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Updated December 31, 2011 - 11:04 PM EST

Obama OKs Permanent Detention for Americans

Mossad Chief: Iran Nuke Not Existential Threat

  Iran Delays Missile Test, Says Ready for Nuke Talks

White House Rejects Oversight on Drone Killings

  Paul Slams Obama Over Drone Strikes
US: Al-Qaeda in Libya to Recruit Fighters
Wiretap Victims Can Sue US, But Not Companies
Protests in Syria Condemn Arab League Monitors

Iraqis Cheer Departure of US Forces

Egypt Islamists to Protect Churches During Christmas
Crackpot Anti-Islam Activists, 'Serial Fabricators,' and the Tale of Iran and 9/11  by Gareth Porter
Iraq's One-Man War Machine  by Richard Bonin
TSA Spreading Its Wings Beyond Airports  The Orange County Register
Was It Worth It?  by Laurence M. Vance
Iowa Votes for Peace  by Bill Kauffman
Sanctions Against Iran Are Overrated  by Ivan Eland

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Is Twitter Aiding and Abetting Terrorism?

An Act of Courage That Launched a Revolution

US TV Show All-American Muslim Plans to Address 9/11

For Tacoma Military Base, a Grim Milestone in Soldier Suicides

Iran Threat, Iraq Unrest Spook Oil Market


US Mulls Transfer of Senior Taliban Prisoner

Bomb Blast in Quetta Kills 14

Pakistan Murder Testimony Doctor Baqir Shah Shot Dead

Pakistan Judicial Commission to Probe Memo Scandal


Arab Spring Pushed 150,000 Iraqi Refugees Back Home

Rafe Al-Essawi, a Moderate in an Increasingly Polarized Iraq

Iraq Row Festers as Speaker Denies Penning Op-Ed


New Satellites to Extend China's Military Reach

North Korea's Missile-Maker Seen in Key Role in New Regime

North Korea Says No Change, No Talks With Seoul


No Suspects in Slaying of US Teen and 2 Friends in Mexico

Haiti Leader Fires Members of Electoral Body to Pave Way for New Elections

Chile Closes Allende Case After Confirming Suicide


Israeli Raid Kills Gaza Fighter

Israeli Group Threatens Twitter With Lawsuit Over Terrorist Accounts
Middle East

Egypt Says It Will End NGO Raids, Return Seized Items

Bahrain Riot Police Clear Protesters With Tear Gas

Libya's Government 'Broke International Justice Standards' Over Saif Gadhafi
Rights Group Calls on Saudi Authorities to Release Activists Detained in Protests

Rebels Kill Yemeni Officer as Pro-Saleh Protests Begin


Southerners 'Killed by Sudan Air Raids'

UN Sends Troops to South Sudan Town

MSF Ponders Somali Presence After Attack

EU Seeks to Expand Anti-Piracy Mission in Somalia

Congo Opposition Party Says Leader Under House Arrest Since Self-Inauguration Ceremony

Arrests in Guinea-Bissau Failed Coup Plot


Iraqi Man Arrested in Romania for Hiding 'al-Qaeda'

Ukraine's Tymoshenko Sent to Jail in Kharkiv

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