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Updated January 15, 2012 - 11:24 PM EST
US Worries Israel Planning to Strike Iran
  Israel, US Postpone Massive Drill 'To Avoid Escalation With Iran'
  Iran Sends Rare Letter to US Over Killed Scientist
  Israeli Official: Report of Mossad Posing as CIA 'Absolute Nonsense'
  Officials Complain of Iranian Vessels Harassing US Navy in Persian Gulf
US Reports Killing Hakimullah Mehsud for 8th Time
  18 Shi'ites Killed, 50 Wounded in Pakistan Procession Blast
Perry: Urinating on Dead Afghans Not a Crime
  Gitmo Holding Back Settlement Deal in Afghanistan
  Afghanistan: 'The Tide of War Is Receding'
23 Killed in Attacks on Iraqi Police Forces
  Iraq: Arbaeen Attacks Leave 71 Killed, 145 Wounded
Bush Torture and Rendition Cases Shift to Europe
US Quietly Surges Troops, Arms in the Mideast
Egypt's Radical Salafis Approach Secular Rivals
Spanish Judge Reopens Guantanamo Torture Probe
Americans Rise Within Somalia Group Linked to al-Qaeda
Military Networks 'Not Defensible,': General Defending Them
Opposing Imperialism Is Not Isolationism  by Sheldon Richman
War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery ... and Fighting Back Is 'Aggression'  by Kevin Carson
There's More to Peace Than the Taliban  by M.K. Bhadrakumar
Don't Fear Iranian Nukes  by Anthony Gregory
Cyber War: Reality or Hype?  by Conn Hallinan
Iran, US Need a Crisis Exit Ramp  by Gary Sick

More Viewpoints

Presidential Candidates: Defense Sector Totals
Santorum: US Wrong to Condemn Iran Scientist Death
15,000 US Troops in Kuwait to Serve as Response Force
Decision on Expanding Cyber Defense Pilot Due in March
SOPA Shelved Until 'Consensus' Is Found
Rep. West to Critics of Urinating on the Dead: 'Shut Your Mouth'
Pakistan PM Gilani Seeks to Calm Military Tensions
Civilian, Military Officials to Meet on Rules for US, NATO
Eight Killed in Di Khan Suicide Attack
Video: Militants Storm Police Station in Northwest Pakistan
Gunmen Kill Four of a Family in Mardan
Khasadar Official Injured in Explosion
Ma Ying-Jeou, Taiwan's Pro-China President, Wins Reelection
US Business Leader Urges Closer Ties With China
India, China to Hold Border Talks on Monday
China Forces Are Reported to Have Shot at Tibetans
China's Tibetan Buddhists 'in Vicious Cycle'
Tibet Activist Groups: Another Tibetan Sets Self on Fire in Anti-China Protest, Unrest Ensues
North Korea
Satellite Snaps Show North Korea's Nuclear Progress
No 'Insincere Mourners' Punished: North Korea
Roadside Bomb Kills 2 in Southern Afghanistan
Thai Police Chief Says Bangkok Bomb Plot Called Off, Though 1 Alleged Plotter Still at Large
Crowds Greet Famous Myanmar Activist After Release
Oil-Rich Kazakhstan Votes in Polls Aimed at Giving Democratic Air to Rubber-Stamp Parliament
Nigeria, a Key US Oil Supplier, May Cut Off Spigot Sunday
Authorities: 4 Killed in 2 Attacks on Beer Parlors in North Nigeria Amid Sect Violence

Tunisians Mark 1st Anniversary of Revolution That Sparked Arab Spring With Prudent Optimism

Venezuela's Chavez Suggests Judicial Authorities Review Case of Judge Under House Arrest
US Military
Navy to Review 313-Ship Plan
US General Fights Alcoholism After Public Collapse
Weekend Reviews
Fighting the Last (Cold) War
Kennan's Opposite
McChrystal Was 'Complex,' Obama Was Naive, Afghanistan Is Hopeless
The Operators by Michael Hastings: 10 Juicy Bits
Michael Hastings on War Journalists
Michael Hastings' The Operators Goes Inside War in Afghanistan
Peres: Israel Wasn't Involved in Tehran Hit
Iran Says It Has Evidence CIA Behind Assassination of Nuclear Scientist
Increasing Concern Over Oil Prices, Iran
Israel PM: Iran Sanctions Starting to Work
Iran Says Not Storing Oil in Gulf Due to Sanctions
Middle East May Destabilize Because of 'Intensifying' Iran Nuclear Crisis, Warns William Hague
Qatari Emir Proposes Sending Arab Troops to Syria
Top Syria Army Defector to Set Up High Military Council
Terrorists Attack a Fuel Train in Northern Idlib Province
Syrian Opposition Says Brigadier-General Has Fled to Turkey
Lebanese Teen Dies of Syrian Army Gunfire: Sources
Russian Ship Suspected of Carrying Munitions to Syria Appears Near Turkish Port
Blast in Home of Gaza Militant Leader Kills One
Hamas Offers Goodwill Gestures to Help Reconciliation: Official
Israel, Palestinians to Hold Further Talks Saturday
Egypt Reform Leader Mohamed ElBaradei Says He Won't Run for President to Protest Military Rule

One Year On, the Young Heroes of Tahrir Square Feel a Chill Wind

Arbaeen Attacks Leave 71 Killed, 145 Wounded

More Iraqiya Members Flee Arrest Warrants

Middle East
Hezbollah Rejects Call by UN's Ban to Disarm
Kuwait Police Crackdown on Stateless Protests
French, Saudi Warplanes Collide During Exercise
Al Jazeera Gets New Satellite Frequency After Alleged Jamming
Thousands of Displaced Yemenis Return to Area Controlled by al-Qaeda-Linked Militants

Police Fire Tear Gas to Disperse Anti-Serbian Protesters

Americans Still Dying
Mother of Illinois Soldier: I Didn't Want Him to Go to Afghanistan
Merrillville (IN) Guardsman Killed by Roadside Bomb Had Been Secretly Married
Slain London (KY) Soldier's Father Speaks
Airman From Westminster (MD) Killed by IED in Afghanistan
Remembered as a Leader, Afghanistan Training Accident Kills Tacoma (WA) Soldier
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What War With Iran Might Look Like

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Don't Count on Obama's Defense Cuts

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Mentally Unfit but Serving Anyway

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The Myth of Military Budget Cuts

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Tides of Darkness

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Was Elliott Abrams Hitler's Senior Advisor?

David R. Henderson
The Left's Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out

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