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Updated November 23, 2011 - 11:01 PM EST
GOP Candidates Focus on PATRIOT Act, Military Cost
  CNN: Truth Squad: Has Iran Said It Wants to Attack Israel?
WWII Canard: Pentagon Rails Against Fantasy Cuts
  FBI: Pimentel Posed No Real Threat

Yemen’s Saleh Signs Power Transfer Deal

Iran Sanctions Not Working, White House Admits
In Bow to West, New Libya Cabinet Nixes Islamists
Egypt Junta Fails to Placate Protesters
Hezbollah Man Last Remaining US Detainee in Iraq
US to Stop Sharing Conventional Weapons Data With Russia
Pakistani PM Accepts Ambassador Haqqani's Resignation
Why Do Liberals Keep Sanitizing the Obama Story?  by Conor Friedersdorf
A Slip of the Tongue Betrays Israel's Hard-Line Propaganda  by Tony Karon
Propagandastan: Your Tax Dollars Whitewash Dictatorships  by David Trilling
The Boys Who Cry 'Holocaust'  by Gary Kamiya
Reneging on Justice at Guantánamo  The New York Times
J. Edgar Shows the Hunger for More Power Corrupts  by Gene Healy

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Pentagon's War on Drugs Goes Mercenary

Al-Qaeda Targets Dwindle as Group Shrinks

Intel Analyst Stripped of Clearance Settles With DIA, but Still Doesn't Know Why He Was Fired

'Real ID' Act Blocks Some Americans From Any ID

Symbolic Trial Convicts Bush, Blair for Iraq War


Night Raids Will Continue to Target Taliban

Afghanistan to Need Billions in Aid for Years, World Bank Says

Roadside Bomb Kills Four Afghan Civilians

'Slaughterhouse Dude' Chris Hart Reflects Changing US Role in Afghanistan

Two NATO Troops Killed in Afghanistan

Pakistan Army Denies Talks With Taliban

Commander: Pakistani Taliban Declare Cease-Fire

Iraqi Civilians Win Torture-Inquiry Appeal Against UK Soldiers

Top US Official: Iran Failed to Make Iraq a Client State

National Security Adviser: Iran Facing More Pressure Under Obama

UK Cuts Off Iran's Banks Amid Nuclear Fear

Russia Slams New Sanctions Against Iran


New Winds in Mideast Favor Hamas

Prominent Israeli Rabbi Faces Criminal Probe Over Anti-Arab Remarks

Israel Steals Iranian TV Equipment from Gaza Aid Ship


Chileans Protest Pro-Pinochet Tribute; 7 Injured

Armed Leftists Rattle Nerves, Test Paraguay's Lugo


South Africa Adopts Contentious Secrecy Bill


Khmer Rouge Leader Defends Actions in Genocide Trial


Tantawi Tells Egyptians That Elections Will Go Ahead

Egypt Rulers Move Up Power Transfer Date

Egypt's Secret Police Reportedly Renames Itself 'Homeland Security'

ElBaradei Approached for Egypt PM Post

3 American Students Arrested in Egypt as Clashes Continue

Two Army Officers Join Protesters in Tahrir Square

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood to Take Part in Military Dialogue

Israel Preparing for Day When It Has No Relations With Egypt

France Says No Plans for Military Intervention in Syria

Obama Aide: End of Assad Regime Will Serve Severe Blow to Iran
Turkish PM Tells Syria's President to Step Down or Risk Death

Saif Al-Islam Gadhafi Can Face Trial in Libya: ICC

For Women in Libya, a Long Road to Rights

International Prosecutor Arrives in Libya

Middle East

Protesters Clash With Police in Bahrain

Tunisia's Newly Elected Assembly Gets to Work

Turkey Arrests 70 for Suspected Kurd Rebel Links, Including Lawyers
Gorbachev Condemns Russia's 'Imitation' Democratic Institutions

Slovak Defense Minister Sacked for Spying on Journalists

Tajikistan Releases Russian and Estonian Pilots

UK Police: No Armed FBI Agents at 2012 Olympics

Low Water Levels Lead to Explosive WWII Finds

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The Left's Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out

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