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Updated November 26, 2011 - 10:48 PM EST
NATO: Attack on Pakistani Soldiers 'Self Defense'
  Fury in Pakistan After NATO Kills 28 Soldiers
  Pakistan Tells NATO to Leave Air Base, Closes Supply Routes
100,000 Rally in Egypt for 'Last Chance Friday'
  Egypt's New PM: Junta Promised Me More Power
Yemeni Warplanes Kill 80 Anti-Govt Tribesmen
  Dueling Rallies in Yemen's Capital Over 'Power Transfer'
10 Killed in Attack on Syrian Air Force Base
  Arab League to Meet in Cairo on Sunday to Discuss Syria Deadline
New Libya Regime May Arm Rebels, Attack Syria
CIA Arrests Shed New Light on Covert US-Iran War
US Bid to Destroy Cluster Bomb Ban Fails
Ethiopia Mulls Joining AU War in Somalia
Iraqi President Says Military Commanders Still Want US Help
Ask the Candidates Real Questions – Like These  by Ray McGovern
Never-Ending Drug War Moves to Central America  by Andres Oppenheimer
Why Police Are Treating Americans Like Military Threats  by William Hogeland
The Fruits of Liberation  by Glenn Greenwald
Obama's Dumb New Sanctions on Iran  by Robert Dreyfuss
The Under-Examined Story of Fallujah  by Hannah Gurman

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Hamas: Israeli Threats Won't Stop Unity Govt
Saleh Loyalists Clash With Defected Troops in Yemen
Finland to Destroy Its Landmines After MPs Approve Ban
Groundbreaking Research Looks at How Blasts Injure Brain
Mexican Group Asks ICC to Probe President: Officials
White House: Egypt Junta Should Empower New Govt Immediately
Egypt Military Tries to Woo Wider Public Beyond Protesters
Divide Between Islamists, Liberals Threatens to Splinter Egypt Revolution
French TV Journalist Says She Was Sexually Assaulted by Egyptian Youth at Cairo Protest Square
Activist: Egypt's Leaders Label Female Protesters 'Prostitutes'
New Blast Hits Egypt's Gas Pipeline to Israel, Jordan
UN Supports Arab League's Efforts to End Violence in Syria
Turkey Fears Syria Concealing Humanitarian Crisis
Iraq Leader Worried About 'Radical' Threat in Syria
US: Insurgents Trying to Make Withdrawal Appear as Soldiers Fleeing Iraq
Death Toll Raised in Basra Bombings
US Troops' Final Thanksgiving in Iraq Peppered With Rocket Fire
Allawi: Calls to Establish Iraqi Regions at This Stage Adds Fuel to Fire
Bahrain Unrest Continues After King's Reform Promises
Bahrain Digests Inquiry as Protests Continue
Middle East
Turkey Doesn't Budge on Demanding Apology From Israel
Saudi Dynasty Should Leave Power: Top Iran Cleric
Lebanon Cabinet Formation May Be Impossible if Mikati Resigns
Russian President Promises to Sharply Reduce Number of Draftees in Armed Forces
Russians to Cut Putin's Party Majority in Vote: Poll
Apartheid Row at Norwegian School After It Segregates Ethnic Pupils
Dutch Terrorism Suspect Fights Extradition to US
Pakistan's Former Foreign Minister to Join Imran Khan's Team
41 Terrorists Killed in Kurram, Orakzai Agencies
Don't Take Gas From Iran, US 'Advises' Pakistan
China, Pakistan Boost Anti-Terror Cooperation
80 Afghans Held for Illegally Entering Pakistan
US Commander Readying Request for More Troops to Advise Afghans
To Stop Afghan Bombs, a Focus on Pakistani Fertilizer
Afghan Opium Production to Expand After Troops Exit
Afghans Turn to People Smugglers as NATO Leaves
India Cops Accused of Beating AP Cameraman, Others in Kashmir
South Korean Official Travels to North Korea to Monitor Aid
Excluded From Cabinet, Libya's Berbers Fear Isolation
Libyan Berbers Protest Against New Government
Morocco Votes in First Poll Since Mohamed VI's Reforms
Morocco Awaits Outcome of Election That Marks Shift of Power From Monarchy
Moroccans See Limits of Reform in Rapper's Case
In Kenya, Somalis Become Casualties of Africa's Latest War
Nigeria: Boko Haram Lists Fresh Targets
Witness Says 1 Tourist Killed, 3 Kidnapped From a Timbuktu Restaurant in Mali
2 New Radio Stations in Zimbabwe Get Licenses
The War at Home
Arab Students Removed From NC Flight, Causing 5-Hour Delay
Back Home in Illinois, Guardsmen Look for Normalcy
More Female Veterans Turning to VA's Health Care
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