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Updated October 29, 2011 - 11:28 PM EDT
13 Americans Killed in Afghan Bombing
  3 Australian Soldiers Killed by Afghan Trainee, 8 Wounded
  US Support for Afghan War at All-Time Low
  US Troops to Begin Leaving Kandahar City for Rural Areas
American Suicide Bomber Hits Base in Somalia
Syrian Defectors Kill 30 Soldiers in 2 Incidents
  40 Protesters Killed as Anti-Govt Syrians Seek No-Fly Zone
24 Pakistanis Killed in Multiple US Drone Strikes
  Massive Pakistan Rally Demands End to US Drone Strikes
After Gadhafi, Unease Rules in Libya
  Misrata's Export Industry: Revenge Killings
Israel and Gaza Militants Exchange Fire, 8 Killed
US Denies Role in Kenya's Somalia Operation
Suicide Bomber in SE Turkey Kills 3, Wounds 20
US Moves to Sell Attack Helicopters to Turkey
Intel Spending: Pentagon Sees Cuts, CIA Sees Increases
Car Bomb Kills Anti-Terror Chief in Southern Yemen
Lieberman: Swing Vote Bosnia Will Oppose Statehood
The Bankers' Blockade of WikiLeaks Must End  by James Ball
Iraq War's Lessons Lost on US  by Ramzy Baroud
Pakistan: Reversing the Lens  by Conn Hallinan
Foreign Policy Partisanship  by Jack Hunter
No Moral Standing  by Jacob G. Hornberger
TSA's Power Grope  Washington Times

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Herman Cain: Obama's Weakness Emboldens 'So-Called Palestinian People'
Gunman Fires at US Embassy in Bosnia
Google Refuses Law Enforcement Request to Remove Videos of Police Brutality From YouTube
Egypt's Tahrir Square Shows Solidarity With Occupy Oakland
ICC Prosecutor in Contact With Gadhafi's Son Over Surrender
Libya's African Migrants Face Harder Life Post-Gadhafi
Statement on Wounded Libyan Fighters Receiving US Medical Care
Gadhafi Son Used His Paintings to Promote Libyan Culture
With Gadhafi Gone, Many Libyans Want Confiscated Property Back, Some at Gunpoint
UK Military Starting Libya Return
Islamists to Rule Tunisia; Clashes in Cradle of Revolt
Islamist Chief Pleads for Calm as Unrest Hits Birthplace of Tunisian Revolution
Rural Tunisia Angry After Some Poll Results Overturned
Tunisia's Islamists 'Reaffirm Commitment to Women'
20 People Held Over Kenya's Mandera Bomb Attack
UNESCO to Vote on Palestinian Membership Monday
'Stupid' Netanyahu Jeopardizing Security, Says Israeli Negotiator
Palestinian Leader Says Arabs Erred on 1947 Partition, Says Deal Was Close in 2008
Palestinian FM Arrives in Bosnia to Lobby
Abbas: 'We Have to Negotiate With the Israelis Peacefully'
Abbas Says to Discuss PA Fate With Hamas
Israel Slams Abbas in Letter to UN Following Gaza Rocket Fire
Amos Gilad: Iran Is Massive Threat That Must Be Dealt With
Thousands of Iraqis Protest Ba'athist Arrest Campaign
Three Families Bear Brunt of Today's Violence
Kirkuk Police: 2,000 Policemen Needed to Replace US Troops
Seven Killed in Iraq Attacks
Curfew in Mosul City
Salahuddin Declaration for a Region 'Not Sufficient', MP
Syrian Sets Himself Ablaze to Protest Police Harassment
Syria's Government Is Confident, but the Country Is Polarized
Syria Blocked Web Activity
List of Detained Bloggers and Journalists Gets Longer Amid Pro-Regime Rallies
Spain Summons Syria Envoy Over Alleged Abuses
Syrian-Born American Pleads Not Guilty to Spying
Middle East
Protesters in Egypt Call on Military to Leave Power
Why Iran Can't Stop Covering Occupy Wall Street
Violence-Hit Yemeni Capital Struggles With Power Cuts
In Sitra, Faces of Young Foretell Grim Future for Bahrain
Pakistan Test-Fires Nuclear-Capable Cruise Missile
China Seeks Military Bases in Pakistan
In Pakistan, a Militant Deal Sours
PMl-N Demands Zardari Quit
Report Says Afghan Security Improved but Faults Insurgency Safe Havens in Pakistan
Bombing Reported in Tibet
China Premier-in-Waiting Schooled in Era of Dissent
US-South Korea: Northern Aggression Won't Be Tolerated
Myanmar Police Charge 7 for Staging Land Protest
US Military Helicopters to Survey Deadly Thai Flooding
Kyrgyzstan Vote Shaped by Interregional Rivalry
Russia Successfully Tests Bulava Ballistic Missile
Russia Hears an Argument for Web Freedom
MI5 Were 'More Clouseau Than Smiley'
Peace Deal With Basque Separatists Still Tentative
Former Spanish Super Judge to Be Tried Nov. 29
US to Build Larger Embassy in Mexico
US Military
US Army Sergeant to Be Tried for Alleged Afghan Sport Killings
More Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans Wind Up Homeless
Sleep Disorders Plague Vets With Head Trauma or PTSD
Deploying Brigade Will Leave 300 Stryker Vehicles at Home
Was Autistic Man Really a Marine? Military Court to Decide
Vegas Man Gets 5 Years Federal Prison for Conspiring With Navy SEAL in Weapon Trafficking Case
Fort Hood Shooting Suspect Seeks Jury Consultant
First Navy Airship in 50 Years Unveiled at NJ Base
'War on Terror'
NYPD Keeps Files on Muslims Who Change Their Names
US Border Patrol Quietly Halts Routine Bus and Train Checks Along Canadian Border
Leon Panetta's Reward for bin Laden's Capture Is Rare 1870 Wine
Trooper Describes Jihadist Materials Found in Home of Mass. Man Accused of Helping al-Qaeda
Weekend Reviews
Chalmers Johnson's Libertarian Foreign Policy
In the Hall of the Vulcans
Give Refuge to the Stranger: the Past, Present, and Future of Sanctuary
Understanding the US Torture State
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