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Updated December 4, 2011 - 11:18 PM EST
Rejecting Apology, US May Lose Pakistan as Client
  Deadly Attack on Pakistani Base Due to US 'Errors'
Obama's War: US Casualties in Afghanistan Soar
  Kabul: Billions in US Money Must Keep Flowing
Iran Military Says It Shot Down US Drone
Egypt's Military, Israel Worry Over Islamist Wins
Israel's Barak Denies Covert War on Iran
Libya: Rival Militias Wage Turf Battles, Defy Govt
Despite 'Stepping Down' Yemen's Saleh Still Dictator
25 Killed in Syria, Most in Battle Between Defectors, Govt
Dozens Wounded in Iraqi Kurdistan Riots, 12 Iraqis Killed Elsewhere
Congress Endorsing Military Detention, a New AUMF  by Glenn Greenwald
Obama's War Record Should Appall Progressives  by Sheldon Richman
Neocons Admit the Problem With Iran Is Not That It Would Use Nukes  by MJ Rosenberg
The Terrorists Have Won  by Jack Hunter
Africa Lies Naked to Euro-American Military Offensive  by Glen Ford
It's Pentagon/NATO Versus the BRICS  by Pepe Escobar

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Biden Ticks Off Arabs for Gag on Free Speech
Political Islam Poised to Dominate the New World Bequeathed by Arab Spring
Saudi Report: Women Driving Spurs Premarital Sex
Napolitano Says Lone Wolf Terror Threat Growing
85-Year-Old Says She Was Strip Searched at JFK
Disputes Delay Formation of New Cabinet in Egypt
Egypt's Vote Propels Islamic Law Into Spotlight
In Lead, Egypt Islamists Tell Rivals to Accept Vote
Islamic Jihad Mastermind of Sadat's Murder, Comes in From the Cold After Egypt Election
British-Made Tear Gas Was Used on Egypt's Protesters
Egypt Brotherhood Says Won't Impose Islamic Values
Muslim Brotherhood Upbeat
Arab League Gives Syria Ultimatum to End Crackdown
Syria Opposition Leader: We Would Drop Iran, Hezbollah Ties
US Warns Palestinians: Stop Leaking Content of Quartet Talks
Israel Blames Palestinians for Deadlock in Talks, Says Leadership's Aim Is Boycott
PLO Subpoenas Palestinian Who Spied for Israel
Israel MK Assigned Bodyguard After Death Threats From Right-Wing Extremists
Barak: We Can't Wait Until Iran Has Nuclear Bomb
UK Envoy Says Attack on Embassy in Iran 'Had Support of the State'
Iran Sanctions Pose Legal Conundrum for Expats
Israel's Livni Urges US to Step Up Iran Sanctions
Iran Calls for Calm in Crisis With Britain
Dozens Wounded in Kurdistan Riots, 12 Iraqis Killed Elsewhere
PM Says Iraq Ready for US Withdrawal
Sermons Spark Riots in Iraqi Kurdish City
Camp Bucca in Iraq, Once a Prison Base, Now Houses a Hotel
As US Leaves Iraq, AP Men Recall a War in Pictures
Deadly Clashes Rock Yemen Second City Taez
Five Yemenis Killed as Clashes Rage in Taez: Medics
Lebanon Border Residents Fearful After Syria Shootout
Nasrallah: Hezbollah Will Back Government
Americans Still Dying
Marine From Salem (OR) Was Just Weeks From Returning Home
Tennessee Army Sergeant Killed by Afghan IED Leaves Behind Two Children
Middle East
Jordan Apology to Hamas Baffles Many
In Turkey, Biden Touts Political Freedoms
Bahrain Officials: Blast on Parked Bus Near British Embassy; No Injuries Reported
20 Militants Killed in Upper Orakzai
Highest Regard for Pakistan's Sovereignty: Hillary Clinton
Ijaz Claims Zardari, Haqqani Knew About Abbottabad Operation
Haqqani, Zardari Were Unaware of Abbotabad Op: US
Pakistan Snubs US Probe Into Mohmand Attack
Pakistan: Two Fall Prey to Sectarian Violence in Karachi
For Afghan-US Accord, Night Raids Are a Sticking Point
Karzai Accuses Pakistan of Stalling Talks With Taliban
Three NATO Troops Killed by Afghan Roadside Bomb
Kabul's Poor Demand Attention of Bonn Delegates
British Soldier Fired, Jailed for Stabbing Afghan Boy
Myanmar Leader Thein Sein Signs Law Allowing Protests
Myanmar Uses Law to Stifle Dissent, Activists Say
Myanmar Authorities Concede Reforms at End of High-Profile Visit by Clinton
Myanmar Leader Thein Sein Signs Law Allowing Protests
China Leader Warns About Unrest Due to Economy
Libyan Hospital Offers Refuge for Wounded Gadhafi Loyalists
Inside the Shell of Gadhafi's Gleaming City
Rwandan Journalist Charles Ingabire Killed in Uganda
Islamists and Secularists in Tunisia Stand-Off
Suspected Muslim Sect Members Shoot and Kill 2 During Wedding in Nigeria's Restive Northeast
Sudan Lifts Retributions After Govt Minister Says Kenya Will Not Arrest Sudanese President
Ahead of National Election, Many Russians Dismayed With Ruling Party
Serbia Hopes Kosovo Border Deal Will Help EU Bid
I'm Not a Spy or an Oligarch, Says Georgia's Secretive Billionaire
US Ambassador in Belgium Provides Controversial Explanation for Muslim Anti-Semitism
Cuba: US Man Held for 2 Years Was 'Undercover'
Weekend Reviews
The Simpletons
Redford Goes Ron Paul
Clint Eastwood's Dishonest J. Edgar
Why There Are So Few Muslim Terrorists
Yossarian Slept Here
Handbook for Peace Seekers Debunks the Endless Lies About War
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