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Updated December 17, 2011 - 11:14 PM EST
Maliki and Iran Outsmarted the US on Withdrawal
  Key Iraqi Bloc Plans to Bolt Parliament
  Troops Leave But Iraq Allows US Predator Drones to Remain
  Iraqis Glad to Be Rid of US Troops
  David Hickman: America's 'Last Casualty' in Iraq
  America's Mini-City on the Tigris
  Embassy Controversy Overshadows Handover of Last US Base to Iraq
N. Korea Agrees to Suspend Uranium Enrichment
Russia Stops Iran From Importing Medical Isotope
  Iran Warns of Downing Other US Drones in Its Skies
Bradley Manning Hearing Finally Begins
  Manning Hearing Head Rejects Bias Charge, Refuses to Step Down
  Assange Can Appeal Against Extradition, UK Supreme Court Rules
34 Syrians Killed; Arab League Mulls UN Help
Pak PM, Army Chief Meet as Coup Rumors Swirl
  State Dept Promises 'Credible' Probe Into Pakistan Killings
Cantor: Palestinians Need to Prove They 'Deserve' Statehood
9 Killed, 100s Hurt as Egypt Junta Moves Against Protesters
House Cybersecurity Bill Would Establish Federal Overseer
War Without End, Amen: the Reality of America's Aggression Against Iraq  by Chris Floyd
With Friends Like Gingrich, Does Israel Need Enemies?  by Uri Avnery
Administration Bait and Switch in Afghanistan?  by Doug Bandow
Three Myths About the Detention Bill  by Glenn Greenwald
Christopher Hitchens' Unforgivable Mistake  by John Cook
Peace on Earth? The End of the Iraq War  by Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite

More Viewpoints

The Ethics of a CIA Battle Droid
Chomsky: US-Afghan Pact 'Part of a Global Program of World Militarization'
NATO Urged to Probe Civilians Killed in Libya War
Manning Documents Reveal Security Lapses
Kazakh Oil Strike: 10 Dead in Zhanaozen Clashes
UK Police Include Occupy Movement on 'Terror' List
Russia Holds Key to Raising Pressure on Assad: UK
Homs: Bloody Winter in Syria's Revolution Capital
Syrians Protest Against Assad After Russia UN Move
'Palestinians Won't Stop Pressing for UN Seat'
Barak: Israel Won't Accept Palestinian State That Perpetuates Mideast Conflict
Israeli Army Tank Fires on Gaza-Israel Border; Palestinian Man Dies
Israeli TV Channel Alleges Govt Is Out to Muzzle the Media
Top Holocaust Scholar Blasts 'Holocaust-Abuse' by US, Israeli Politicians
Middle East
Ousted Shah's Son Wants Iran Leader Tried in Court

The No Nonsense Guide to the CIA in Lebanon

Turkey Warns France Against Armenian 'Genocide' Bill
Kabul Police Station Attack Ends, No Casualties
Afghan Police Investigate Gunfire in West Kabul
China Sends Rights Lawyer Gao Zhisheng Back to Prison
Chinese Village Activist's Death Suspicious: Daughter
Thai Police Defuse 6 Homemade Bombs in Bangkok
Myanmar Seeks to Have Permanent Peace Pacts With Ethnic Rebels in 3-4 Years
Sri Lankan Commission: Civilians Weren't Targeted
Bangladesh War: The 1971 Article That Changed History
The War at Home
War's End Is Difficult for North Jersey Families of the Fallen
Lawsuit Filed Over Ape in Noose at Defense Dept
White House, Pentagon Won't Probe Medal of Honor
More Women in Combat Means More Mothers With PTSD
5 Bodies Found at Mexican Student Group Office
Mexico Apologizes to Woman Raped by Soldiers
Weekend Reviews
An Indie Film Takes Up Bradley Manning's Plight
Film Reveals Paris Crackdown of 1961 Algeria Protest
Deconstructing Thomas Friedman
Hundreds Rally in Baghdad Against Iranian Exiles
Embassy Controversy Overshadows Handover of Last US Base to Iraq
Iraq Oil Security Tested as US Forces Withdraw
US Hands Over Last Detainee to Iraq
Last US Base Handed to Iraq Ahead of Pullout
Cop Killed in Sticky Bomb Explosion in Fallujah
Bahraini Police Clash With Protesters, US Envoy Expresses Concern
Imprisoned Activist's Daughter Detained in Bahrain
Bahrain Blogger Zainab Al-Khawaja 'Detained in Protest'
3 Yemeni Officers Killed, Including 2 From Renegade Unit, in Southern City of Taiz
Yemeni Uprising Opens a Door to Besieged Rebels in the North
Egypt Protesters Post Images of Police Brutality Online
Moussa Bids for Presidency in a New Egypt
Panetta Heading to Libya, Says New Leaders Need Time to Gain Control of Militias
Libya to Allow UK Police to Probe Lockerbie: Minister
UN Sanctions Committee Unfreezes Assets of 2 Libyan Banks
Kenya Will Not Cut Ties With Eritrea Over Shabaab
Nigeria Attack on Kano Air Force School
ICC Says Sudan's Al-Bashir Will Face Justice
International Court Judges Dismiss Charges Against Rwandan Accused in Congo Attacks
Tunisia Lifts Warrant Summoning Arafat's Widow
EU Police Escort Russian Aid Convoy Into Kosovo Ending Tense Stand Off
Prominent Journalist Killed by Unidentified Gunman in Russia's Restive Caucasus Province
Serb Air Force Seeks New Fighter Jets
Peru Judge Grants Berenson NY 'Holiday'
Guatemalans Hunker Down Against Rising Violence
Cuba Travel Language Dropped in Budget Deal
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The Left's Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out

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