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Updated November 6, 2011 - 11:14 PM EST
IAEA 'Leaks' Claim Iran Has Covert Nuke Program
  US Official Expresses Concern Over Potential Israeli Strike on Iran
  Iran Says US Plot Suspect Is Anti-Tehran Militant
200 Killed Since Syria Agreed to Stop Crackdown
  Syria Accuses US of 'Blatant Interference'
150 Killed in Boko Haram Attacks in Nigeria
Attacks Hit Baghdad Market Filled with Shoppers
Missteps Led to Drone Killing US Troops in Afghanistan
Bhutto Murder: Pakistan Police and Taliban Charged
Jailed for Sailing to Gaza, Challenging the Blockade  by Medea Benjamin and Robert Naiman
China and the US: The Roadmaps  by Pepe Escobar
A Warning to Secretary Clinton: Economic Sanctions Kill the Innocent  by Steve Clemens
Iran Sanctions Act Definite Step Toward War  by Rep. Ron Paul
Dying for Nothing  by Jacob Hornberger
Why Euphemism Is Integral to Modern Warfare  by Will Self

More Viewpoints

Soldier: Afghan Killings Were in Legitimate Combat
Tunisia's Unlikely Allies Say They Are Ready to Bury Differences
Guatemala's Bloody Battle With Mexican Drug Cartels
8 Killed in Shooting at Mexican Volleyball Game
Prosecutors Propose Wider Public Viewing of Guantánamo Terror Trial
Egypt to Palestinians: 'Keep Gaza Lull, or Israel Will Attack'
Israel, US to Embark on Largest Joint Exercise in Allies' History
Israel Begins Deporting Gaza Boat Activists
Flotilla Activist: Israeli Navy Hijacked Us
Abbas to Build Homes for Prisoners Released for Schalit
Israeli Air Strike Kills Palestinian Militant in Gaza
People Offer Condolences to Mother of Islamic Jihad Leader Killed in Israeli Air Strike
Boston: Pro-Palestinian Protesters 'Storm' Israeli Consulate
Syria Releases 553 Prisoners Ahead of Muslim Eid Al-Adha
Muslim Eid Al-Adha in Syria Marred With Unrest
Video: Amateur Video Purports to Show More Violence in Homs
Leaving Iraq, US Fears New Surge of al-Qaeda Terror
Bombings, Drive-By Shooting Kill 6 in Iraq Capital Region
Attacks on Iraq's Sahwa Fighters Continue
Iraq Takes Over 'Balad Base' From American Forces
MKO Accuses Iraq Government of Halting Supplies to Ashraf Camp
MP From Sadr Trend: Biden's Visit to Iraq Today Comes to Pressure Govt to Keep Part of US Forces
Mother of 9-Year-Old Iraqi Suicide Bomber Arrested
Middle East
Turkey; Special Ops Team to Hunt for Senior PKK Leaders
ElBaradei's Egypt Presidential Campaign Faces Divisions

Saudi Prince Salman Named Defense Minister

Player's Father: Bahrain Releases Iraqi Footballer Arrested for Protesting
Blast Reported in Kenya's Large Refugee Camp
Kenyan Navy Sinks Suspected Al-Shabab Boat
Ignore Fears, Boycott Call and Vote: Liberia's Sirleaf
Viktor Bout: Files Show Convicted Arms Dealer's Libyan Ties
Weekend Reviews
Solving for X: On George F. Kennan
The American Way of War, by Eugene Jarecki
Condoleezza Rice's Misguided 'Values'
A Perpetual State of Yellow
Pakistan Ties With US, India Improving: Foreign Minister

US Troops Leave Border Base to Afghans

Bullet-Riddled Body of Journalist Found in Khuzdar
Taliban Kill Five Soldiers in North Waziristan
Premature Blast Kills Suicide Bomber in Pakistan
Pakistan: Terrorist Ring Commander Killed in Swat
Signs of Official Bias and Abuse Deepen Kyrgyzstan's Ethnic Rifts
Colombia President: Cano's Death Is FARC's 'Biggest Blow'
Death of Colombian Rebel Leader Raises Little Hope of Peace Deal
Alfonso Cano Went From Bookish Ideologue to Top Commander of Colombian Guerrillas Group
Slaying Plunges Colombia Rebels Into Uncertainty
Colombian Rebels Still Dangerous Despite Leader's Death
Canadian Veterans Protest $226m in Proposed Cuts
Quebec: Bosnia Vet Launches Hunger Strike Over DU Poisoning
US Military
Women No Longer Ancillary Parts of the Armed Forces
Halliburton Sued Over Cold War Missile Casing Site
Army Struggles to Provide Realistic Training for Soldiers Used to the Real Thing

US Navy SEAL Team Who Killed Osama bin Laden Interviewed for New Book

Americans Still Dying
Illinois GI Supporting Operation New Dawn Dies in Saudi Arabia
Army Social Worker (TX) Killed in Convoy Attack Leaves Behind Four Children
Milpitas (CA) Marine Killed Disarming Bomb in Afghanistan
Army Captain (NC) Supporting Operation New Dawn Dies at Brooke Army Medical Center
Airman From Washington DC Dies in Non-Combat Incident in Afghanistan
Father of Two, KBR Contractor (TX) Killed in Afghanistan Convoy Attack
Massachusetts Soldier Serving in Afghanistan Dies Stateside of Non-Combat Illness
Seaside Park (NJ) Sergeant Remembered by Former Teacher
Army Counselor From Shelby (NC) Killed in Convoy Bomb Attack
Memphis (TN) Mother Remembers Son Killed by Afghan Bomb
Friends Remember Connecticut Soldier Killed by Afghan RPG
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