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Updated December 9, 2011 - 11:16 PM EST
Downed Drone in Iran Reveals Broader Covert War
  US Officials Confirm Iran in Possession of US Drone
  Fears of US-Israeli Attack Rise in Iran
  Obama Brags About Killing Osama, Threatens Iran
Clinton Defies Putin on Missile Defense
  Russia's Putin Accuses US Over Poll Protests

Top Pakistan General: NATO Attack 'Pre-Planned'

  Pakistanis Set Abandoned NATO Supply Trucks Ablaze
  Pakistani Commission to Probe CIA Presence in Country
  Is the US Trying to Provoke the Taliban?
  Karzai Says Kabul Bombing Planned in Pakistan
36 Die as Syrian Opposition Warns of 'Massacre'
Arab Spring Chooses Freedom Over US Aid
  Egypt Junta to Sideline Parliament, Muslim Brotherhood Quits Council
  US Arming Egypt Junta's Crackdown
Gingrich Would Pick Bolton as Secretary of State
Air Force Dumped at Least 274 Troops in Landfill
Light Shed on CIA's Secret Romanian Prison
Israeli Warplanes Hit Gaza House, 2 Civilians Killed, 12 Hurt
Federal Judge: Bloggers Don't Have Same Protection as MSM
America the Battlefield: The End of the Rule of Law  by John W. Whitehead
The Real Trouble With the Defense Authorization Bill  by Benjamin Friedman
Without Peace Talks, Israel Must Leave East Jerusalem Alone  Haaretz
What if Freedom Were Temporary?  by Andrew P. Napolitano
Freedom Means War  by Leon Hadar
How About an Israeli Destruction Freeze?  by Yousef Munayyer

More Viewpoints

Bin Laden Not at Qaeda Helm Before Raid
Analysts See Iraq War as 'Forgotten War'
Clinton Urges Other Nations Not to Stifle Online Voices
Libya Will Allow UK Police to Visit for Lockerbie Inquiry
US Claims Vieques Bombings Not Linked to Health Risks
Rep. Rangel Renews Call for Military Draft
Afghan General Survives Assassination Attempt
Taliban Sacks Oruzgan Shadow Governor
UK Defense Secretary Says Not Seeking 'Perfect Afghanistan'
Police Arrest Four Afghan Brothers Over Acid Attack on Girls
Pakistan to Make bin Laden Inquiry Report Public
Zardari May Resign Over Ill Health
Clinton Rejects Zardari Rumors Amid US-Pakistan Tensions
Capturing the Punjabi Imagination: Drones and 'The Noble Savage'
Philippines: Changing Face of Terror
DR Congo
Congo Awaits Election Outcome, Victory Expected for Kabila
DR Congo Election: Mediation Effort to Avert Violence
Somalia Fighting: New Clashes in Capital Mogadishu
Armed Nigeria Militia Marches Through Largest City
East Africa: Police Cited as Most Corrupt
Algerian Islamists Hope for 'Arab Spring' Revival
South Sudan Demands Sudan Forces 'Withdraw From Jau'
Italian Anarchists Claim Responsibility for German Bomb
German Man Accused of al-Qaeda Links Arrested
Russia Protests: Gorbachev Calls for Election Re-Run
Kosovo Urges EU to Keep Pressure on Serbia
UN Judges at Yugoslav War Crimes Tribunal Aim for March 27 Start for Mladic Genocide Trial
Panama's Jailed Ex-Ruler Noriega 'To Return Sunday'
Church Confirms Pope to Visit Cuba in Spring
Mexico Seizes 226 Tons of Chemical Used in Meth
Obama Says Considering All Options on Iran
'EU Leaders to Call for More Iran Sanctions'
Factional Splits Hinder Drive to Topple Syria Leader
NATO Chief to Haaretz: We Won't Intervene in Syria Crisis
Red Cross Halts Some Monitoring Inside Syria
Iraq Pledges Efforts to Resolve Syrian Crisis
Syria Says Pipeline Blown Up by Rebel Saboteurs
Israeli Travel Ban Cuts Studies Short for Palestinians
Israeli Strike Kills 2 Suspected Militants in Gaza
Jerusalem Orders Closure of Al-Aqsa Ramp
PLO Wants UN Security Council to Censure Israel Over Settlement Construction
Yemen Militants Attack Army in South, 10 Killed
New Yemeni Government Hostage to Military Standoff
Government Orders Inquiry Into Charges of Torture by the Police
Bahrain Blows Up Parcel of Suspected Explosives From UK
Bahrain Drops Charges, Halts Trials of Athletes
Allawi Reaches Out to Maliki for Reconciliation
In Baghdad Area, Shi'ite Festival Is Held Without Incident
Turkish Military Rejects Using Chemical Weapons Against Kurdish Rebels
The War at Home
Satellite Images Reveal Secret Nevada UAV Site
Panetta 'Comfortable' With Response to Dover
Gamers Exhale as Red Cross Says Won't Probe Virtual War Crimes
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