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Updated October 25, 2011 - 11:22 PM EDT
Moderate Islam Party Sweeps to Victory in Tunisia
NTC Executed 53 Gadhafi Supporters
    Libya: Fuel Depot Blast Kills in Sirte Kills 100
  Tripoli Docs: British Spies Feared MI6 Renditions 'Helped al-Qaeda'

Captors Apparently Sodomized Gadhafi

  Libya Gives Gadhafi Inglorious Secret Burial
Iraq Police Training 'Bottomless Pit' for US Taxpayers

13 Killed in Attacks Against Iraqi Police

Turkish Tanks Move into Iraq, Chasing Kurdish Rebels

Afghans: New NATO Offensive Causes More Problems
US, Syria Withdraw Their Envoys as Tensions Rise
Blowback? 1 Dead, Dozens Hurt in Kenya Attacks

Somali President Opposes Kenyan Invasion

WikiLeaks Suspends Publishing to Fight Financial Blockade

Israeli FM Attacks Abbas as an 'Obstacle' to Peace
Leaving Iraq, US Warns Iran: We're Ready for Ya  by Robert Dreyfuss
TSA Releases VIPR Venom on Tennessee Highways  by Rep. Ron Paul
Neocons Completely Defeated in Iraq  by Jonathan Steele
Drone Warfare Is Fraught With Danger  by Sheldon Richman
Defending Bloated Military Spending  by Ryan Alexander
Israel's Occupational Burdens  by Ronald R. Krebs

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China, Russia Push IAEA to Ease Up on Iran

Last Nuclear 'Monster Weapon' Gets Dismantled

Missing Evidence Is Among Military Crime Lab's New Woes

Oregon City's Schools to Allow Antiwar 'Counter-Recruiters'


Suicide Attack Kills Child in Afghanistan

Polish Soldier Killed in Afghan War

After Setbacks, US Military Tries to Rebuild Ties With Pakistani Military

All US Forces Withdrawn From Diyala Province

Iraqi Speaker Warns of Meddling After US Pullout

Turkish Tanks Move on N. Iraq, Near PKK Camp

Clashes With Kurdish Rebels Push Turkey Back Toward Conflict

13 Killed in Attacks Against Iraqi Police

Middle East
Jordan Gets Third Government This Year Amid Pro-Reform Protests

Moroccans Protest Polls as Police Attack


Trial in Rwandan General's Shooting Draws Protests

France to Help Supply Kenyans Attacking Somalia

Thousands of Somalis Flee Area Fearing Fighting


North Korea and US Nuclear Talks Begin in Geneva

Tibetan's Failed Suicide Captured in Amateur Video

Seven Killed in Southern Thailand Attacks

US Turns Eastward to Address Uneasy Allies

Khmer Rouge Defense Files Suit Against Cambodian PM

UN Report: Mexico Most Dangerous Place in Hemisphere for Journalists

US Infiltrating Criminal Groups Across Mexico

UN Would Have to Change Mandate if Haiti Gets Army


Residents of Ravaged Sirte Angry, Distrustful

Why Libyans Don't Really Care How Gadhafi Died

Libya Ends Public Viewing of Gadhafi Body

Misrata Fighters, Hardened by Siege of Their City, Took Out Fury on Gadhafi in the End

Libyan Leader Seeks to Calm West on Sharia Fears

Gadhafi's Son Shown Speaking With Libya Captors Before Being Killed
Across Africa, Gadhafi Remembered as Martyr, Benefactor, Instigator in the Continent's Wars

Gazans Sign Up for Jobs in Post-Gadhafi Libya

Syria's Kurds: Are They About to Join the Uprising Against Assad?
Hezbollah Leader: Syria Largely Out of 'Danger Zone' Despite 7-Month Uprising

Even Outside Syria, Refugees Fear Kidnappers

Jordanian King: Israel No Longer Interested in Two-State Solution

In Gaza, Former Prisoners Pampered in Luxury Hotel

Ilan Grapel, American-Israeli Accused of Spying, to Be Released by Egypt
United States
Possible Study of Anthrax Vaccine's Effectiveness in Children Stirs Debate
Secret Reports: With Security Spotty, Many Had Access to Anthrax
Lawyer Raises New Challenge to Trial for Guantanamo Prisoner Accused in Cole Attack
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The Left's Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out

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