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Updated January 14, 2012 - 11:17 PM EST
US Worries Israel Planning to Strike Iran
  Israel Framed CIA in Backing Jundallah Terrorists
  Iran Sends Rare Letter to US Over Killed Scientist
  France: West 'Out of Options' on Iran
  Russia: Attack on Iran a 'Direct Threat to Our Security'
  Iran's Relations with Latin America Less Than Meets the Eye
Iraq Attacks Leave 71 Killed, 145 Wounded
Military Questioning 'Urine Video' Marines
  Afghan Fury at Video of Abuse of Taliban Dead
Libyan Bank: West Hasn't Returned $20 Billion
  Rival Libyan Militias Clash South of Tripoli, Killing 2 Fighters
Civilians Stuck in the Middle as AL Warns of Syrian Civil War
Muslim Brotherhood Secures 46% of Egypt's Parliament
Report: Pakistan PM Phoned UK Envoy Over Imminent Coup
Cryptome Leaks List of Sites DHS Monitors
Opposing Imperialism Is Not Isolationism  by Sheldon Richman
War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery ... and Fighting Back Is 'Aggression'  by Kevin Carson
There's More to Peace Than the Taliban  by M.K. Bhadrakumar
Don't Fear Iranian Nukes  by Anthony Gregory
Cyber War: Reality or Hype?  by Conn Hallinan
Iran, US Need a Crisis Exit Ramp  by Gary Sick

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DNS Provision Pulled From SOPA, Victory for Opponents
US Military Chief: Leaders Back Reshaping With Smaller Force
DHS Monitoring of Social Media Worries Civil Liberties Advocates
CNN Contributor Cheers Marines Urinating on Bodies
UK Civilian Snooping Army Doubles in Four Years
Is Marine Desecration Video a New Abu Ghraib?
Urination Video 'Causes More Damage Than Taliban Attacks'
Army Mulls Life After Afghanistan
UN: Value of Afghan Opium Up 133 Percent in 2011
Zardari Returns to Pakistan, Faces Government-Military Conflict
Pakistan PM Gilani Seeks Parliament's Support in Crisis
Militants Raid Security Post, Kill Three Policemen
US to Resume Full Diplomatic Relations With Myanmar
Myanmar Frees High-Profile Dissidents in Amnesty
Taiwanese Vote in Closely Fought Presidential Election That Will Determine China Policy
Chinese Christian Dissident Seeks US Exile
Thailand Arrests Hezbollah Suspect After US Bangkok Alert
Japan Says Sorry for Darwin Bombing
Somali Rebels Kill Local Aid Worker, Parade Kenyan Hostages
UN Says Security Worsening at Somali Refugee Camps
Christians, Muslims Come Together at Protest as Strike Pauses for New Negotiations
Nigeria Megacity Shows Signs of Strain Amid Strike
57 Killed in Tribal Revenge Attack in South Sudan
In Tunisia, Spoils of Ben Ali Government Remain Elusive
Russia Charges Ex-Estonian Spy Chief With Piracy for Hijacking Arctic Sea Freighter
Police and Military to Conduct Security Exercise on Thames Ahead of Olympics
Hungary's Hard-Won Democracy Under Threat?
Mexican President Asks US House Speaker John Boehner to Stop Arms Trafficking
Mexico Catches Alleged Key Zeta Leader
Guatemalan Congressman, Gunned Down Outside Party Headquarters Along With Brother
Venezuela's Chavez to Close Consulate in Miami Over Diplomat's Expulsion
Salvadoran Soldiers Get Spain Extradition Request
Weekend Reviews
Fighting the Last (Cold) War
Kennan's Opposite
McChrystal Was 'Complex,' Obama Was Naive, Afghanistan Is Hopeless
The Operators by Michael Hastings: 10 Juicy Bits
Michael Hastings on War Journalists
Michael Hastings' The Operators Goes Inside War in Afghanistan
Iran Lashes Out at West Over Slain Scientist, but Hints at Diplomatic Opening
Anti-US Chants as Slain Iran Nuclear Expert Buried
Iran Welcomes Istanbul as Venue for Nuclear Talks
Russia Warns US Over Iran Oil Sanctions
Japan PM: Govt Yet to Decide on Iran Oil Cuts
EU Nations Commit in Principle to Iranian Oil Embargo
Cantor: US Allies Have Doubts About Policies to Control Iran
Ahmadinejad Wins Backing of Four Latin American Allies
UK Court OKs Extradition Over Iran Missile Claims
US Still Using Drones Like One Downed in Iran
NATO Plans Syria Invasion, Russia Says
Syrian Tanks Attack Town Amid Civil War Warning
Syria Rallies in Support of Army Defectors
Russian-Operated Ship With Bullets Reaches Syria
Germany Urges Nationals to Leave Syria
Egyptians, Military Police Clash at Nuclear Power Site
Egyptian Activist Jailed Over 'Inciting Anti-Army Unrest'
Egypt's Youth Movement Loses Luster
Carter: Egypt's Parties Want Power Over Military
UN Chief: Israeli Violations Discredit UNIFIL
Israelis Warned of Imminent Terror Attack in Bangkok
Advance of the Zealots: the Growing Influence of the Ultra-Orthodox in Israel
Watch Outpost Evacuation: 'Barak Created Next Price Tag Generation'
Iraq PM Denounces Turkish 'Interventions'
Attacks Focus on Northern Iraq: 7 Killed, 45 Wounded
Marine Testifies He Would Have Leveled Iraqi Home
2 Bombs Exploded, 1 Dismantled, in Kirkuk
In Iraq Cemetery, Living Among the Dead
Saudi Arabia
Saudis Have Enough Oil to Make Up for Iran: US' Cantor
Shi'ite Protester Shot Dead in Saudi Arabia
Amnesty Urges Saudi Arabia to Investigate Protester's Death
The War at Home
DHS Monitoring of Social Media Worries Civil Liberties Advocates
Boeing's $4bln C-130 Transport Upgrades Cancelled by Pentagon
Another ATF Weapons Operation Comes Under Scrutiny
The War at Home
Boeing's $4bln C-130 Transport Upgrades Cancelled by Pentagon
Another ATF Weapons Operation Comes Under Scrutiny
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