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Updated October 30, 2011 - 11:28 PM EDT
US Plans Post-Iraq Troop Surge in Persian Gulf
Afghan Suicide Blast Targeting US Kills 17
  3 Australian Soldiers Killed by Afghan Trainee, 8 Wounded
  Americans Increasingly Comparing Afghan War to Vietnam
  PM: US Has No Permission to Launch Drone Strikes in Pakistan
American Suicide Bomber Hits Base in Somalia
  Burundi Anxious Over 51 Dead Soldiers in Somalia
Libyans Find More Bodies in Gadhafi Hometown
  Score-Settling After Libya's War Casts Shadow
  Revenge Leave Thousands Displaced in Wake of Libya's Civil War
  NTC at Odds With ICC Over Gadhafi's Son
Gitmo Guard Tells of Violence Against Detainees
  US Ex-Chief Prosecutor Condemns 'Law-Free Zone' of Guantánamo
Syrian Defectors Kill 30 Soldiers in 2 Incidents
Israel and Gaza Militants Exchange Fire, 8 Killed
Suicide Bomber in SE Turkey Kills 3, Wounds 20
The Bankers' Blockade of WikiLeaks Must End  by James Ball
Iraq War's Lessons Lost on US  by Ramzy Baroud
Pakistan: Reversing the Lens  by Conn Hallinan
Foreign Policy Partisanship  by Jack Hunter
No Moral Standing  by Jacob G. Hornberger
TSA's Power Grope  Washington Times

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Romney: US Shouldn't Lead in Mideast, Follow Israel Instead
Defense Whiz to Pentagon: Your Predictions Are Destined to Fail
Every Day Is 'Day of the Dead' in Mexico Drug War
Congressmen Want Freed Palestinians on Terror List
Turkey and Iran 'Unlikely' to Unite to Fight Rebels
Assad Warns of 'Earthquake' if West Intervenes
Syrian Forces Pound Homs After Dozens Killed
3 Syrian Refugees Hospitalized in Lebanon
Arab League Sends 'Urgent Message' to Assad Over Killings
Lieberman: If Gaza Rocket Fire Does Not Stop, There Will Be Consequences
Where Was Iron Dome?
After Prisoner Swap, Palestinians Weigh Rival Strategies
Sharon's Right-Hand Man Attacks Netanyahu
Tens of Thousands Amass for Tel Aviv Social Protest
Freed US-Israeli Man Accused of Spying Returns to NYC
Three Children Killed in Pro-Govt Forces Attack in Yemen
Civilian Killed, 6 Protesters Injured in Clashes During Yemen's Anti-Saleh Rallies
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Prince Offers $900,000 to Israeli Soldier Abductors
New Saudi Crown Prince Is Counter-Terror Veteran
New Saudi Crown Prince Says Kingdom to Remain Stable
Saudi Woman Sentenced to 15 Years for al-Qaeda Links, Aiding Iraq-Bound Insurgents
Iran Scoffs at US 'Contradictions' in Dialogue Offer
Iran Cyber Police Cite US Threat
Iran Wants Good Relations With US but Not Israel, Says FM
Iranian Hero Pilot Gets Cold Shoulder
Amnesty: Iran Actress Freed From Prison After Appeals Court Overturned Her Lashing Sentence
More Ba'ath Party Arrests as 9 Iraqis Killed in Attack
Iraq PM Criticizes Autonomy Move by Local Province
Iraq, US Security Advisors Meet at White House
US Forces Arrest Iraqi Family in Aerial Operation
'Tortured' Prisoner's Death Angers Egyptians
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood in First Visit to Hamas-Led Gaza
Mubarak's Trial to Be Postponed Again: Lawyers
Britain Demands Egypt Repay Millions Lent for Arms Deals
UNIFIL and Lebanese Army Search for Crashed Israeli Drone in Bint Jbeil: Report
9 Guatemalans Killed by Guerrillas in 1982 Finally Put to Rest in Their Hometown Cemetery
US Military
Jobless Veterans Say Military Experience Is Not Valued
Ft. Richardson Soldier Arrested in Espionage Probe
Headaches Take Soldiers Away From War
Navy Commander Pleads Guilty to Rape, Sex Assault
The War at Home
TSA Struggles Through Its Love-Hate Relationship With Social Media
Foreign Students Say Visa Program Abused
Lantana Anthrax Widow Settles Lawsuit Against Federal Govt
Weekend Reviews
Chalmers Johnson's Libertarian Foreign Policy
In the Hall of the Vulcans
Give Refuge to the Stranger: the Past, Present, and Future of Sanctuary
Understanding the US Torture State
Taliban Strike in Kabul Shows Insurgency's Growing Reliance on High-Profile Attacks in Capital
'NATO Should Act Against Terrorist Safe Havens in Afghanistan': Pakistan
Recent Major Attacks in Afghanistan
Suicide Attack Claims Life of Edmonton-Based Canadian Soldier
Rallies Cannot Topple Pakistan Government: Gilani
UN: Sharp Drop in Afghans Returning From Pakistan
Army Stryker Brigade Won't Take Strykers to Afghanistan
Pakistan: PML-N Offices Attacked, Set Ablaze in Interior Sindh
One Killed in Armed Clash in Quetta
Bombings Force Pakistani Children Into Work
China Defines Terrorism to Win Global Support
Dalai Lama: China Policy Caused Monk Immolations
Myanmar: Suu Kyi Could Seek Parliament Seat
Oil Rich Dictator of Kazakhstan Recruits Tony Blair to Help Win Nobel Peace Prize
Voting Opens in Presidential Election in Kyrgyzstan Amid Fears of Interregional Divisions
ICC Warns Gadhafi Son Saif Al-Islam Against Fleeing
Saif Al-Islam Says He Is Innocent
Ontario Man Helped Muammar Gadhafi's Son Flee Libya
Mercenaries Offered to Help Gadhafi's Son Flee, Court Says
Libyan Islamists Urge NTC to Stop Executions in Iraq
Kenya to Stay in Somalia Until 'Threat' Is Gone
Somali Abduction Squad Takes American; How Will the US Respond?
DR Congo
Child Killed by Police in Congo Electoral Violence
Congo's Militias Mobilizing Again, Leading Peace Activist Warns
South Sudan Rebels Attack Town in Oil State: Officials
Further Unrest in Tunisian Town That Sparked Arab Spring
Serbia, Bosnia Raid Islamists After US Embassy Attack
Tensions Between Serbs and Albanians Flare Up in Kosovo
17 Detained in Serbia After US Embassy Attack
Lawmakers Warn Obama Over Russia's WTO Bid
London: Met Police Spends Millions of Pounds on Secret Aircraft
His Time Has Come: Poet, Peace Activist Elected Irish President
Ukraine Investigating Ex-PM's Possible Involvment in Killing of Lawmaker in 1996
Americans Still Dying
Slain Pekin (IL) Marine Killed on First Deployment Was Only Child
San Diego (CA) Army Ranger Dies on 14th War Deployment
California Soldier Who Died in Iraq Leaves Wife, Infant Son
Friend Remembers Round Rock (TX) Soldier Killed in Afghan Attack
Virginia Army Sergeant Dies in Iraq, Remembered as Hard Worker
Essex County Sheriff's Officer Killed Serving With NJ Guard
Colorado Army Ranger Killed in Afghanistan
Ashford (AL) Marine Who Surprised Family at Christmas Killed in Afghanistan
Alliance Area (OH) Mourns Loss of Spec Ops Servicewoman Killed in Afghanistan
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