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Updated November 30, 2011 - 11:27 PM EST
NATO to Pull 40K Troops, But Afghan War Not Over
  NATO Orders Retraining Effort on How Not to Murder
DoD: 'Too Soon' to Comment on Pakistan Killings
  Will Pakistan Bar US From Their Airspace?
NATO Helicopters Kill Three Afghan Women
12 Iraqis Killed as Biden Visits Baghdad
Scores Wounded in Violence in Tahrir Square
Libya Islamist Backs NTC Despite Being Cut from Cabinet
Yemen PM: New Cabinet Within 'Days'

US to Pay $2.5M in 2001 Anthrax Death

No, Really, Iran Isn't Developing Nuclear Weapons  by Russ Wellen
Why a Preemptive Strike on Iran Would Be a Big Mistake  by Joshua Rovner
Judges Kill Habeas Corpus at Guantánamo; Will the Supreme Court Act?  by Andy Worthington
The Folly of Sanctions  by Rep. Ron Paul
US and Pakistan Enter the Danger Zone  by M.K. Bhadrakumar
GOP Debaters Still Rattling Obsolete Sabers  by Gene Healy

More Viewpoints

How Private Warmongers and the US Military Infiltrated American Universities
Sens. Paul, McCain Clash Over 'Terrorist' Detainee Amendment

Lawyer Hints at Strategy in WikiLeaks Case

50 EU Parliament Members Concerned About Bradley Manning's Treatment
France: Afghan $12 Billion Training Cost Will Have to Be Shared
To Afghanistan, on the Slow Train

India Steel Group Gets Rights to Afghan Iron-Ore Blocks

Pakistan 'To Boycott Afghan Bonn Talks' After NATO Raid

Afghan Officials Voice Scant Remorse to Pakistan

Pakistan Cable Operators Threaten Western TV News Ban

US Must Apologize if Pakistan Strike in Error: Senator

US Prepares to Vacate Shamsi Air Base


US Soldiers Escort Iraq Convoys Safely to Kuwait

For Iraqi Girl Recovering From Bullet Wound to the Skull, Maine Hospital Was a Lifesaver

Biden Visits Iraq Ahead of US Troop Departure

Conviction Rate for Palestinians in Israel's Military Courts: 99.74%

Israel's UN Envoy Slams Arabs

Palestinian-Israeli Documentary Wins Jury Prize at International Festival

Rockets Fired Across Lebanon-Israel Border

Iceland Votes to Recognize Palestine


China Artist Ai Weiwei Says Wife Detained, Released

Georgetown Students Shed Light on China's Nukes

Chinese Aircraft Carrier on 2nd Set of Sea Trials

US Motives in Myanmar Are on China's Radar

Clinton Heads to a Hopeful Burma

Outgoing Kyrgyz Leader: Fate of US Base Uncertain

Vietnam Cuts Dissident's Jail Term


Anti-Violence Activist Slain in Mexico

Chile Indicts Ex-US Officer in 1973 Killings


For Iran, the Sanctions Price May Be Worth Paying

US Official Says Iran Should Not Issue Threats

Former Mossad Chief: Israeli Strike on Iran Will Lead to Regional War

Images Show Devastation at Iran Base After Blast


Egypt Islamists Expect Gains in Post-Mubarak Poll

Christians Turn Out in Strong Numbers, Trying to Stem Islamist Win in Egypt's Vote

Egyptians Tweet, Film, and Message to Monitor Poll

Tahrir Protesters Bitter Over Egypt's Successful First Vote


Nine Killed in Syria as Military Carries Out Raids

Syrian Troops Besiege City Near Damascus

Syria Trade Ties Pushed Iraq to Oppose Sanctions

Turkey Considers Iraq as Alternative Trade Route to Syria

Lebanese Accuse Syria of 'Stealing' Video Footage

Middle East

Bahrain Security Chief Replaced After Inquiry

Youths Take Wealthy Kuwait Into Arab Spring

Gadhafi's Daughter Urges the Overthrow of Libya's Government
Rival Brigades Pose Most Pressing Libyan Problem, UN Envoy Says

Morocco's King Appoints Islamist as New PM


Sudan to Expel Ambassador After Kenya's Bashir Warrant

UN Committee Sanctions Congo Militia Chief

Swaziland: Opposition to Military Spending Grows

DR Congo Vote: Opposition Wants Election Annulled

Half of German City Must Evacuate After Unexploded 1.8-Ton Bomb Found

Norwegian Charged in Shooting Massacre Declared Insane

Russia Activates Missile Early Warning Radar System

South Ossetia Court Annuls Presidential Election Result

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