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Updated October 16, 2011 - 11:27 PM EDT
Uganda: New US War of Choice
Some US Officials Question Response to Iran 'Plot'
  Khamenei: Iran Could Scrap Presidency in the Future
  To Isolate Iran, US Presses Inspectors on Nuclear Data
  Former Iran Assassin Says Alleged Plot 'Makes No Sense'
  Iran Case a Sign of Drugs Agency's New Role
US Denies Reports of Iraq Withdrawal
  Iraq Kurds Demand Right to Raise Kurdish Flags in Contested Area
  For Iraqis, the War Is Far From Over
US Strike Kills 9 in Yemen, Including Awlaki's Son
  Deadly Protests Erupt in Yemen Capital Sanaa
US Expanding Use of Deadlier Drone Attacks
  Pakistani Intel Officials Say US Missiles Kill 6 in Drone Attack Spike
  More Drone Hits Likely as Pakistan Refuses North Waziristan Op
First Sign of Armed Resistance to NTC in Tripoli
  Gadhafi Fighters Mount Fierce Fightback in Sirte
  Gadhafi Home Town Largely Destroyed
UN Warns of Civil War as Syrian Army Deaths Climb
First Suicide Bomb in Northern Afghan Province Hits US Base
This Bizarre Plot Goes Against All That Is Known of Iran's Intelligence Service  by Patrick Cockburn
The Price of the Libya Intervention: Surface to Air Missiles for All  by Conn Hallinan
Obama and America's Culture of Secrecy  by Bernd Debusmann
Obama Doubles Down  by Stephen M. Walt
Punching Holes in the Iran Plot  by Robert Dreyfuss
War Breeds War, Peace Breeds Prosperity  by Lee Wrights

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Revealed: Fox's Man and His Ties to Iran's Opposition
'Blind Sheikh' Son Killed by US Drone: Monitors
Protesters Take to Streets; Clashes in Rome
Mexico's President Works to Lock in Drug War Tactics
Now You See 'Em, Now You Don't: Stealth Weapons From Around the World
NATO Says Taliban Did Not Kill Afghan President's Brother
21 Insurgents Killed, 19 Arrested in Afghanistan: Official
NATO Assessment Says Taliban Attacks Are Diminishing
Afghans Are Rattled by Rule on Searching Turbans
NATO Helicopter Makes Forced Landing in Southern Afghanistan
Afghan Parliament Clears Major Hurdle to IMF Aid
No Let-Up in US Pressure on Pakistan
Air Strike Kills Nine in South Waziristan
Pakistan Provincial Minister Survives Attempt on Life
Myanmar Minister Talks Tough Against Insurgents Operating From Its Soil
Reforming Myanmar Looks to India for Enlightenment
Investment Prospects Luring Myanmar in From Cold
Myanmar to 'Take Back' Rohingya Refugees Living in Bangladesh
China and Vietnam to Strengthen Military Ties: Report
India: Chief Minister Gives Ultimatum to Maoists
2 Policemen Wounded in Clash With Leftist Rebels in Southern Philippines
3 Armed Forces Officers Shot Dead by Gunmen in Papua, Indonesia
Upcoming Election Raises Specter of Terror in Kyrgyzstan
Libyan Forces Search Tripoli for Gadhafi Loyalists
Libyan Govt Steps Up Security After Clashes in Capital
Libya Committee Will Not Spend Emergency Funds on Refugees
Liberian President May Face Runoff
Liberia Opposition Calls Poll 'Flawed,' Pulls Out
Morocco's Problem: Freelance Jihadis, Not al-Qaeda
Radical Sect Kills Policeman in North Nigeria
Kenya to Pursue Militants Into Somalia to Protect Border After Spate of European Kidnappings
International Court Prosecutor in Ivory Coast Over Investigation Into Post-Poll Violence
Tunisia's Islamist Party Condemns Attack on TV Director
Uproar in Germany on Police Use of Surveillance Software
German Minister Wants Investigation of State Authorities' Use of Spyware
Germany Sought Info About FBI Spy Tool in 2007
Interview With Germany's Justice Minister: 'This Software Can Do Things Forbidden by the Constitution'
Ukraine's EU Neighbors to Block Ties Over Tymoshenko
Plymouth Warship HMS Albion on 'Standby' Until 2016
Ramping Up War on Iran?
Riyadh Wants Iran Plot Put Before UN
Iran Says US Claim of Plot Has 'No Legal Logic'
Iran's Supreme Leader Rejects US Allegations
Deaths, Arrests as Syrian Revolt Enters 8th Month
Syrian Forces Kill Leading Activist in Tribal East
Syrian Forces Fire on Boy's Funeral, Killing Two, Activists Say
Assad Forms Committee to Draft New Syria Constitution
Lebanese Army Stops Munitions-Laden Truck Bound for Syria
UN Chief: East Jerusalem Settlement Plans Are Unacceptable
Freedom for Palestine's Sons Comes at a Price
Noam Shalit: It's Not Over Until Gilad Is Home
Hamas and Israel Realize Cooperation Is Mutually Beneficial
German Intel Officers Say Schalit Deal 'Still Fragile'
Hamas, Egyptian Officials Meet to Discuss Handover of Captured Israeli Soldier
Israeli President Begins Pardoning Palestinians
Israel to Publish Names of Palestinian Prisoners to Be Released in Shalit Deal
Hamas: Hezbollah Taught Us How to Make a Deal With Israel
Turkey Aided Effort to Free Israeli Soldier but Relations Still Frosty
Turkey Vows to Tackle Threats From Iraqi Territories
Moving Home From Iraq, by the Numbers
US Force Hand Over Security to Iraqi Army in Maysan Province
Shootings Leave Six Dead Across Iraq
Middle East
Stunned by Bloodshed, Egyptians Torn Over Army
A Geek Role in the Arab Spring: European Group Helps Tackle Regime Censorship
US Military
$7 Million, 36 Hours: Special Ops Spend Big on Family Training
Pentagon Kills Boeing Army Radio Program
Marines: Actually, Our Tiltrotor Is 'Effective and Reliable' (Never Mind Those Accidents)
Americans Still Dying
Mother of Slain Texas Marine: 'He Didn't Believe in War Anymore'
Army Captain (TN) Killed in Afghanistan Had Married Just a Week Before Deployment
Army Ranger From Salinas (CA) Killed in Afghan Firefight
Over 1,000 Attend Funeral for Slain Albuquerque (NM) Marine
Michigan Soldier Was 'Very Loving' and Had 'A Great Sense of Humor,' Mother Says
Friend Remembers Fallen Lumberton (TX) Soldier
Funeral Held for New York City Soldier Killed by Non-Combat Gunshot Wound to Head
Ione (CA) Soldier Supporting Operation New Dawn Dies in Qatar
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Occupations, Faux and Real

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Republican Foreign Policy Follies

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The Legal Rationale for Whacking Awlaki Is Flimsy

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The Boob Tube Does Surveillance Porn

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Was Elliott Abrams Hitler's Senior Advisor?

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Doomsday Defense Cuts?

David R. Henderson
The Left's Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out

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