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Updated December 8, 2011 - 11:23 PM EST

US in Talks to Rebuild Libyan Army

  Protesters Condemn Rebel Troops in Tripoli Rally

Clinton to ‘Press Forward on Missile Defense’

  Russia Warns of Nuke Race as Missile Talks Stall
  Russia's Putin Accuses US Over Poll Protests
Air Force Dumped at Least 274 Troops in Landfill
Drone Crash in Iran Reveals Secret US Program
Roadside Bomb in Afghanistan Kills 19
UN Imposes New Sanctions on Eritrea
Egypt Junta Condemns Incoming Parliament
US: Assad Either Disconnected or Crazy
'Price Tag' Attack: West Bank Mosque Set on Fire

Security Forces Attack Peaceful Protesters in Bahrain

New Yemen Unity Govt., But What Happens to Saleh?
War Drums Are Beating for Iran, but Who's Playing Them?  by Terry Jones
A Dangerous New McCarthy?  by Azeem Ibrahim
Obama's Indefinite Detention Powers  by Jacob Sullum
Libertarianism Is Antiwar  by Jacob H. Huebert
Freedom in Iraq  by Jacob Hornberger
Now It's 'Obama the Irrelevant'  by Gene Healy

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Rep. Peter King: Terrorists Infiltrating Military

GOP Lawmakers Want Iranian Group, MeK, Off US Terror List

US Donates Training, Equipment to Help Paraguay Fight Guerrilla Band

Amnesty Criticizes US Arms Shipments to Egypt


Rare Kabul Attack: Who Did It and Why?

Karzai Ramps Up Pressure on Pakistan Over Massacre

Afghans Fear Bombings Are Attempt to Fuel Sectarian War

Zardari Suddenly Leaves Pakistan - Is He on the Way Out?

Rick Perry Calls for Israel Aid Increase

Israel OKs Settler Homes in Jerusalem Arab Area: TV

Sarkozy Says Anger With Netanyahu Caused by France's Exclusion From Shalit Release

Wary US Uncertain of Israel's Iran Plans

Pro-Israel Lobby Backs Sanctions on Iran Bank

Virtual US Embassy in Iran Is Blocked a Day After It Went Online

UK Diplomats Fly Out as Tehran Threatens 'Action'

OPEC Chief Hopes EU Won't Impose Iran Oil Embargo


US Protests Media Arrests in Zimbabwe

Rwanda Genocide Tribunal to Intensify Hunt for Nine Remaining Fugitives

Official: Explosion in Central Nigeria Kills 7

Congo President Wins in Kind of 'Coup D'Etat'

China Tries to Mediate Sudan Oil Impasse

South Sudan: Jonglei Village in Deadly 'Cattle Attack'


Vote May Mark Beginning of the End for Putin

Chanting 'Russia Without Putin,' Flash Mobs Roil Moscow


Gunmen Attack Ambulance in Mexico Border City

France to Extradite Noriega to Panama on Sunday, Lawyer Says
Venezuela May Extend House Arrest for Anti-Chávez Judge
Guatemala Investigation Yields 2,082 Victims of US Syphilis Experiments, Finds 6 Survivors
Peru Rebel Leader Says No More Attacks, Calls for Peace Talks

11 Iraqis Killed, Insurgents Targeting Electrical Grid

Iraq Says US Hands Over Key Air Base

US Base in Iraq a Funnel for Troops and Equipment Heading Out

Crowds Rampage in Iraqi Kurdish City After Sermons


Turkey to Impose New Taxes on Syrian Imports

Syria Welcomes Turkish Pledge Not to Allow Attacks

US Envoy in Beirut to Discuss Syria Crisis


Misrata's Huge Arsenal a Test for New Libyan Rulers

Mexico 'Stops Entry' of Libya's Saadi Gadhafi

Senators Push to Get Sailors' Remains From Libya

Benghazi Dreams of Becoming 'Libya's New York'


Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Claims Wins in Run-Off Votes

Egypt Military Wants to Oversee Constitution Draft

Egypt's Generals Assert Control

Egypt's Cabinet Sworn in and Interior Minister Named

Mubarak Trial Set to Resume After Appeal Rejected

Egypt's Belly Dancers Defy Islamists

Saudi Arabia

Germany Denies Controversial Tank Sale to Saudi Arabia


US, China Move to Stop Smuggling of Nuclear Materials

US and China Defense Officials Meet for Taiwan Talks

Hu Jintao Tells China Navy: Prepare for Warfare

In South Korea, Praising North Korea Is Illegal

United States

Pentagon Conducts Budget War Games

Mother: Man Charged in AL Postal Shooting Had PTSD After Serving in Iraq
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