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Updated December 7, 2011 - 11:10 PM EST
CIA, NATO Lied to Press About Lost Drone
  Pentagon Arms, Equips US Police Forces

Wed: Roadside Bomb in Afghanistan Kills 19

  Tuesday Attacks on Afghan Shi'ites Kill 60
  Afghanistan Opens Bids to Western Investors for Mineral Deposits
Israeli Soldiers Arrested Over 'Price Tag' Attacks
  Israeli AG: Bills Targeting Human Rights Groups Unconstitutional

Security Forces Attack Peaceful Protesters in Bahrain

Millions Observe Mostly Peaceful Ashura in Iraq
Kenya to Deploy Ground Troops to Mogadishu
Guilty Plea in FBI Infiltrator's Case Against Ann Arbor Militia
At Least 500 Arrested in Russia Election Protests
Yemen Opposition: Saleh Still Orchestrating Violence
Did FDR Provoke Pearl Harbor?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
In War on Drugs, Dissent 'Unpatriotic'  by Glenn Garvin
Jewish Ambassador States the Obvious, Is Declared Anti-Semitic  by Justin Elliott
Seventy Years of Infamy  by Anthony Gregory
A New Cold War in Asia?  by Michael T. Klare and Tom Engelhardt
Conservatives Drop Their Love for the Constitution  by A. Barton Hinkle

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A Speed Bump for Pentagon's Information Ops

US Made Covert Plan to Retrieve Iran Drone

Promises, Promises: Securing US Border Impossible

UN Urges Iraq Not to Close MeK Terror Camp

2nd Elderly Woman Complains About Pants Search at NY Airport


Clinton: Afghans 'Have More Work to Do'

US's Afghan Headache: $400-A-Gallon Gasoline

Pakistan Pulls Out of Border Liaison Posts; US Concerned

Pakistani Minister Thanks Taliban for Not Bombing


Israel Expels Hamas MP From Jerusalem

Palestinians Say Gaza Militant Killed in Overnight Clash With Israel

Mediators to Meet -- but Israel, Palestinians Won't

NBC's Telemundo Investigating Anti-Muslim Tweets by 'Social Media Coordinator'

Somali Pirate Attacks Sharply Down in November

Mogadishu 'Suicide Car Bomb Kills Somali Police'

Nigeria: Sect Spokesman Gets 3 Years in Prison


Indonesia Ratifies Global Ban on Nuclear Tests

Violence Wanes in Kashmir, but India Maintains Tight Military Grip
Suspected WWII Bomb Found at Japan Base Construction Site
Colombians March Against Leftist Rebels to Demand Freedom for Hostages

Honduran Journalist Shot, Killed Outside Her Home

Political Protesters in Guyana Clash With Police

Mocked by Chavez, Venezuela Candidate Plows On


UAE Vice President: Iran Won't Develop a Nuclear Weapon

Nervous Gulf Stresses Unity Amid Iran Tensions

US Launches 'Virtual' Embassy for Iran

UK's Antiwar Movement Warns Against Attacking Iran


US Says Opposition Must Build Free, Tolerant Syria

Clinton Meets With Syria Opposition

Syria Unrest: 'Dozens of Bodies Found Dumped' in Homs

US Ambassador Robert Ford to Return to Syria

Egyptian Premier Refuses to Reveal Name of New Interior Minister

Hard-Line Islamist Gains Surprise in Egypt Vote

Muslim Brotherhood Seeks to Reassure Egyptian Voters

Middle East

The 'Hacktivists' of Telecomix Lend a Hand to the Arab Spring

ICC Seeks Information From Libya on Seif Al-Islam Gadhafi

Libya Sets Year-End Deadline for Civilian Weapons Handover

Hezbollah Leader Nasrallah Makes Rare Public Appearance

Emir of Kuwait Dissolves Parliament

Saudi Arabia May Need Nukes, Says Former Intel Chief


A New Arms Race Looms Between Russia and US

In Protests, Two Russias Face Off

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