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Updated November 11, 2011 - 11:27 PM EST
Panetta: 'Unintended Consequences' to Iran Attack
  Romney: If Elected I'd 'Prepare for War' With Iran
  Israeli Investment Firm: Economic Cost of War With Iran Too High
  Soviet Scientist Never Worked on Iran's Nuclear Program
  Nuclear Accusations Against Iranian Trader End at Courthouse Door
Violence Soars in Syria: 300 Killed Since Deal
  Against Assad: Syria's Fractured Opposition
Yemeni Troops Shell Protesters: 13 Killed
US Moves to Overturn Ban on Cluster Bombs
US Pressures Kuwait to Host More Combat Troops
'Israel's Advocate' to Leave White House
US to Announce 'Permanent Military Presence' in Australia
Senators Seek Release of War Fraud and Waste Documents
US-Supported Mexican Security Commits Widespread Abuse
Nigerian Army Tries to Tie Boko Haram to al-Qaeda
Why Do the US Media Believe the Worst About Iran?  by Brian Whitaker
A Bad Case of Nuclear Iranophobia  by Pepe Escobar
Apartheid and the Occupation of Palestine  by John Dugard
The IAEA's Yawner  by Paul R. Pillar
Bahrain's Courageous Doctors  by Adil E. Shamoo
Iran: Here We Go Again?  by Gwynne Dyer

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Ex-Gitmo Prosecutor Suing Over Firing After Op-Eds
US May Purchase Iron Dome Batteries From Israel
Britain Backs US Scheme to Overturn Cluster Bomb Ban
Serb Man Killed and Two Injured in Kosovo Violence
UNESCO Suspends Programs After US Funding Cut
Sen. McCaskill: TSA Pat-Downs 'Get Ugly'
Iranian Leader Warns Israel, US Not to Attack
Russia Mulls Building More Iran Nuclear Reactors
UN Chief Urges Diplomatic Solution on Iran
EU Mulls New Sanctions Against Iran
The Nuclear Scientist Who Wasn't
Palestinians Deny Reports They Abandoned UN Membership Bid
Palestinians Pull Envoy Out of Canada After Controversial Tweet
Israel Police Investigate Vandalized Muslim Graves
Ireland Calls on Israel to Free Activists
Ft Hood 1st BCT Moving From Iraq to Kuwait
Leaving Camp Victory in Iraq, the Very Name a Question Mark
Anbar Provincial Council Blames Iraqi Government for Families Displacement
Iraq Army Doctor Detained in Diyala Province Under Charges of Terrorism
Al-Iraqiya Legislature: 'Important Meeting to Take Unified Position Towards Indepdent Regions.'
UN Envoy in New Push for Yemen Power Transfer
4 Killed in South Yemen Attacks
Warring Factions Divide Yemen's Capital
Ancient Yemen City of Sanaa May Be Casualty of Violent Unrest
Middle East
Bahrain Opposition Leader: 'No Iran Pawn'
New Attack on Egypt Gas Pipeline to Israel and Jordan
Turkish Police Fire Tear Gas in Quake City
Lebanon's Former PM Saad Hariri Fights on Twitter
US Military
Top Air Force Official Keeping a Low Profile After Reports on Mishandling of Remains
Panetta Orders Review of Discipline in Dover Mortuary Probe
Veterans of Iraq, Afghan Conflicts Differ on US Role Abroad
Boeing Defense CEO: Braced for Deep Spending Cut
Senate Passes Veterans Jobs Bill
DARPA Appeals to Hackers for Cybersecurity Help
Military Creates Air-Sea Battle Office
83 Victims Seek $750m for Fort Hood Tragedy
Taliban Attack US-Afghan Meeting in Border District
British Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Failed Afghan Road Project Shows Pitfalls of US Efforts
Germany Aims to Cut Hundreds From Afghan Force
Lure of Afghan Mining Bonanza Sparks Rivalries
Karzai Says India, US Deals No Threat to Region
US Soldier Retraces Afghan Steps of Dead Brother
EU Censors Own Film on Afghan Women Prisoners
'Pakistan's Toughest Cop' Vows to Bury His Taliban Attackers in Bomb Crater
India, Pakistan Agree to Open New Chapter in Strained Relationship
Renegade China Soldiers 'Killed' After Jilin Emergency
Haunted by Past, Kazakhstan Shuns Nuclear Bomb
Philippines Grounds Bomber Planes After Crash
Chemical Weapons Inspectors to Return to Libya
Libya Says No New Contracts Until Govt Elected
Libya Former PM Says Qatar Seeking Too Big a Role
Wounded Libyan Fighters Recover at Mass. Hospital
Sudan Bombs South Sudan Refugee Camp; President Warns of War
UK Army Troop Relocations Announced by Ministry of Defense
'Muslims Against Crusades' Banned in UK
ETA Floats Possibility of Disarming in Interview
German-Afghan Charged With al-Qaeda Membership
Georgia Polls Key Tests for Membership Ambitions: NATO
Mexican Drug Cartel Tries to Silence Internet
Mexico Detains a Top Operator of Sinaloa Cartel
Is This the Grisly End of Colombia's Civil War?
Chavez: Navy Detects Submarine Off Venezuela
War, Tight-Knit Class Define Guatemalan Leader's Rise
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