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Updated January 8, 2012 - 11:22 PM EST
  In GOP Debate, Romney Reiterates Lies on Iran
  Ron Paul Analysis Floats Huntsman Video Link
Top Syrian General Defects With 50 Troops
  Syrian Opposition Claims Damascus Bombing Orchestrated by Regime
British Deploy Navy Warship Into Persian Gulf
  Iran Describes US Navy Rescue as 'Humanitarian'
Afghan Panel Accuses US of Detainee Abuse
  Roadside Bomb in Afghanistan Kills 4 Indiana National Guardsmen
Egypt Islamists Seen Winning Nearly Two-Thirds of Seats
Deadly Turkish Airstrikes May Have Been Intentional
Four Contradictions in Obama's New Defense Plan
Kenyan Troops 'Kill 60 Al-Shabab Fighters' in Somalia
Thousands Massacred as Tribes Go to War in South Sudan
UN: Granting Yemen President Amnesty Violates Law
Arms Dealer Obama Will Win by Default  by Robert Scheer
Obama's Pentagon Strategy: A Leaner, More Efficient Empire  by Charles Davis & Medea Benjamin
NATO and Libya: It's Time to Retire a Fading Alliance  by Doug Bandow
God Is Alive, Due Process Is Dead  by Bruce Fein
The Stolen War  by Uri Avnery
Ron Paul Vindicated on Iran (Unfortunately)  by Robert Wright

More Viewpoints

Fallujah Babies: Under a New Kind of Siege
WikiLeaks Backers Lose Bid to Keep Twitter Data From US
Film-Makers 'Knew Details on bin Laden Raid'
Second Tunisian Man Sets Self on Fire in 2 Days
2011 USO Sailor of the Year Killed in Afghanistan
Police: Pakistani Taliban Leader Dies in Shootout
Militants Attack Army Camp, School in North Waziristan
'Fugitive' Musharraf Will Be Arrested on Arrival: Prosecutor
Zardari Ready for Talks With Sharif on Early Polls
Pakistan Ties With Israel? Why Not, Asks Musharraf
Reopening Swiss Cases Equal to Putting Benazir Bhutto on Trial, Says Zardari
Afghan Claim of US Prison Abuse Strains Key Talks
US Marines Testing Drone Cargo Helicopter for Hazardous Missions in Afghanistan
Seoul Searching: Germans Give Pep Talks on Korean Unification
For Kim Jong Eun, a Choreographed Rise
Shades of North Korea's Founder in Its Young New Leader
Kazakhstan Riot Town, Zhanaozen, Barred From Poll
Unlike Russia, Kazakhstan Keeps a Tight Lid on Protests Ahead of Elections
Five Hurt in Kashmir Grenade Attack
Tibet Protester 'Sets Himself Alight' in Sichuan, China
Myanmar's Opposition Prepares for the Unexpected After Aung San Suu Kyi Agrees to Contest Elections
Saif Gadhafi Sets Libya's New Rulers a Test of Commitment to Human Rights
Libyan Students Return to Schools While Officials Scramble to Develop Gadhafi-Free Classes
Sudan's President Al-Bashir on First Visit to Post-Gadhafi Libya
Sudan Leader Offers Help Disarming Libyan Militias
Rights Group Condemns Libya Visit by Sudan's Bashir
13 Killed in Attacks in Northeast Nigeria
Christians Flee Attacks in Northeast Nigeria
Britain Warns of Increased Risk of Terror Attack in Kenya
Body Found in Ivory Coast May Be Missing Reporter
Protesters March for ETA Prisoners in North Spain
UK Ministry of Defense Workers Get £40m in Bonuses While Soldiers Get One Per Cent Rise
Americans Still Dying
2011 USO Sailor of the Year (CA) Killed in Afghanistan
Harborcreek (PA) USAF Bomb Disposal Tech Killed in Afghanistan
Espanola (NM) Soldier, Father of Two, Dies in Afghanistan
Claim and Counterclaim: Who Is Bombing Damascus?
Split Anti-Assad Forces Struggle to Form Co-Ordinated Opposition
Syria Sniper Shot High When Officers Ordered Him to Kill
Arabs May Call on United Nations to Help in Syria
Syria Tense as Families Mourn Suicide Bomb Deaths
Iran Holds Military Exercise Near Afghan Border
Iran Offers Nuclear Technology to Friendly African Nations
US: Iran 'Flailing' for Friends in Latin America
Hamas: Palestinian Cause Is Winning
Israeli Christian Murdered by 'Santa Claus' During Christmas Parade
Israel Deputy FM: Credit Card Hacking 'Comparable' to Terrorism
Haniyah's Tunis Visit Angers Palestinian Officials
Palestinian Sesame Street Falls Victim to US Congress
Trouble for Egypt in Its Sinai Backyard
Egypt's Christians Celebrate Christmas Amid Efforts to Calm Fears of Rising Power of Islamists
Shi'ite Pilgrims Targets for More Violence
Opening Statements Delayed at US War Crimes Trial
Blackwater Suit Ends 7 Years After Fallujah Deaths
Middle East
Opposition Supporters Rally in Bahrain Despite Ban
Turkey's Custody Laws Draw Flak After General Held
Rift Threatens Yemen Power Transfer Plan
Five Severed Heads Found in Northern Mexican City
Mexican Officials Pledge Security for Elections
Venezuela Names Defense Minister Accused by US as Drug Kingpin
Colombian Government in All-Out War Against Drug Gang
The War at Home
Three Arrested in Los Angeles Police Sting on Arms Smugglers
Soldier Arrested at Texas Airport Freed on Bond
Trillion-Dollar Stealth Fighter Program Delayed, but Still Tracking
Navy Balloon Launches Drone, Which Drops Two More Spy Bots
Weekend Reviews
Seeing Like a State
Terror TV
US, Iran Both Squandered Opportunities for Détente
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