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Updated December 14, 2011 - 11:29 PM EST

House and Obama OK Forever-Prison Bill

Panetta Declares US 'Winning' in Afghanistan

  15,000 Troops in Afghanistan After 'Withdrawal'
  Reports: Afghan Education Ministry Cuts Deal With Taliban
US Freezes $700 Million in Pakistan Aid
  Panetta in Kabul as US Ties With Pakistan Erode
Cheney Urges Attack on Iran to Destroy Lost Drone

Panetta: Drone Campaign Over Iran Will Continue

Iraqi Deputy PM: Maliki Becoming a 'Dictator'
  Happy to See US Go, Sunni Iraqis Still Worry About Govt. Abuse
  Iraq's Diyala Province to Seek Autonomy
Fury in Israel After Settlers Attack Army Base
Trapped, Libya's Tawargans Fume Over Ill-Treatment
Somali PM: Famine Claims a Lie by Aid Agencies
Newt Gingrich on Iraq: A Timeline of Questionable Judgment  by Conor Friedersdorf
Did the Pentagon Help Strangle the Arab Spring?  by Nick Turse & Tom Engelhardt
Is a US Military Precedent Being Set in Africa?  by Walter Pincus
Dumb, Dumber, and Doonesbury  by Jeff Huber
Guantánamo Forever?  by Charles C. Krulak and Joseph P. Hoar
Watching the Lincoln-Douglas Debacle  by Joe Klein

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US Leaving 'Sons of Iraq' in the Lurch

More Women in Combat Means More Mothers With PTSD

US Drone Crashes in Seychelles, Air Force Investigating

Would Reagan Have Passed the GOP's Israel Test?

US Probing Alleged Cyberattack Plot by Venezuela, Iran


Afghan Troops Kill Suicide Bomber Near NATO Base

'I Hate This Country... Everybody Dies'

Pakistan Considers Taxing NATO Afghanistan Trucks

US Commander Reports 'Progress' in Repairing Ties With Pakistan

Associate: Pakistan President Had 'Mini-Stroke'

Rare Photographs Show Ground Zero of the Drone War

Pakistani Fertilizer Ignites Tensions With US


Iraq Throws Open Doors to US Firms as Army Exits

Cheney Says He's Worried About Future of Iraq

Explosions Rock Oil Pipeline in Southern Iraq, Firefighters Battle Blaze

Arc of Iraq War Told in Images

Singaporeans Contest US Extradition Over Iraq IED Components


Israel Razing More Palestinian Homes, Wells: Monitors

Israel Education Minister: Palestinian State in West Bank 'Dangerous Move'

Palestine to Raise Flag at UNESCO


4 Dead, 75 Wounded in Grenade Attack in Belgium


China Says Mulling Seychelles Naval Hosting Offer

Myanmar Orders End to Fighting Against Kachin Rebels

Reports: Japan Likely to Buy US F-35 Fighters

Human Rights Watch: West 'Ignores Uzbekistan Abuses'


Leaders Are Defiant, but Many Iranians Fear War

Iran Says Obama Should Apologize for Downed Drone

Iran Indicts 15 'American and Zionist' Spies

Ahmadinejad: Iran Has 'Been Able to Control' US Drone

Iran Intelligence Chief in Saudi Arabia for a Rare Visit to Try to Reduce Tensions

As Syria Death Toll Soars, So Does US Frustration With Russia

Russia Accuses West of 'Immoral' Stance on Syria

Activists: Syrian Army Defectors Kill 7 Government Forces

Syrian Humanitarian Corridor Off the Table, EU's Ashton Says

Anti-American Syria-Based TV Channel Closes

Middle East

Report: Bahrain King Says Syria Trains Opposition

Egyptian Voters Turn to Salafists for 'Ethics in Politics'

Egypt PM Says 20,000 Detainees Freed Since Revolt

Yemen 'To Release Detained Protesters'

Three Swiss Men Charged in Libya Nuclear Weapons Case


Panetta: Djibouti Critical to US Terror Fight

Kenyan Forces Pledge Further Push Into Somalia


Colombian Justice Reform Would 'Guarantee Military Impunity'

Border Patrol Constructing Unmanned Texas Border Crossing

Mexico's Navy Captures Zetas Leader 'El Lucky'

2 Students Killed in Clash With Mexican Police

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