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Updated November 19, 2011 - 11:25 PM EST
Afghan Assembly Backs Long-Term US Presence
  Two Afghan Policemen Killed by NATO Troops
Russian Warships to Syria to Stem Intervention
  Syria 'Accepts' Arab League Demand for Observers, Attacks Continue
  Ambush Video Released: Free Syrian Army Attacks Regime
  Britain in Secret Talks With Syrian Rebels
One Dead, More Than 600 Hurt in Cairo Clashes
Libyan Envoy Accuses Qatar of Aiding Islamists
  Gadhafi Son Seif Al-Islam Captured in Southern Libya
  'Sense of Urgency' in Libya But Weapon Warehouses Still Unguarded
Kenya Requests US Help in War on Somalia
  WikiLeaks: US Warned Kenya Against Invading Somalia
FBI's Fake Terror Plots Draw Growing Criticism
US Sets New Iran Sanctions, to 'Keep Pressure On'
Dem Chair Rebuts Obama on Detainee Policy
US Uganda Mission Will Last 'Until LRA Leader is Gone'
Courier: Pakistani Envoy Dictated 'Coup Memo' to Mullen
Audit: Faulty Monitoring of US Arms Sales to Gulf Nations
The Hubris of Attacking Syria  by Doug Bandow
Iran, Nukes and the Failure of Skepticism  FAIR
It Costs $72 Million a Year to Hold Cleared Prisoners at Guantánamo  by Andy Worthington
Iran and the IAEA  by Seymour M. Hersh
'War on Terror' v. US Constitution  by Michael Ostrolenk
Why Are 'Others' Always Guilty of Torture?  by Tobias Kelly

More Viewpoints

Cain Suggests the Taliban Are Running Libya
US Military Pact Raises Tensions at Summit
Serbia: Kosovar Serb Push for Russian Passports 'A Call for Help'
Egyptians Protest Against More Powers for Military Rulers
UN Condemns Alleged Plot to Kill Saudi Envoy
Clinton Warns Civil War Possible in Syria
Report: Syrian National Council Accused Sadr Movement Leader of Sending Fighters to Syria
HP Computers Underpin Syria Surveillance Project
North Korea Denies Helping Iran Develop Nuclear Arms
After Tough Report, IAEA Issues Mild Rebuke of Iran
Iran to Boycott Mideast Nuke Forum
Iran to Start Air Defense Drill Simulating Israeli Attacks
Israeli Foreign Minister Seeks to Cut Ties With Mossad
Israeli Parents Protest Growing Extremist Bent in Religious Schools
Fire Brigade Aid Equipment From Scotland Finally Arrives in Palestine
11 Iraqis Killed on Prayer Day
US Moves to Withdraw Troops Weeks Ahead of Schedule
Iraq Plans Air Patrols Next Week
Fate of US Base Raises Tensions Around Iraqi Kurdistan
Two Policemen Killed in Bombings in Iraqi Capital
Iraqi Stand on Syria Is 'Independent': Zebari
Clashes in Bahrain as US Warns Citizens of Unrest
Bahrain Protesters Join Large Shi'ite-Led Rally Outside Capital to Denounce Sunni Rulers
Activists: Protester Struck, Killed by Police Car in Bahrain
Militias and Army Compete for Influence in Libya
Rival Libyan Rebel Groups Jostle Over Defense Posts
As Libyans Wrangle, Qatar in Wings
American Group Wanted to Help Gadhafi - for $10 Million
UN Reinstates Libya to Human Rights Council
Bachmann Hits Obama Over Gadhafi
Al Qaeda-Linked Group Finds Fertile Territory in Nigeria as Killings Escalate
Gunmen Attack Ship Off Nigeria Coast; 3 Kidnapped
South Sudan: Govt Accuses Khartoum of Fresh Bombing
Somali Famine Zones Downgraded by UN
Genocide Court Gives Rwanda Ex-Mayor 15 Years
Weekend Reviews
The Economics of War
An Anti-Hagiography for Celebrated Mass Murderers
Washington Rules and Our Path to Permanent War
To End All Wars
Quirky Film of Afghan Boy's Coming of Age in a Time of War
Haqqani Training Camp Purportedly Seen in Video
Afghan Landmine Explosion Kills 4 Children
A Security Pact at Stake, US Ignores Karzai's Jabs
Taliban-Affiliated Website Releases Purported Video of Kabul Suicide Bombers
Two British Troops Killed by Bomb in Afghanistan: Ministry
Spotlight on Afghan Refugees in Pakistan
Wen Warns US on South China Sea Dispute
US Ambassador Urges China Not to Interfere in Business
China Vows Closer Military Ties With North Korea
Suu Kyi's NLD Democracy Party to Rejoin Myanmar Politics
US to Send Hillary Clinton to Myanmar
Myanmar First 'Pariah' to Take Up Obama Engagement
Indonesia Wary of Strengthened Australia-US Defense Ties in Darwin
US to Pull Peace Corps Volunteers From Kazakhstan
Pakistan Opposition Leader: Commission Should Be Formed to Investigate Mullen Memo
India Moves to Accommodate US Nuclear Technology Vendors
Sri Lanka's Jailed Ex-Army Chief Fonseka Given New Term
Official: Drug Cartel Tried to Skew Mexico Vote
Haiti President Backs Off New Army Plan, Appoints Commission to Study How to Replace UN Forces
How the IMF and World Bank Could Save Cuba's Economy – Defying the US Embargo
No Alternative to F-35 Fighter Jet, US, Canada Say
German MP Shocked to Be on Neo-Nazi Hit List
US Military
Military Health-Care Reform Leaves Wounded Warriors Entangled in More Red Tape
DoD Misses Deadline for Women-In-Combat Report
'War on Terror'
Feds Investigating Illinois 'Pump Failure' as Possible Cyber Attack
Prospects Improve for Sept. 11 Suits Against Nations
Pilot Gets Stuck in Bathroom, Sparks Terror Scare
Witness: Suspect Wanted to Fight Americans in Iraq
UK Police Charge Four With Terrorism Offenses
TSA: Jwoww Just One of Many Passengers Hassled
Another Outburst by Soldier Accused of Fort Hood Plot
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