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Updated January 9, 2012 - 11:08 PM EST
Gov. Perry Vows to Reinvade Iraq if Elected
  Iraq Interior Ministry Presses Kurds to Hand Over VP
  Interior Ministry Apologizes for Abuses, but Only Those Under Saddam
US Eyes Arms Sales to South Sudan
Arab League to Keep Monitors in Syria
Israeli MPs Tipping Off Settlers on Military Movement
Protests Continue, Yemeni Cabinet Seeks Govt. Immunity
The World for Israel, or Jews for the World?  by W. George Krasnow
The More We Talk of War With Iran, the More Likely It Becomes  by Adrian Hamilton
If Voters Cared About Liberty, Ron Paul Would Be the Frontrunner  by Wendy Kaminer
Guantánamo: Ten Years and Counting  by David Cole
Who's Afraid of the Ayatollahs?  by Gary Sick
Forced Military Testing in America's Schools  by Pat Elder

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Panetta: All Options Are on the Table for Dealing With Iran

Rick Santorum Sounds Alarm Over Iranian 'Theocracy'

Candidates Spar Over Afghanistan

Iraq's Unfinished Story: Millions of Refugees Abandoned by US

Hackers Expose Defense and Intelligence Officials in US and UK


Afghan Army Soldier Kills NATO Soldier

US Army Testing Cargo Drone in Afghanistan

Roadside Bomb in Afghanistan Kills 4 Ind. National Guardsmen

Ready to Fight: German Soldiers' Shift to Killing Resistance

Karzai's Ultimatum Complicates US Exit Strategy

Musharraf to Return to Pakistan, Lead Party in Polls

A Pakistani Spring?


'37 Killed in Syria Clashes, Among Them Troops'

Arab League Keeps Syria Monitors, Despite Criticism

Middle East

In Yemen's Political Crisis, Children Pay the Highest Price

Sudan's President Offers to Help Disarm Libyan Militias, Prompting Outrage From Rights Group

Saudi Arabia Tries 16 Suspected al-Qaeda Members

Hezbollah Says UN's Ban Not Welcome in Lebanon

Islamists Secure Lead in Egypt's Parliamentary Elections

Islamists in Egypt Back Date of Handover

US Rights Activist Denied Entry Into Bahrain


Nigeria Unrest 'Worse Than 1960s Civil War'

Police: Radical Sect Kills 6 in Northeast Nigeria


North Korean TV Shows Young Kim Threatening War in 2009

North Korea Tries to Build New Leader's Image

China Accused by Philippines of Spratlys Intrusion


Iran Trumpets Nuclear Ability at a Second Location

Iran Makes 'US Spies' Arrests, Gives Few Details

Iran Looks for Friends in Latin America

Report: Iran Enriching Uranium at New Lab

Panetta: Iran Has Not Yet Decided to Build Nuclear Bomb

Pentagon Brass Hedges on Iran Capabilities


Western Oil Firms Remain as US Exits Iraq

Iraq Demands Kurds Hand Over Sunni Vice President

Iraq Turns Justice Into a Show, and Terror Confessions a Script

McCain: 'Iraq Is Unraveling,' Obama at Fault

Iraq: A Country in Shambles

Promise of Iraq's Economy Remains Unfulfilled


Israel Charges Five Settlers With Army Base Rampage

Palestinian Peace Hopes Low as Talks Resume

Leader of Christian Community in Israel Murdered by Man Dressed as Santa Claus

The Gaza Music School: A Composition in Defiance and Harmony


David Cameron: We Will Not Negotiate Over the Falklands

Mexico Goalkeeper Arrested for Helping Kidnap Gang


How Threat of Loose Soviet Nukes Was Avoided

Putin Allies Urge Him to Talk to Opponents

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