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Updated October 14, 2011 - 11:29 PM EDT
Obama Sends US Combat Troops to Uganda
Obama: 'All Options on the Table' Against Iran
  Obama Claims Secret 'Proof' of Iran Assassination Plot
  US, Iran Send Dueling Complaints to UN Over 'Plot'
FBI Story of 'Terror Plot' Suggests Sting Operation
  DC Assassination Plot's Disheveled, Incompetent Suspect
36 Killed as Syria Clashes Escalate
Why Didn't CIA Tell FBI About 9/11 Hijackers?
Haqqani Member Among 10 Slain by US Drones
  A Close Look at NATO's Afghan Killings
US Officials Blame Iran as GIs Fired on in Iraq
  Blasts Kill 20 in Sadr City as Surge in Bombings Continues
Panetta Still Railing at Possible Spending Cuts
  Pentagon Accounting Fiasco: Officials Want Another Billion Dollar Fix
Is Iran's Alleged Cash-for-Assassinations Plot Too Implausible to Be True?  by Paul Mutter
Nuclear Disarmament Is Possible, and Essential  by Mikhail Gorbachev
The LA Times Notices the 'Double Standard' on Iran  by Glenn Greenwald
Iranian 'Plots' and American Hubris  by Flynt Leverett & Hillary Mann Leveret
Petraeus's CIA Fuels Iran Murder Plot  by Ray McGovern
Why Did the US Invade Afghanistan?  by Tim Kelly

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Locked Up Abroad – for the FBI
McCain Says Congress Will Nullify Defense Cuts if They're Triggered

Egypt's Arrests of Smugglers Show Threat of Libya Arms

US Names Greek 'Fire Cells' Group to Terror List
Amnesty to Canada: Arrest George Bush for Torture
Gunmen Torch NATO Oil Tankers in Pakistan
Food Poisoning Hits NATO Base in Northern Afghanistan
US Prepares Handoff to Afghans in Border Region
US Not Sincere About Afghan Peace: Haqqanis
Afghan Training Yielding Results, but Challenges Remain, NATO Says
Preacher Held by Spies of Afghans Is Near Death
Report: RPG Downed Chinook in Afghanistan
Afghan Students Rally Against Pakistan
Myanmar Amnesty Falls Short, Says Opposition
Obama Welcomes South Korea's Lee to White House
US Base in Okinawa Looms in Japan Elections
Indonesia Sentences Jihadist to 8 Years
Chinese Plane Lands After Passenger Warns of Bomb
US Launches Campaign to Track Down Libyan Missiles
Security Firms Eye Libya From Afghan Quagmire
Libya Revolutionaries Have Sirte in Stranglehold
Amnesty Urges Libya to Tackle 'Stain' of Detainee Abuse
Military Denies Capture of Kadhafi's Son, Mutassim
Ivory Coast
Groups: 450,000 Still Displaced in Ivory Coast
Ivory Coast Wonders: Where's Our UN Intervention?
An Ominous Message From Tunisia
Soldiers, Not Soccer, in Somalia's National Stadium
Somali Gunmen Target Foreigners in Kenya: 2 Spanish Aid Workers Abducted in Refugee Camp
Berlin Firebomb Alert: New Device Found on Train Line
Rail Bombs Raise Fear of Left-Wing Attacks in Germany
Soldier, Former Chaplain, Jailed for 7.5 Years in Beating of German Civilian
Putin's Kremlin Return Spooks Rebuilt Chechnya
Genocide Claims Complicate Russian Olympics Plans
Belarus Gives KGB New Powers, Tightens Grip on Opposition
Former Ukrainian Premier Faces New Investigation
Derry City of Culture Office Bomb 'Crazy'
Mexicans Unite Over Arrest of Alleged Leader in Los Zetas Cartel
Alleged US Drug Trafficker on Hunger Strike in Mexican Prison
Cartel Leader Accused in Deadly Casino Attack Arrested
Chavez Proposes Shooting Down Suspect Drug Planes
Haitian President Says He Is Determined to Bring Back Disbanded Military
Another Former Guatemalan General Detained for Alleged Involved in Massacres of Indians
Ramping Up to Attack Iran?
Many Analysts Skeptical of Alleged Iranian Plot
Iran Urges Saudi Arabia to Avoid US 'Trap'
Link Between Iran's Quds Force and Bomb Plot 'Doesn't Seem to Fit'
US Seeks to Label Iran an International Outlaw
US Considers Sanctions on Iran's Central Bank
UK: Plot Is an Escalation of Iran's Terror Ties
Iran's Former President Warns Ahmadinejad of Possible US Attack
Israel-Hamas Prisoner Swap
Israeli Army Chief Confirms Gilad Shalit to Be Returned to Israel Tuesday
Many Freed Palestinian Prisoners May Be Deported
Lieberman Walked Out of Shalit Deal Debate, Leaving 'No' Vote Behind
Israeli Victims of Violence Feel Mixed Emotions on Prisoner Swap
Hamas Begins Identifying Prisoners to Be Released as Part of Shalit Deal
Palestinian Hamas, Fatah to Discuss Reconciliation Progress
Palestinian Official Denies Plans to Meet Israelis
Egypt Planes Patrol Sinai Without Israel's Consent
US Arms Deal to Bahrain Faces Resistance
Bahrain Opposition Unites to Decry Police State
Opposition Demands Switch to Constitutional Monarchy
US Puts Iraq 'Withdrawal' Plans Under Wraps to Discourage Attacks
Blasts Kill 20 in Sadr City as Surge in Bombings Continues
After Attacks, Iraqis Return to Normalcy as They Now Know It
Turkey Urges Iraq to Crackdown on Kurdish Rebels
Iraq Worried That Syrian Violence Will Spill Over Border
Raising Kurdish Flag Violates Article 140 of Iraq's Constitution
Iraqi City Warns of Revolution Outbreak if Kurdistan Flag Is Lowered
Civilian Killed, 3 Wounded in Fallujah
Iraq Stock Market Chief Sees Capitalization Doubling
Egypt's Military Slaps Media Gag on Probe Into Clashes
Egypt Promises to Address Coptic Christians' Concerns
Middle East
Hague Warns Syria About Harassing Citizens Living in Britain
UN Aid Chief Warns of Yemen Humanitarian Crisis
Jordan Says Israeli Settlements 'Obstruct' Peace
Turkey Says Full EU Membership Only Goal
US Military
Every State but Three Have Jobs Tied to F-35 Fighter
Army to Phase Out Animal Nerve-Agent Testing
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Was Elliott Abrams Hitler's Senior Advisor?

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Doomsday Defense Cuts?

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The Left's Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out

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