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Updated October 31, 2011 - 11:25 PM EDT
100,000 Rally Against Pakistan's US Alliance
Kabul Attack Highlights US Use of Contractors
  Plenty of Notice: Afghan Prison Torture Report No Surprise to US
General: Iraq Can't Defend Itself Before 2020
  16 Iraqis Killed as Basra Contemplates Autonomy
  The US May Leave Iraq, But the Sectarian Mess Remains
Mogadishu Bomber Was Somali-American
  Kenyan Jets Bomb Southern Somali Town, 12 Killed
Latest Gaza Ceasefire Holding After Israeli Attacks
  US Fumes as UNESCO Approves Palestinian Membership
  Former IDF Soldier Gets 4.5 Years for Leaking Documents to Haaretz
US Plans Post-Iraq Troop Surge in Persian Gulf
Yemen Air Force Base Shelled by Opposition
Arab League Plan Aims to End Syria Crackdown
Nuclear Powers Plan Weapons Spending Spree
Army to Disclose Evidence on Bradley Manning
Attacks Show Brutal Reality of an Unwinnable War  by Brad Norington
Iraq, the War That Never Should Have Been  Orange County Register
US Double Standard: Gadhafi Bad, Karimov Good  by Ted Rall
Murder Inc.  by Laurence M. Vance
US Sows Discord in South Asia  by M.K. Bhadrakumar
The PATRIOT Act's War on Free Speech  by Nicholas Merrill

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Reports: Prosecutions Up for War Zone Crime
Cain: 'Irresponsible' for Bush to Set Iraq Date
Kyrgyz PM Leads Race for Presidency in Tense Vote
Russia Clamps Down on Opposition Before Elections
Mexico Resort Town Shoppers Trapped by Gunfight
Turkish Shelling Continues: PKK Sources
Militias Terrorizing Residents of 'Loyalist' Town
Libyan Leader Wants to Speed Up Elections
Libya's Prime Minister Confirms Presence of Chemical Weapons, Says Inspectors Due This Week
Clinton Credited With Key Role in Success of NATO Airstrikes, Libyan Rebels
Clinton: Libya Showed US Leadership to Be 'Essential'
ICC's Ocampo: 'Substantial Evidence' Against Gadhafi Son
ICC Hunt for Gadhafi Son Poses Dilemma for Niger
Libya's Interim Ruler to Visit Egypt for Talks on Tuesday
'Treasure of Benghazi' Stolen in One of the Biggest Heists in Archaeological History
Gadhafi Son's Girlfriend Could Lose German Modeling Contract
South Sudan Rebels Warn UN, Residents to Leave Border State Before Attacks
Mali Lawmaker Says Threatened Over Talk of Alleged Ties Between Govt., al-Qaeda Group
Somali Piracy: Armed Guards to Protect UK Ships
NATO All but Rules Out Syria No-Fly Zone
Syrians Set Out to Draft New Constitution Amid Clashes
Tibi Visits Barghouti in Prison, Calls for His Release
Israel to Open Gaza Crossing Amid Reports of New Ceasefire
16 Iraqis Killed as Basra Contemplates Autonomy
US Watchdog Slams Iraq Sewage Plant Efforts
Iraqi Kurdistan President: Iran Is a Friendly Country
Iran Parliament to Question Ahmadinejad Over Fraud
Iran Praises Iraq as US Withdrawal Nears
Qatar Airways to Ply Domestic Routes in Sanctions-Hit Iran
Attacks on Foreigners in Capital Get Afghan Faction's Message Across
Suspected US Drones Kill 6 in Pakistan
Political Shift Seen in Rally in Pakistan
9 Americans Among Kabul Suicide Blast Victims
Two British Contractors Among Victims of Kabul Convoy Attack
In the Afghan City of Herat, the Young Are Restless as War Grinds On
US Seeks Aid From Pakistan in Peace Effort
Pakistan: Oil, Diesel Movement to Afghanistan Banned
Soldier's Death Raises Questions About Canada's 'Minimal' Risk Mission
Aiming Low at Istanbul Meeting on Afghanistan
Pakistan Spied on Germans in Afghanistan: Report
In Kabul, a Bowling Center Offers Respite From War
Philippine Air and Ground Offensive Targets Malaysian, Filipino Terror Suspects
Thai Soldiers Surrender Over Killing of 13 Chinese Sailors
Suu Kyi Holds Talks With Myanmar Govt. Minister
Embassy Attack Highlights Balkan Islamists
Bosnia US Embassy Attacker Says He Acted Alone: Lawyer
Web Video Threatens to Disclose Allies of Mexico's Zetas Cartel, Calls for Hacker's Release
Egypt Military Detains Activist Over Clashes: Lawyer
Hosni Mubarak Trial Postponed Until End of the Year
Middle East
Bahrain Remains a Combustible Mix of Anger and Resentment
Lebanon: 2006 Cluster Bomb Explodes in Shebaa, Kills Livestock
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Doomsday Defense Cuts?

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The Left's Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out

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