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Updated November 16, 2011 - 11:20 PM EST
Panetta Defends Administration on Iraq 'Pullout'
  Another US Soldier Killed in Iraq
US Drone Strike Kills Seven in North Waziristan
Did Feds Coordinate 'Occupy' Crackdowns?

US, France Blame Each Other for Somalia Bombing

  Covert Missions in Somalia Go Back to 2003
Israel Military Chief Calls for 'Major' Gaza Invasion
  Palestinians on a Bus: Israel Rails at 'Provocation'
  Palestinians Agree on Unity 'Caretaker' Government
Karzai's Council to Approve US Troops Through 2024
Arms Sales to Asia and Gulf Vital to US Corporations
Pentagon Lays Out 'Offensive Cyber' Attack Policy
Why Should Anyone Believe Netanyahu?  by Akiva Eldar
The GOP's Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations  by Daniel Larison
Israel's Defense Chief OK With Hundreds of Israeli Deaths  by Ira Chernus
The Sheer Tragedy That Is War  by Doug Bandow
NATO's Mission Creep  by Geoffrey Wheatcroft
The Not-So-Great Debaters  by Michael Cohen

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FBI Reports Dramatic Spike in Anti-Muslim Hate Violence

WikiLeaks' Assange Seeks UK Supreme Court Hearing

DOJ: Lying on Needs to Be a Crime

Senate Panel Fails to Mollify Administration on Detainee Policies

Spec-Ops Command: SEAL Raid Book 'A Lie'

Europe Bans X-Ray Body Scanners Used at US Airports


One Killed, 17 Wounded in Northern Afghanistan Bombing

Poll: Afghan Support for Taliban Declining

IMF Sets New $133.6 Mn Loan for Afghanistan

Afghans Tentatively Seek a Voice After 30 Years of Conflict

Shell, Mitsubishi Win Government Approval for $17 Billion Iraq Gas Project
State Department Could Buy Local Food for Its Workers in Iraq

US Officer in Iraq on Historic Mission

Iraqi 'Traitor Town' Falters With Exit of US Troops

Iraq's Basra Threatens to Act Alone Over Power Cuts

Wife of Suicidal Iraq Veteran Seeks Better Support


Iran's Nuclear Defiance Finds Rare Common Ground in Fractured Country

Attack on Iran Could Risk Gulf Oil Supplies

Iran Ready to Help Turkey With Nuclear Plant

Ahmadinejad Goes on the Offensive Against Clerical Opponents

Kenya: Cholera Outbreak Hits Largest Refugee Complex

Blast at Kenya Refugee Camp; Somali Child Deaths Up

Nigeria: Bomb Targets Governor's Motorcade


Obama to Vow Bigger Asia Footprint on Pacific Tour

Reclusive North Korea Opens Its Door a Crack for Tourists

Lawmakers Scrutinize US Foreign Aid to China

As US Looks to Asia, It Sees China Everywhere

Dispute Over Bare Islands Underscores Philippines' Rocky Relations With China

Myanmar Monks Stage Rare Protest


Mexican Journalists Report on Drug Cartels Despite the Risks

Guatemala President Moves to Extradite Former Leader to US

Colombia's FARC Rebels Name New Chief


Syrian Soldiers Killed in Clash With Defectors

Syrian Army Defectors Hit Intel Complex: Activists

Turkey Threatens to Cut Electricity as Syria Is More Isolated

Syria Apologizes for Attack on Jordan Embassy by Assad Supporters

Western, Arab Missions in Syria Receive Threats

Syria Decides Not to Attend the Arab League Meetings in Morocco
Bahrain's Parliament Calls for Expulsion of Syrian Ambassador

Egypt Army Kills Hope: Female Presidential Candidate

Egypt's Islamists Reach Out to Liberals as Elections Near

Rights Group Calls for Release of Egyptian Blogger


Palestinians Mark 'Independence' Day

Palestinians Will Keep Knocking on UN's Door

Israel Demolishes Palestinian Homes Near Jericho

Peres: Israeli Right-Wing Bills Are 'Digression From Democracy'

Who Funds Israel's Right-Wing Organizations?

United States

Study: PTSD Programs Duplicated

US Military Policeman Arrested at Alaska Base on Spy Charges

Republican Cain Stumbles in Libya Gaffe

Jersey Shore Actress: TSA 'Treated Me Like a Criminal'

UK Harrier Fleet Sold to US Military


'Nervous' Breivik Pleads Not Guilty to Norway Massacre

3 Plead Not Guilty as Terror Trial Opens in Norway

Dutch Supreme Court Reduces Terrorist's Sentence

Middle East

Spared in War, Libya's Oil Flow Is Surging Back

An Exuberant Awakening for Libya's Berbers
Tunisian Parties Choose Veteran Human Rights Activist as President

For Putin, a Peace Prize for a Decision to Go to War

Row Between Russia and Tajikistan Escalates

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Doomsday Defense Cuts?

David R. Henderson
The Left's Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out

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