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Updated October 22, 2011 - 11:14 PM EDT
All US Troops to Leave Iraq by December
  The Iraq War Ain't Over, No Matter What Obama Says
  Iraq Rejects US Request to Maintain Bases After Troop Withdrawal
  Panetta: Military to Negotiate New Iraq Role After Pullout
Turkish Troops Kill 49 Kurdish Rebels Near Iraq
  Turkey and Iran Pledge Mutual Aid Against Kurdish Rebels in Iraq
Gadhafi Burial Delayed Amid Calls for Probe
  Moammar Gadhafi: In Your Grocer’s Freezer
  Senators Push for Major US Role in Post-Gadhafi Libya
  NATO 'Tentatively' Planning to Stop Bombing Libya
Clinton: No Ground Invasion of Pakistan
  Sen. Levin: US Should Threaten to Cut Ties With Pakistan
US Concealed Deterrent Aim of Iranian Plan
NATO Strike Hits Afghan Civilians, Toll Unclear
Syrian Protesters Warn Assad; 24 Killed
Violence Flares as UN Urges Yemen's Saleh to Resign
Netanyahu Offers 'Partial' Settlement Freeze for Talks
Without Credit Card Donations, WikiLeaks Facing Crisis
You Can't Blame Gadhafi for Thinking He Was One of the Good Guys  by Robert Fisk
Only 'Success' in Iraq is US Troops Leaving  by Medea Benjamin & Charles Davis
The Sun Never Sets on the US Military  by Lee Wrights
About That Iraq Withdrawal  by Glenn Greenwald
Libya: Costs Outweigh Benefits  by Doug Bandow
Conservatives and American Empire  by Tim Kelly

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China Cautions Against More Western Intervention
FBI Official Calls for Secure, Alternate Internet
US Grand Jury Indicts Two Men in Saudi Envoy Plot
Gadhafi's Demise Swings Spotlight to Uprisings in Syria, Yemen
Lithuania Not to Reopen CIA Prison Probe
Australia to Argue 1902 War Crimes Case Was Unfair
Iraq by the Numbers: The World's Costliest Cakewalk
US Withdrawal Is Win-Win Situation, Says Iraq
Seven Iraqis Killed in Several Attacks
End in Sight, US Veterans Ponder Pain of Iraq War
Iraq Army Colonel Killed by Gunmen in North Baghdad
Iraq: Clashes Between Residents and Kuwait Port Demonstrators
Turkish Offensive in Iraq Risky for Unstable Region
Iraq's KDP Strongly Condemns PKK Attack on Turkish Soldiers
4 Turkish Soldiers Wounded in Clash With PKK Rebels
Turkey Moves Ahead for Kurds' Rights in New Charter Despite Heavy PKK Attacks
Middle East
Tens of Thousands March in Yemen
Egypt: TV Host Suspends Program in Protest for Free Speech
Settlers, Palestinians Wounded During Clash
UN Envoy Slams Iran for Human Rights Violations
Jordanians Celebrate Departure of Premier Bakhit
US Seen Struggling to Win Fight in Afghan East
Act Against Haqqani Network Within Days: Clinton
US Officials Met Haqqani Network With ISI Help
Clinton Warns of Tough Action if Militants Don't Cooperate
Gen. Kayani Cautions US Against Ground Offensive
Clinton to Visit Tajikistan and Uzbekistan to Press Afghan Integration in Region
Rare Moment of Levity in US-Pakistan Relationship
Taliban Leader Fazlullah Vows New War in Pakistan
Zardari Warns US of Undue Criticism
Army Trims Soldier's Sentence in Taliban Detainee Death
Door Still Open to Taliban Peace Talks
Anti-Taliban Tribesmen Gunned Down in Mohmand
China Confident in Afghanistan, to Keep Investing
Six Indian Policemen Killed in Maoist Ambush
Anti-Terror Laws in Kashmir to Be Relaxed as Violence Wanes
UN Says North Korea Needs Food Aid, Not Politics
Deal for New Search for US War Dead in North Korea
US Soldier Confesses During Trial to Rape of South Korean Girl
China's Military in Diplomatic Charm Offensive
United Nations
Pakistan, Guatemala, Morocco, and Togo Chosen for 2-Year UN Security Council Terms
Weekend Reviews
Top Secret America the Rise of the New American Security State by Dana Priest and William Arkin
Confronting the Chaos: A Rogue Military Historian Returns to Afghanistan
Libya: The Real US Drone War
Libyan Leaders Appear to Differ Over Gadhafi Burial
In Britain and US, Disquiet Over Media's Grisly Gadhafi Coverage
UN Rights Office Urges Inquiry Into Gadhafi Death
Gadhafi, in Meat Locker, Still Divides Libya
UN Security Council Starts Talks to Lift Libya No-Fly Zone, End Military Authorization
Libyan Fighter Says He Killed Gadhafi
NATO Says It Didn't Know Gadhafi Was in Targeted Libyan Convoy
Gadhafi's Death Breached the Law, Says Russia
Doctor Claims Gadhafi Was Killed After Capture; UN Calls for Investigation Into Death
Gadhafi's Death: Who Pulled the Trigger?
Gadhafi Son Saif Fleeing Towards Niger: NTC Officer
Foreign Governments Call for Building New Libya
Gadhafi Goes From 'Strongman' to 'Madman' in China
No Oil Bounty for France and UK as Libya Rebuilds
16 Soldiers Killed in Mogadishu
Kenya Sends More Troops to Somalia
AU Rejects Al-Shabab Bodies 'Stunt' in Somalia
Kenya Arrests Muslim Cleric on UN Sanctions List Over His Role in Somalia's Insurgency
Kenya Targets Al Shabaab's Lifeline
Sudan: 45 Killed in Tribal Clashes
Uganda Police Break Up Protests, Detain Opposition Leader
Women Struggle to Run Even in Progressive Tunisia
Spanish PM Zapatero Hails End to Basque ETA Violence
No Champagne or Dancing, but Halt to Basque Separatist Violence Seen as Sincere, for Now
Spain Rules Out Talks With Armed Basque Group ETA
With Starring NATO Role in Libya, French and British Boost Europe's Military Image
Russian Foreign Minister: Moscow Ready to Declare Katyn Massacre Victims Innocent
Lawyer: Case Against Russian 'Spy' Based on a Joke
Real IRA's Michael Campbell Found Guilty After MI5 Sting
Mexico's Calderon: US Dumping Criminals at Border
Mexico's Drug War Bypassing Growers
Car Explodes in Northern Mexico as Soldiers Pass
10 Colombian Soldiers Killed in Midnight Attack by Leftist Rebels
A BolÝvar Prepares for a Fight in Venezuela
Honduran Court Clears Army Generals Linked to Coup
Lebanese-Canadian Faces Charges for Attempted Arms Smuggling
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The Left's Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out

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