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Updated January 3, 2012 - 11:26 PM EST
Firebombs Target NY Mosque, Homes
IBC: 162,000 Reported Deaths in Iraq War
  Terror Charges Abound as Iraq Political Crisis Grows
  Sunni Speaker Criticizes Maliki Over Abuses; 4 Killed in Iraq Attacks

Former Libya Rebel Groups Clash in Tripoli, 5 Dead

At Least 12 Dead in Three Afghanistan Bomb Attacks

NATO Hopes for Pakistan to Reopen Supply Route
  Pakistani Militants Announce Truce With Pakistan, Will Fight NATO
Brotherhood: Israel Peace Treaty May Be Put to Vote
  Mubarak Charges May Be Dropped, Some Speculate

Border Cops Train Israeli Teens to Detain Palestinians

Progress Seen in Arab League's Syria Mission
Mexican Cops Torture Detainees; US Strategy?
Boko Haram Orders Christians to Leave N. Nigeria
On Third Anniversary of Gaza War, We Will Remember  by Amira Hass
When Can the President Assassinate Americans?  by Daniel McCarthy
Time for a Pragmatic Approach on Iran  by Stephen Elsberry
Our Innocents Abroad?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
America's Trojan Horse  by Dr. Brian Phillips
End of the Pro-Democracy Pretense  by Glenn Greenwald

More Viewpoints

Obama Arms Sales 'A Striking Departure' From Other Dems

Military Academies Report More Sexual Assaults

In Mexico 12,000 Killed in Drug Violence in 2011

Bachmann: Put US Missiles on Alert to Warn Iran

Mt. Rainier Ranger Shot to Death, Iraq Vet Sought


Pakistan, US Assume Less Cooperation in Future

23 'Insurgents' Killed in Khyber Agency

In Afghanistan, Poppy Growing Proves Resilient

Tapi Gas Pipeline Project: Afghanistan Blocks Progress

Iran Shuts Border With Pakistan as Its 3 Personnel Held


Deadly Turkish Strike Felt by Kurdish Refugees in Iraq

Conflicting Reports of Attack on Iraq's Finance Minister, Rafe Al-Essawi

Iraq's Fugitive Vice President

Boycott by Reformers in Iran Could Undermine Parliamentary Elections

Iran Test-Fires Cruise Missiles

Iranian Currency Slides Under Latest US Sanctions


Myanmar Reduces Sentences for Many Prisoners

China Set to Punish Another Human Rights Activist

Fiji's Military Leader Bainimarama Lifting Martial Law

Two Koreas 'At a Turning Point' Says South President

Indian Troops Fire on Kashmir Protesters, 1 Killed


Five Hurt in Cyprus in Protest Over British Bases

Belarus: Browsing Foreign Websites a Misdemeanor

Middle East

Egypt Denies Trying to Stifle Human Rights Movement

Syrian Army Pulls Back From Cities: Arab League

New 'Parallel Revolution' Against Yemen Corruption

French Journalist Found Strangled to Death in Yemen

Saudi Arabia Seeks Arrest of 23 Shi'ites for Unrest

Why Libyans Have Fallen Out of Love With Qatar

Jordan Parliament Rebukes Islamists for Arranging 'Military Parade'

Gaza PM Stirs Tension by Boarding Blockade Ship

Palestinians Don't Expect Much in Israel Talks

Hamas Calls on Palestinian Authority to Boycott Peace Talks With Israel

Hamas Leader Asks Turkey for Help for Gaza Strip


Up to 50,000 Flee South Sudan Tribal Turmoil: UN

Shabab Members Gather, Recruit at Border Town

In Congolese Capital, 'Power Cut' Applies to Food


Haiti Panel Recommends Restoring Army

Cuban Prisoner Dies of Heart Attack During Hunger Strike

Rights Report: Mexican Feds Tortured 5 Suspects

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