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Updated December 19, 2011 - 11:25 PM EST
North Korean Leader Kim Jong Il Dead

North Korea Test-Fires Short-Range Missiles

  US Aid a Step Toward Korea Nuke Talks
  'Young General' Seen Poised to Take Over North Korea Dynasty

Syria Signs Arab League Peace Deal

Maliki Detains VP as Political Crisis Escalates
  Iraqis Who Helped US Occupation Forces Fear Revenge Attacks
Egypt Islamists Score Another Big Poll Victory
  Escalating Egypt Violence Fuels Anger at Junta
Manning Defense Reveals Chaos at Iraq Base
  Hundreds Rally in Support of Accused WikiLeaks Source
Secret US-Taliban Talks Reach Turning Point
Amid Escalations, US Drone Pilots Face 'Burnout'
NATO Killed Scores of Civilians in Libya War
Islamists Protest in Support of Pakistan Army
Israel Announces 1,000 New Settlement Homes
What if They Ended a War and Nobody Cared?  by Gary Kamiya
Bradley Manning Trial Raises Question: Why Is So Much Classified?  by Denver Nicks
The False Monolith of Political Islam  by Brendan P. O'Reilly
US Interference in Syria Could Bring About Another Iraq  by Charles Glass
This Is Just the Start of the Struggle  by Patrick Cockburn
The 'Israel Firster' Brouhaha  by M.J. Rosenberg

More Viewpoints

Iran TV Airs Alleged US Spy 'Confession'
Kim Jong-Il: a Reclusive Leader in a Hermit State
Analysts Routinely Flouted Army 'Safeguards' at Manning's Center
Manning Showed Warning Signs Before WikiLeak
Czechs, World Leaders Mourn Vaclav Havel
Will the SOPA Bill Kill the Internet?
Taliban Ready to Open Political Office: Afghan Negotiator
Tribal Leader Killed in Southern Afghanistan
Afghan Central Bank Says 80 Percent of Kabul Bank Loans Are Recoverable
Pakistan PM: No Room for Martial Law
Pakistani President Returns Home After Medical Treatment in Dubai That Sparked Rumors
Pakistan PM Rules Out Military Intervention
Police Fire on Rioters in Kazakhstan, 1 Killed
Kazakh Oil Unrest Spreads to Regional Capital
Kazakhstan's Interior Minister Police Chief Defends Use of Live Rounds as Protests Simmer
Hundreds of Afghan and Iranian Refugees Missing After Ship Sinks Off Java
Police: Crude Bomb Kills 1 in Bangladesh
Somali Government Soldier Kills Journalist in Capital
Twin Grenade Attacks Injure Four in Kenya
A Trip Down Kafala Alley – and Sarkozy Avenue?
Thousands Rally in Russia Over Fraud-Tainted Vote
Medvedev Urges Political Reform
The War at Home
For Marine's Widow, Iraq War Will Never Be Truly Over
Court Martial Set for Remaining Marine Charged in Iraq Killings
Israel Minister Backs Down on 'Kosher Electricity' Bill
Ultra-Orthodox, Flouting Supreme Court Ruling, Still Try to Segregate Israeli Buses
Israel Set to Release Final Batch of Prisoners in Swap for Long-Captive Soldier
Clashes at West Bank Checkpoint Ahead of Prisoners' Release
Iraq VP Accused of Financing Assassination Attempt on PM
Sunni-Backed Bloc Boycotts Parliament
Last US Troops Leave Iraq, Ending Bloodiest US War Since Vietnam
Demo in North Iraq's Tal-Afar City Demanding Resignation of Commanders
Last US Troops to Leave Iraq Cross Kuwait Border
For US Soldiers, Bittersweet End to Iraq War
Egypt's Brotherhood Says Gets 40 Percent in Latest Vote
Muslim Brotherhood Criticizes Egypt's Military Crackdown on Protests
Video Reveals Vicious Attack by Egypt's Military Police
Egypt News Media Clash Over Cause of Violence
Egypt Loses Rare Text in Anti-Military Violence
Middle East
10 PKK Members Killed, Some 50 Encircled in East Turkey
Qatar 'Has Information Syria Will Sign Peace Deal': TV
Bahrain Police Fire Tear Gas After Funeral
Tensions After Killing in Palestinian Refugee Camp in Lebanon
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