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Updated November 3, 2011 - 11:27 PM EDT
Netanyahu Orders Iran Attack Leak Probe
  UK Steps Up Plans for Iran Attack
  US House Committee Okays Sweeping Sanctions on Iran
    Israel Tests Nuke-Capable Missile Amid Threats to Iran
  Israeli Warships Move Against Surprise Gaza Aid Flotilla
65 Syrians Killed 2 Days After Arab League Deal
US May Keep Gitmo Detainee Even If Acquitted
  Guantánamo Officials Violate Attorney-Client Privilege in New Policy
US Mulls Less Troop-Intensive Afghan Strategy

ISAF Data: Night Raids Killed Over 1,500 Afghan Civilians

Rare Triple Bombing in Basra Kills a Dozen Iraqis

Bombers Strike Big in Iraq for Second Day in a Row

Pakistani Civilians Still Bear Brunt of US Drone War

Drones Have Flown 3 Million Hours from 60 Bases
Kenyan Forces Mass for Invasion of Somali Port
At Least 18 Killed, 40 Wounded in Yemen Clashes
Romney Flunks Foreign Policy ... Again  by Stephen M. Walt
Closing Overseas Bases Is Good Policy and Good Politics  by John Feffer
No End to the Shameful Treatment of Omar Khadr  by Andy Worthington
Air Power's Century of False Promises  by Daniel Swift
The Imperial Boomerang Returns  by Dr. Brian Phillips
A Perpetual State of Yellow  by Dana Priest and William M. Arkin

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Faster, Meaner Apaches Allow Pilots to Control Drones During Battle

Gallup Poll: Three in Four Americans Back Iraq Withdrawal

Mystery Code Spreads, but Is It 'Son of Stuxnet'?

Military Chiefs Warn Against Bigger Defense Cuts

Another FBI-Fueled Terror Plot 'Busted' in Rural Georgia


US Explores Faster Afghan Handover

Karzai Terror Warning as Afghanistan Summit Begins

US Sanctions Haqqani Network Commander

One Killed, 10 Injured in Peshawar Blast

Trans-Afghan Gas Pipeline, the Dream That Won't Die


Iraq Project Not Worth the Millions Spent

Iraq Casualty Toll Rises in October

US Brigade in Iraq Likely Heading to Kuwait

Senior Iraqi Official: Libyan Tip on Iraq Coup a Fabrication


Eritrea Denies Sending Weapons to al-Shabab in Somalia

Djibouti to Add 850 Soldiers to Somalia Force

South Sudan Rebels Say Battling Government Forces in Oil State

Police Tear Gas Zimbabwe Vendors, Shoppers

Nigeria Police Foil Plot to Attack Northern City


Pakistan Grants India Most Favored Nation Trade Status

Indian Army to Recruit 100,000 Soldiers for China Border

US Army Extends Curfew in South Korea

Thai Police Say Insurgent Bomb Kills 6 in South

Competition Deepens in the South China Sea

Senators: US Losing Sway in Africa as China Rises


Germany Appoints Anti-Terror Official to Run Spy Service

Magazine Office Burns as Islam Issue Hits Stands

Mexico/Drug War

Mexican Authorities Find 8 Bodies in Veracruz

Narcos, Meet Hackers: 2 'Anonymous' Groups Spar


Blix Calls for a New, Attack-Free Approach to Iran

House Committee OKs New Penalties Against Iran

Motion Fails to Query Ahmadinejad in Iran Assembly

Khamenei Accuses US of 'Terror' Attacks in Iran

Analysis: Russia, China May Blunt Western Pressure on Iran


White House: US Vexed by Israeli Settlement Move

Netanyahu: Expanding Settlements a 'Duty'

PLO to Pursue Statehood Despite Israeli Measures

UNESCO Urges US to Find Way to Continue Funding

How UNESCO Countries Voted on Palestinian Membership

Ex-Mossad Chief: Shalit Not Worth It, Not a Hero

Middle East

Egyptian Army 'Did Not Fire at Protesters': Report


Egypt's Ruling Generals Pardon 334 Civilians Sentenced in Military Trials

Army Role Eyed as Egypt Election Campaign Begins

Jordanian PM: Hamas' 1999 Ouster From Jordan Was 'Mistake'

Tunisian Women Demonstrate to Preserve Their Rights Following Islamist Election Victory
Prosecutor Says Nato, Rebel and Pro-Gadhafi Forces to Be Investigated Impartially

Propaganda in the Heat of the the Libyan Battlefield

United States

Lieberman Takes to Twitter to Cheer TSA

Scientist Jailed in Calif. Cleared for Freedom

Ricin Plot Drew From Fiction, Court Papers Say

For Some Families, Marines Fall Short on Friendly-Fire Protocol

New Report: Military Losing the Battle Against Suicide

Viktor Bout, Russian Arms Dealer, Found Guilty on Terrorism Charges in NY
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Doomsday Defense Cuts?

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The Left's Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out

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