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Updated October 9, 2011 - 11:24 PM EDT
Secret US Memo Made Legal Case to Kill Citizen
  Panetta Acknowledges Open Secret – Drones
  Feds 'Condolences' to Family of American Webmaster Killed by Drone
  Coming Soon: The Drone Arms Race
Protest of War Shuts Museum in Washington
  Protest in London Marks 10 Years of War in Afghanistan
US Drug Policy May Be Imposed Globally
23 Killed as Egyptian Troops Attack Christians
'Changes' in Afghan Strategy: More of the Same
  NATO: 25 Killed in Coordinated Assault on US Bases
  Kabul Demands More US Pressure on Pakistan
US Scrambles to Redraw Iraq Training Plan
  State Dept. Prepares to Take Over in Iraq
  US Envoy, Peter Van Buren, Takes Caustic Pen to Iraq War
  Iraq, Siding With Iran, Sends 'Lifeline to Assad'
Yemen President Again Sends Mixed Signals
Syrian Forces Open Fire on Civilians at Funeral
NATO Sees Gadhafi Loyalists Near Defeat in Sirte
Democrats: The Pentagon Ties You Aren't Hearing About  by Nick Turse
'The Two State Solution Is Not a Solution'  by Gregg Carlstrom
You and I and the Next Yom Kippur War  by Gideon Levy
Assassinating the Constitution  by Jack Hunter
Is This Any Way to Run a Republic?  by Sheldon Richman
How Drones Encourage More Killing  by Benjamin H. Friedman

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CIA: Detainee's Torture Drawings, Writings to Remain Top Secret
Congress Grills FBI Chief About Anti-Islam Training
Paramilitaries May Have Entered Mexico's Drug Wars
AP Fact Check: Romney Misfires on Defense
Ron Paul: War Undermines Family
Killing of Opposition Leader in Syria Provokes Kurds
Nine Officers Killed by Armed Groups in Central Syria: Report
Syria's Protesters Turn to Facebook to Expose 'Citizen Spies'
Syria Determined to Go on With Reform: Defense Minister
Syrian Army Blocks Highway With Lebanon
Protesters Break Into Syrian Embassy in Vienna
The Long Road Ahead for Palestine's Statehood Aspiration
Muslim, Christian Graves Desecrated in Israeli City
Hamas Fees and Taxes Infuriate Gazans
Israeli Police Arrest 18-Year-Old Jewish Suspect in Mosque Arson Case
Molotov Cocktail Thrown at Jaffa Synagogue; Hundreds Protest 'Price Tag' Attack on Cemeteries
Christian Man Targeted in 'Safety' of Northern Iraq
Twin Blasts Target Oil Pipelines in Southern Iraq, Forces Drop in Production
Defense Secretary to US Troops in Iraq: 'I Want to Make Damn Sure You're Protected'
If US Leaves Vacuum in Iraq, Disliked Iran May Not Fill It
WikiLeaks Shakes Security of Iraq's Tiny Jewish Community
Article 140 Did Not Stipulate Joining Kirkuk to Kurdistan, Says Turkmen Front
New UN Special Envoy Lands in Baghdad
Yemeni Soldier Killed, Seven Injured in Bomb Attack in Eden
Yemen Identifies Al-Qaeda Suicide Bomber in Attack on Defense Minster Convoy
Christian Fears Rise as Islamists Grow More Assertive in Post-Mubarak Egypt
Egypt Wants 81 Prisoners in Exchange for 'Israeli Spy'
Turkey May Refuse Canadian Poll Observers
Iran Tells Turkey: Change Tack or Face Trouble
Middle East
Hezbollah MP Warns Against Western Manipulation of Arab Uprisings
Jordanians Protest for Greater Reforms
Eight Bangladeshis Beheaded in Saudi Arabia
Iran Says It Has Advanced Radar Capable of Detecting Small Unmanned Drones
Russian Anger Grows Over Chechnya Subsidies
10 More Found Dead Found Mexican Port of Veracruz, Raising Toll of City's Cartel War to 75
In Tijuana, Taking a Risk on a Turnaround
Mexico Arrests 8 Blamed in Veracruz Killings
Cuban Parliament Chief Urges Obama to Let Freed Spy Ring Member Return to Island
CIA's Vaccine Ruse in Pakistan Carries Fallout
Pakistani Police Foil Terror Plot in Capital, Seize Rockets, Munition
Explosion Partly Damages Railways Bridge in Quetta
NATO Oil Tanker Bombed in Khyber
Pakistan: 3 Germans Held
Human Rights Commission Asks Political Parties to Disband Private Militias
Pakistan Forces Kill Four Terrorists in Swat
Stable Afghanistan 'Essential', Says General Richards
Suspect in Plot to Kill Karzai Was Not a Bodyguard
Don't Abandon the Women of Afghanistan, Aid Agencies Warn
North Korea Warns Over Anti-Pyongyang Leaflets
US Worried by North Korea Food Crisis, but No Aid Yet
2 US Soldiers Accused of Raping Teenagers in South Korea
Myanmar Censorship Boss Calls for Press Freedom
Kyrgyz Police Say Minibus Hijacker Killed
Senate Advances China-Currency Sanctions
Dalai Lama, Speaking to South African Audience by Video Link, Sharply Criticizes China
Deaths Mount as Anti-Gadhafi Fighters Inch Forward
NATO: Gadhafi 'No Longer in Commander Role'
Suicide Tank Driver Leads the Charge for Gadhafi's Sirte
Snipers Slow Rebels Attack on Gadhafi Hometown
Libya Fighters Taking Sirte Street by Street
Tunisia Islamists Storm University Over Veil Ban
Fox Adviser Is Involved in Arms Deals, Says MoD Source
UK Prime Minister Backs Embattled Defense Chief
'War on Terror'
Look: Giant Spy Blimp Dwarfs an 18-Wheeler
TSA Announces Advanced Imaging Technology Deployments at 29 US Airports
Mother of '20th Hijacker' Wants to See Court's Evidence
Americans Still Dying
Indiana Airborne Medic Was Killed Rushing to Aid Two Wounded Marines
Oceanside (CA) Marine With Ties to Michigan Leaves Behind Pregnant Wife, Daughter
Army Sergeant From San Juan (PR) Dies Days Before Coming Home
Brother of Fallen Army Lieutenant From San Antonio (TX) Speaks
Georgia Soldier 'With Big Heart' Killed by Mortar Fire in Iraq
Navy SEAL From Omaha (NE) Leaves Behind Wife, Two Sons
Mother of Fallen Tucker (GA) Marine Remembers Her Son
Missouri Soldier Dies of Wounds After Afghan Missile Attack
Dana Point (CA) Army Ranger Hoped to Become a Firefighter
Killed by Afghan IED, Plymouth (MA) Soldier Wanted Story Told
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