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Updated December 27, 2011 - 11:25 PM EST
US Report on Pakistan Attack Blames NATO
Sadr Calls for New Election After Coalition Collapse

Interior Ministry Bombing Message to Maliki; 14 Killed

Karzai Will 'Allow' Taliban Office in Qatar

  Man in Afghan Army Uniform Opens Fire on NATO Troops
At Least 30 Killed as Syrian Forces Shell Homs
US OKs Yemeni Pres. Visit for Medical Treatment
What's Wrong With Nonintervention?  by Hiroaki Sato
Bradley Manning: Traitor or Hero?  by Marjorie Cohn
How Did Obama End Up Appeasing the Neocons?  by John Kampfner
The Real 'Invented' People  by M.J. Rosenberg
Restraining Orders  by Andrew Napolitano
In the End, Kahane Won  by Shaul Arieli

More Viewpoints

Al-Qaeda 'Nearly Wiped Out' in Pak - But Did It Move to Africa?
Pakistan PM Denies Plans to Remove Military Leadership

US Navy Says Remains of 1804 Barbary War Crew Will Stay in Libya

Anonymous Denies Stratfor Hack

'PLO Might Revoke Recognition of Israel'

Deadly Riots Challenge Kazakhstan Stability


Afghanistan to Disband Irregular Police Force Set Up Under NATO


Iraq and UN Sign Iranian 'Camp Ashraf' Exile Deal


Will Asma Al-Assad Take a Stand or Stand by Her Man?

13 Reported Killed in Shelling of Syria's Flashpoint, Homs

Middle East

Egypt's Ruler Pardons 90 Convicted in Military Courts

Bahrain Medics Recall Jail 'Horror'

Arab League Observer Calls Syria Conflict 'Genocide'

For Yemeni Women, the Future Looks Uncertain

Yemen Replacing Commander After Soldiers Strike

North Korea Is a Tough Target for US Intelligence Agencies

N. Korea's Kim Jong-Un Plays Statesman to Visitors From South


Hamas Not Ruling Out Running in PA Vote

Palestinian Population to Top 11 Million by End of 2011

Foreign Ministry: Israel's Recognition of Armenian Genocide Could Threaten Turkey Ties

China Imprisons Veteran Activist Chen Xi

China Activist Given 10 Years' Jail for Subversion


13 Found Dead in Truck in Eastern Mexico: Local Media

Mexico's Cartels Build Own National Radio System

Grim Toll as Cocaine Trade Expands in Honduras

Cuba Makes More Reforms to Retail Sector

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