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Updated November 28, 2011 - 11:29 PM EST

Bill Would Allow Military Detention of Americans in US

Anger Grows in Pakistan Over NATO Attack
  Pakistan Says NATO Ignored Its Pleas to Hold Off During Attack
  One Attack, Many Versions: US and Pakistan Differ on Deadly Air Raid
  Supply Cut Leaves NATO Trucks Stranded in Pakistan
US to Spend Over $6.5 Billion in Iraq Next Year
  Suicide Car Bomber Kills 19 Outside Prison in Iraq
  What Legacy for the Iraq Occupation?
  Another Iraqi Province Considers Semi-Autonomy Bid as 8 Killed
Houthi Rebels Kill 24 in Northern Yemen Attack
  Saleh Transfers Power, Opposition MP Named Yemen's New PM
Faced With Israeli Threats, Palestinians Shelve 'Unity' Govt
  Israeli DM Retroactively Legalizes Illegal Settlement Expansion
Arab League Imposes Major Sanctions on Syria
Egypt Heads to Vote as Field Marshal Threatens Protesters
On Foreign Policy, Ron Paul Is More Mainstream Than His Opponents  by Conor Friedersdorf
The Iran-Contra Scandal, 25 Years Later  by Peter Kornbluh
Why Are They So Angry?  by Gershom Gorenberg
Pakistan Has Had Enough  by Simon Tisdall
Thought Crime in Washington  by Peter Van Buren and Tom Engelhardt
A Day in November  by Uri Avnery

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2 Key Senators Call for Tough Line With Pakistan
Putin Warns West as He Launches Presidential Bid
In Russia, Evidence of Misstep by Putin
Iraq Emerges From War a Society Divided by Sect
Prison Terms for UAE Activists Over 'Insult'
Civilians Flying Drones May Get OK From FAA
Ruling Military, Opposition Urge Egyptians to Vote Ahead of Parliamentary Election
Egyptians Head to First Post-Uprising Elections With Nation in Turmoil, Confusion Reigns
Egypt's Military Ruler Says Not Seeking New Privileges
Youth Leader in Egypt Straddles Line of Revolution and Electoral Change
Infographic: Egypt Elections Explained
Saboteurs Blow Up Egypt Gas Pipeline to Jordan, Israel
Palestinian PM: Israeli Sanctions Starting to Bite
Most Palestinians Approve of Shalit Deal
Netanyahu Delays Demolition of Jerusalem Bridge Over Arab Spring Warnings
Bombed for Nothing: Everyday Life on Israeli-Gaza Border
Palestinian Poll: 56% Oppose Armed Struggle Against Israel
Rabbi Yoffie: Anti-Democratic Laws 'Catastrophic' for Israel's Ties With Diaspora Jews
Syria Rebels: Assad Regime Recruiting Iranian, Hezbollah Mercenaries
Jordan Says Has Hosted 100 Syrian Deserters
Syrian Woman Wounded by Syrian Army as Her Family Fled to Jordan
Another Iraqi Province Considers Semi-Autonomy Bid; 8 Iraqis Killed in Attacks
A Civilian Killed, Two Wounded in West Baghdad
Middle East
Bahrain Pledges to Act on Criticism of Crackdown
Jordan King Pardons 46 Islamists, Continuing Major Amnesty
NATO Attack on Pakistan
Coverage of Pakistani Troops' Funerals Fuels Anger as Calls Grow to Cut US Ties
Pakistan: Afghan Soldiers Called in Deadly NATO Airstrike
Pakistan Retaliation Puts NATO in Lurch
Afghanistan Worries After Attacks in Pakistan
Germany Offers Pakistan Treatment for Airstrike Wounded
Pakistani Truckers Stranded by Border Closure Fear Militant Attacks
UK Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Afghan President Announces Second Troop Transition
Karzai: Afghan Forces to Take Lead in More Areas
Germany Backs Taliban Talks in Afghanistan
Iran MPs Vote to Expel British Ambassador
Top Iran Official: Israel Will Pay for Gaza 'Crimes' if It Attacks Nuclear Program
Lobbying by Iranian Group MEK Reaches Across US Party Lines
Iran Navy Acquires New Submarines Amid Nuclear Tension
Islamists Snubbed in 'Safe,' Secular Cabinet
Leading Libyan Islamist Met Free Syrian Army Opposition Group
Libyan Berbers Protest Outside PM's Office
DR Congo
DR Congo Election 'To Go Ahead' Despite Violence
Congo Opposition to Defy Meeting Ban Ahead of Vote
4 Dead, Churches Burned in North Nigeria Attack
South Sudan: Govt in Fresh Battle to Disarm Civilians
Moderate Islamist Party to Lead Coalition Government in Morocco
Liberia Police Chief Out After Pre-Vote Clash
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