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Updated November 7, 2011 - 11:09 PM EST
IAEA Iran 'Nuke Evidence' Based on Simulations
  Israeli President: Attack on Iran More Likely Than Diplomacy
  Reports: Israel, Saudis United in Desire to See Attack on Iran
200 Killed Since Syria Agreed to Stop Crackdown
150 Killed in Boko Haram Attacks in Nigeria
Attacks Hit Baghdad Market Filled with Shoppers
Pakistani Foreign Ministry Mocks Idea US Could Seize Nukes
Israeli Officials Fear Palestine's UN Bid Gaining Momentum
UN Envoy: Much of Libya's Weaponry Already Looted
For Our Allies, Death From Above  by Clive Stafford Smith
West Rushes to Grab Its Libya Reward  by Seyed Abdollah Hoseini
Egypt's Revolution: What Went Wrong?  by Trudy Rubin
Iran Plot: A Pretext for War  by Richard Javad Heydarian
Hold Me Back!  by Uri Avnery
AIPAC's Infamous Chutzpah  by M.J. Rosenberg

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Foreign Policy Experts Agree With Ron Paul's Policies
Weighing Pentagon Cuts, Panetta Faces Deep Pressures
Condi Rice: US Should Do Everything Possible to Bring Down Iran's Government
DEA Squads Extend Reach of Drug War
Muslims Mark Eid in Shadow of Unrest
Pressure on Australian Govt. for Assange Action
Suicide Bombers Kill 8 in North Afghanistan
Police: Afghan Bomber Detonated Vest as Faithful Left Mosque
Spanish Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Imran Khan Predicts 'A Revolution' in Pakistani Politics
Ron Paul: Drone Attacks Are Reason 'People of Pakistan Can't Stand Our Guts'
Pushing China's Limits on Web, if Not on Paper
Group: Tibetan Nun's Death Draws 10K to Monastery
Central Asian Security Alliance: Putin, Wen to Include Iran and Pakistan
Kashmiris Observe Black Day in London
Libya Needs 'Tremendous Help,' Interim PM Says
Explosive Devices Continue to Kill and Maim Civilians
Kenya: Al-Shabaab Trying Hard to Hit Back
Grenade Attack on Church in Garissa Kills Two
US: Bomb Attacks Against Luxury Hotels Possible in Nigeria Capital
Nigerian Forces Hunt Killers, Locals Demand Security
South Sudan Rejects Sudan's Complaint to UN Over Rebels
22 Hurt, Property Destroyed at Zimbabwe PM Rally
80,000 Muslims Pray on the Street in Moscow
Graying Cold War Terror Chief Carlos the Jackal Goes to Trial
'War on Terror'
USS Cole Bomb Suspect Due in Court
American Militia Officer Busted at Border With Biotoxin Guide, Bomb Recipes
Attack on Iran More and More Likely: Israel
Iranian Cleric Dismisses 'Empty' Israel Threats
Ron Paul Says Friendship Best Way to Deal With Iran
IAEA Report on Iran Set to Raise Middle East Tension
France: Force Against Iran Would Be Totally Destabilizing
Court to Rule as General Strike Threat Looms Over Israel
Israeli Airstrike Kills One, Gaza Rocket Injures Foreign Worker
Israeli Official Websites Go Down; Government Denies Hacker Attack
Israeli Police Arrest Literal Scapegoat During Illegal Settlement Construction
Israel Arrests 3 Settlers Over Mosque Attack
Poll: 39% of Israelis Say Another 'Rabin Murder' Possible
Opposition Leader Tells Syrians: 'Days of Tyranny Are Numbered'
Qatar Calls for Arab League to Meet Again on Syria
Syria Expects Record Olive Oil Production Amid Political Unrest
Violence Strikes Baghdad Market Filled With Eid Shoppers
Rice: Iraq Withdrawal Threatens US Gains
Federalism Is a Threat to Kirkuk: Political Arab Bloc
Middle East
Yemen's Capital: 'The City Could Explode at Any Time'
Lebanon Man Released After Two Days in Captivity
Colombia Rebels Reject Demobilization Plea, Vow Fight
Armed Men Attack, Burn Mexican Newspaper Office
Nicaragua Pres. Ortega, Former Sandinista Rebel, Poised to Defy Constitution With Third Term
Law-And-Order Former General Wins Presidential Election in Guatemala
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