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Updated December 3, 2011 - 11:25 PM EST
Pakistan Orders Return Fire if NATO Attacks Again
  Pakistan: Punish Those Responsible for NATO Attack on Military Base
  Pakistan's Reaction to Attack Similar to Taliban Demands
  Analysts Warn on NATO's Dwindling Supply Options in Afghanistan
Will Obama Veto Defense Bill Over Detainees?
  Pentagon Vows to Protect Arms Makers From Spending Cuts
  Cantor Working to Limit Spending Cuts Effect on Pentagon
WikiLeaks Highlights Worldwide Surveillance
  FBI Illegally Collecting Intel Under Guise of 'Community Outreach'
  Spies Using iTunes Security Flaw, Assange Warns
US Hands Over 'Camp Victory' to Iraqi Govt
  Official: Green Zone Bombing Was Targeting Iraq PM
  Pomp, Controversy Mark US 'Reposture' Ceremonies; 16 Iraqis Killed
25 Killed in Syria, Most in Battle of Defectors, Govt
Three Killed, 70 Hurt as Bomber Hits NATO Base
Strong Turnout as Muslim Brotherhood Targets Egypt's Junta
Yemeni PM Warns 'Transition' Deal in Jeopardy as 13 Killed
Congress Endorsing Military Detention, a New AUMF  by Glenn Greenwald
Obama's War Record Should Appall Progressives  by Sheldon Richman
Neocons Admit the Problem With Iran Is Not That It Would Use Nukes  by MJ Rosenberg
The Terrorists Have Won  by Jack Hunter
Africa Lies Naked to Euro-American Military Offensive  by Glen Ford
It's Pentagon/NATO Versus the BRICS  by Pepe Escobar

More Viewpoints

UN Mission in Libya Extended by 3 Months
Obama's Wars: Majority of Afghanistan Casualties Were in 2010-2011
Two Wounded in Southern Lebanon Blast: Israeli Spy Devices Blamed
Unemployment of Military Spouses at 26 Percent
Your Smartphone May Be Spying on You
Ultraconservative Islamists Make Gains in Egypt
Tahrir Spirit Fades as Early Results Show Islamist Gains in Egypt
Army Official Sees Egypt's Foreign Reserves Plunging
On Israel's Uneasy Border With Egypt, a Fence Rises
Russia's UN Envoy Says Moscow Opposes New Sanctions Against Iran
Biden Prods Turkey on New Iran Sanctions
Iran Diplomats to Leave UK After Tehran Embassy Attack
Iran Cleric Warns EU, UN Against Backing Britain
Pomp, Controversy Mark US 'Reposture' Ceremonies; 16 Iraqis Killed
For Iraqis, Violence Is Still Part of Life
Iraq Press Shop Closes as Part of 'Reposture'
Syria Unrest: UN Rights Chief Calls for 'Urgent' Action
Syrians Say They Are Feeling Grip of Economic Sanctions
Syria 'Bans Iphones' Over Protest Footage
Sanctions Bite in Syria as Oil Giant Shell Pulls Out
Panetta Chides Israel Over Stalled Peace Process
Jerusalem Holy Sites 'Need Special Status': Cardinal
Middle East
Yemen's Opposition Party Islah Faces Credibility Gap
Gulf Sunni Monarchies Fear 'Shi'ite Spring'
Bahrain Taps Ex-Miami Chief for Police Training
British Police Arrest 22 People in Demonstration Against Drones Outside US Embassy
9 Men Deny Plot to Mount London Bomb Attacks
Kremlin Accused of Trying to Gag Election Monitors
Russia Election Widens Crack in Putin's Power
Serbia Strikes Border Deal With Kosovo in EU-Brokered Talks
Weekend Reviews
The Simpletons
Redford Goes Ron Paul
Clint Eastwood's Dishonest J. Edgar
Why There Are So Few Muslim Terrorists
Yossarian Slept Here
Handbook for Peace Seekers Debunks the Endless Lies About War
Pakistan Refuses to Help as US Sorts Out Fatal Airstrikes
Pakistan Boycotts Afghanistan Conference in Bonn
Pakistan Says US Gave Wrong Info Before Strike
Eight Including Two Peace Committee Members Killed in Khyber Agency Clashes
Row Over Pakistan Actress Veena Malik Nude 'ISI' Photo
Kidnappings of British Asians Rising in Pakistan
Karzai to Taliban: Talk Peace and I'll Protect You From Pakistan Spies
Confusion, Not Progress Expected at Afghan Meet
American Troop Deaths in Afghanistan Were Kept Near a Two-Year Low in November
German Military Fears Civil War in Afghanistan
Karzai in Germany for Key Talks on Afghanistan
For Afghan Woman, Justice Runs Into Unforgiving Wall of Custom
Myanmar Reaches Peace Deal With Ethnic Rebel Group
Myanmar's Suu Kyi Praises US Engagement
Hillary Clinton Myanmar Visit: Suu Kyi Hopeful on Reforms
In India, Next Generation of Gandhi Dynasty
Australia Denies Suggesting India-US Security Pact
Tibet 'Sees First Monk Self-Immolation Protest'
DR Congo
18 People Killed in Congo Election, Rights Group
Preliminary Results From Congo's Presidential Election Show Incumbent Joseph Kabila Leading
3 Foreign Oil Workers, 2 From US, Freed in Nigeria
Sudan-Kenya Relations Normal After Visit
ICC Seeks Sudan Defense Minister Arrest Over Darfur
Spain Requests Extradition of 15 Former Salvadoran Military Officials in 1989 Priest Killings
Chavez: New Regional Group Revives Bolivar's Dream
Religious Leader: Castro Concerned Over Humanitarian Issues in Jailed US Man's Case
Mexican Army Dismantles Gang's Antennas, Radios
US Military
US Official: Lockheed F-35 Production Should Slow
Houston Among Cities Hoping to Become AFRICOM's Next Home
'War on Terror'
Va. Man Expected to Plead to Helping Terror Group
Broker for Would-Be Times Square Bomber Sentenced
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