Americana?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
End the Afghan War  by Matthew Rothschild
The Al-Awlaki Murder and the Rule of Law  by Tim Kelly

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Back Home, and Homeless
Judge Refuses to Sanction CIA for Destroying Waterboarding Videos
BBC to Cut 2,000 Jobs
In a Switch for US, Panetta Praises NATO
Romney: Rebuild Defense, Add 100,000 Troops
NYPD Spied on City's Muslim Anti-Terror Partners
Palestinian Anger at US Rising Over UN Veto Threat
Israel Bars Nuclear Whistle-Blower From Emigrating
Yom Kippur Drill: IDF Simulates War Call-Up
Ties Between Israel and Arab Allies Fray Over Mosque Burning
Abbas Tells Europeans: Time to Recognize Palestine
Poll: US Voters Divided on Whether Obama Sufficiently Pro-Israel
Dozens of Settlers Surround IDF Patrol in West Bank and Assault Soldiers
Shin Bet: 2 Palestinians Admit Throwing Rocks That Killed Israeli Asher Palmer and Infant Son
UK Prosecutor Blocks Attempt to Issue Warrant Against Israeli Opposition Leader Tzipi Livni
Vandals Paint Swastikas on Joseph's Tomb in Nablus
Israel Arrests Mosque Arson Suspect
Pakistani Doctor Among 13 Killed in Yemen

2 Children Killed From Explosives in Yemen

Iraqi Dispute About US Troops Reflects Clashing Emotions
Dozens of Casualties in Baghdad Bomb Attacks
Rejection of US Trainers, With or Without Immunity: Ahrar Bloc
Iraq Offers Advice to Visiting Libyan Leader on Democracy
The Woman Who Lambasted Iraq's Prime Minister
Journalist Arrested in Salah Al-Din
Egypt Liberals End Electoral Pact With Islamists
Egyptian Candidates Call for Earlier Presidential Election
Egypt Revolution Chips Away at Sadat's Legacy
Bahrain Sentences 33 More for Protest Violence
Freed Bahrain Medics 'Don't Feel Secure Yet'
Source: EU Moves Toward New Sanction on Iran and Syria
Brics' Power Seen in 'Double Veto' of UN Syria Text
Hollywood Stars Fly in on Chechen Warlord's Birthday
Russia Must Look After Its Own, Putin Says
Russia Objects to US Anti-Missile Plans in Spain
Wikipedia Closes in Italy After Berlusconi 'Gagging' Bid
Death of War Crimes Witness Casts Cloud on Kosovo
Azerbaijan and Armenia Trade Barbs Over Karabakh Deaths
US Military
Dozens of US Parachutists Injured in German Exercise
Military Report: Few Soldiers With Animal Bites in Combat Receive Rabies Vaccine
Jury Deliberating Case of Navy SEAL Accused of Smuggling Machine Guns, Selling Arms in US
VA Pulls Questionable Hat From D.C. Store
Prince Harry Due in US for Army Training
Indian-Afghan Pact Likely to Boost Tension With Pakistan
We Won't Leave You Alone After 2014, NATO Tells Afghanistan
For Obama, 10-Year Afghan War Mark to Pass Quietly
Obama: Pakistan Hedges Bets With Ties to Militants
Musharraf: India Poisoning Afghans Against Pakistan
Cease-Fire for Harvests Offers Respite in Afghanistan
Pakistan Pulls Closer to a Reluctant China
Pakistan's Minority Hazaras Live in Fear
Afghan Agents Say They Foiled al-Qaeda Plot to Kill Karzai
Three NATO Oil Tankers Set on Fire in Bolan
US Base Tests Dueling Interests in South Korea
South Korea's New Nuclear Envoy Heads to US for Talks
Crisis Grips North Korean Rice Bowl
South Korea Refuses to Return 2 North Koreans
Lockheed to Offer F-35 Work to Japan Firms to Win Bid
Detecting a Thaw in Myanmar, US Aims to Encourage Change
One Year On: Nobel Winner Liu Xiaobo Still in Jail
Report: Indian Army Could Use Russian Satellite Navigation System
Libya at a Standstill Until Sirte Falls
NATO: Libya Mission Doesn't Hinge on Gadhafi's Capture
Gadhafi May Be Hard to Find, but Not His Supporters
Gadhafi Calls on Libyans to Wage Campaign of Disobedience Against Rebel Leaders in New Tape
Exiled Libyan Jews Look With Hope Toward Homeland
Libyan Dissident Tortured by Gadhafi to Sue Britain Over Rendition
Somalia Blast Total More Than 100
Al-Shabaab Vows More Attacks
Somalia Loses Aspiring College Grads as al-Qaeda-Linked Group Again Kills Students in Bombing
Somali Al-Shabab Attack: Wounded Airlifted to Turkey
Rebels Kill 10 in Eastern Congo Attacks
Group Armed With Swords Tries to Force Tunisian University to Enroll Veiled Students
Zimbabwe's President Says He Can't Force 2012 Vote
Central America Murder Rate Near Crisis Point: UN
Official: Mexican Police Allowed Drug Gang to Use Jail to Hold Kidnapping Victims
Obama Praises 'Profound' US-Honduras Relations
The War at Home
New York City Council Grills Kelly on Police Surveillance of Muslims
'Calm Down' About Fast and Furious Gun Sting, ATF Acting Director Says
Blackwater: You Know the Name Now Play the Game
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