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Updated October 15, 2011 - 11:21 PM EDT
Obama Sends US Combat Troops to Uganda
  Why Send US Troops Against African Bush Fighters?
  Uganda: An Overview
US Continues to Angrily Condemn Iran Over 'Plot'
  Accused Iran Plotter in US Lacks Cunning, Friends Say
US Military Denies Decision to Quit Iraq After 2011
  Iraq's Sadr Seeks Alternative to US Trainers
US Strike Kills 9 in Yemen, Including Awlaki's Son
  Deadly Protests Erupt in Yemen Capital Sanaa
UN Fears Growing Rights Abuses in New Libya
  NTC Sets Up Checkpoints After Major Gunbattle in Tripoli
Obama Escalates Attacks on Haqqani Network
  CIA Director Petraeus 'Grading His Own Work' in Afghanistan
  No Churches Left in Afghanistan
36 Killed as Syria Clashes Escalate
Why Didn't CIA Tell FBI About 9/11 Hijackers?
This Bizarre Plot Goes Against All That Is Known of Iran's Intelligence Service  by Patrick Cockburn
The Price of the Libya Intervention: Surface to Air Missiles for All  by Conn Hallinan
Obama and America's Culture of Secrecy  by Bernd Debusmann
Obama Doubles Down  by Stephen M. Walt
Punching Holes in the Iran Plot  by Robert Dreyfuss
War Breeds War, Peace Breeds Prosperity  by Lee Wrights

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Embattled Liam Fox Quits as UK Defense Secretary
US Missile Kills 4 in NW Pakistan
'Blind Sheikh' Son Killed by US Drone: Monitors
Panetta Warns of Retreat in Africa Due to Budget Cuts
Lawmakers Suggest Treating Drug Cartels as Terrorist Organizations
US Says Terrorists Seeking Missing Libyan Missiles
US Sending Contractors to Secure Libya's Weapons
Up to 7,000 Held in Libyan Prisons, UN Says
NATO Chief: Bombing Libya a 'Postive Story' About Europe
Police in Tunisia Use Tear Gas on Islamist Protesters
Tunisia Extremists Firebomb Home of 'Blasphemous' TV Station Head
France Urges Co-Ordinated African Action Against LRA
Omar Al-Bashir Arrest Request Rejected by Malawi
UNHCR Reduces Kenya Aid Operation After MSF Abductions
Report: US Deaths in April Drone Strike Due to Miscommunication
NATO, Afghan Forces Kill 13 Insurgents
Suicide Car Bomber Kills 3 Afghan Police Officers
Afghan Lawmaker on Hunger Strike Removed by the Police
Afghan Rights Worries After Eviction of Hunger Striker
Myanmar Law to Allow Labor Unions and Strikes
China's Coming Leadership Change Leaves Analysts Guessing
Seized India Explosives 'Meant for Attacking Delhi'
Tajik Court Finds BBC Reporter Guilty of Complicity
Journalist's Car Blown Up During Barroso's Bulgaria Visit
Britain Agrees to New Inquiry in Litvinenko's Poisoning Death
Ratko Mladic to Face Single Trial on War Crimes Charges
US Offered Cuba Swap for American
Cuba Communist Party Mulls Call for Term Limits
Mexican President: Violence-Wracked Gulf State Was Left in the Hands of Drug Cartel
Alleged US Trafficker on Hunger Strike in Mexico
Facing Rising Threats, Violence, Venezuelan Rights Activists Take Their Cases to Intl Court
Argentina's 'Angel of Death' Calls His Human Rights Trial Revenge by Failed Subversives
Guatemala Judge Cancels Hearing When Former General Accused of Genocide Shows Up Sedated
'War on Terror'
Jury Convicts 3 North Carolina Men in Terror Trial
Defense: Fraction of Calls Played in Terror Case
US Military
EPA Finally Admits That Chemical in Camp Lejeune Water Caused Cancer
Top General Opens Door for F-35 Fighter Jet Cuts
Veteran's 'Hurt Locker' Lawsuit Dismissed
Ramping Up War on Iran?
US and Iran Playing Out Old Story With Accusations
Saudis Refrain From Fingering Iran in Alleged Assassination Plot
Iran Official Denies Direct Contact With US Over Alleged Plot
In 'What If' Scenario, US Would Likely Respond to Iranian Terror Plot in Ways Short of War
Report: Saudi Officials Warned of Iran Plot to Attack Israel Embassy in Argentina
Wild Days Behind Him, Saudi Envoy, Jubeir, Keeps Low Profile
Egypt's Military Expands Power, Raising Alarms
Egyptian Generals Are Not Eager to Relinquish Power
2,000 March in Cairo Unity Rally, Anger at Army
UN Says Syrian Protest Death Toll Hits 3,000
Syrian Kurdish Anger Smoulders After Activist Death
US Arms Won't Be Used on Bahrain Protesters: Official
US: No Final Decision Yet on Bahrain Arms Sale
Family: Jailed Bahrain Shi'ite Leader Gravely Ill
Israel Plans New East Jerusalem Settlement: Rights Group
Palestinians Condemn East Jerusalem Housing Plan
Israeli Official: Time of Israel-Hamas Prisoner Swap Not Yet Final
Family: Israeli Soldier Likely Released Tuesday
Gaza Set to Embrace Released Prisoners
Report: Turkey Will Host All Exiled Palestinian Prisoners
Man Opposed to Prisoner Swap Defaces Rabin Memorial
Shalit Deal: Hamas Prepares to Celebrate
In Rafah, Tunnels From Gaza Just a Way to Do Business
Four Iraqis Killed in Friday Violence
Al-Qaeda Leader Killed in Salah Al-Din
FM: Removal of PKK Is Iraqi Responsibility
Hundreds of Suspected Terrorists Arrested in Baghdad
Yemeni Warplane Bombs al-Qaeda Strongholds, Three Killed
Yemeni Protesters Urge Stronger UN Action Against Saleh
Where Is Yemen Headed as Saleh Tries to Reassert Power?
Yemen Government Accused of Muzzling Media
Middle East
Report: Arab Spring Upheaval Cost $55bn
Military Tank Exports to Saudi Arabia Signal German Policy Shift
IMF Official Ducks as Eggs Come Flying During Student Protest in Turkey
Finland to Head Talks on Middle East Zone Free of Nuclear Weapons
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Doomsday Defense Cuts?

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The Left's Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out

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